Night Hermit

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A harsh example of reality

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011




Silence darkness these are the two things I see when I wake up every day. But why so well if look for reason I would probably have to go back about 10 years back. After just graduating from high school I wanted to make some money to start something big. So I found myself a Night Guards job. Far from being best of all jobs but didn’t require any skills so its easy money. Now that I think about it if not my childishness it would have went differently.

At first it was just like I expected I sleep at day and do something at night while sitting at my post. Well what else would you expect place that I was guarding was hospital. Really now who would want to brake in to hospital I though. And that was second and last time I misjudged my situation. The same night a micro buss full of people rushed in to hospital guns blazing. And as for me what could I do all I had was flash light and some fire crackers for coming new years so I rushed to phone. No surprise it was dead then I tried my mobile phone no contact as well. I was shaking from fear what to do where to run. Suddenly screams from hospital then guns fire and next came silence. I might have been childish but I took my responsibilities very seriously you might say even stupidly seriously. So instead of running I rushed in to the hospital. What I saw inside made me lose my dinner. Blood everywhere kids children doctors nurses lying on the ground some shot some cut open with a knife. What are those people why are they doing this? This thought haunted me as I fell knees in to blood. All of a sudden laughter reached my ears some ones coming still feeling week from seeing this gory sight I crawled behind a counter. Two man came to have smoke. Both in full military attire armed to the teeth. They started talking.

 Hey nice job here  now these trash will know our power.

 Ye next time they will listen to us more seriously.

After hearing that I forgot the fear all that was left uncontrollable anger. I grabbed a scalpel from corpse of a doctor and jumped over counter and stabbed one of them In the neck. Other one from surprise jumped back which was his mistake I pulled the first ones gun out and shot the second one in the head. They both fell down dead as a couple of logs. The adrenaline calmed down I started shaking like crazy I took life for the first time in my life its scary “but they deserved it” I kept on repeating in my head in effort to calm myself. Suddenly shots and lots of footsteps they heard it now I will die too. But if its so I will die fighting so I looted the corpses of two soldiers that came out before now I at lest have a fighting chance. I jumped behind the counter once again and waited. The footsteps were getting louder and louder. The fear returned my heart beat was getting louder and louder. They are here, behind the counter looking at the corpse of their dead friends. Now or never I thought to myself. And so I jumped firing in all directions with my eyes closed tight. The sound of guns was deafening. Sound stopped and my hands relaxed no more bullets if at lest one of them is alive I will die. But that didn’t happen they all were hit and they all died. You might think this is it but sadly it was not . In the morning police finally showed up. Upon arrival they arrested me with charges of massacre. The man that I killed were soldiers that were still on duty so in their eyes they were clean as for me I became the target of every ones hatred locked up in jail for a life time. Because being a hero is a crime in this world.  

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