One Night Stand

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A girl who has a one night stand with the man her best friend loves, but later regrets it because the love of her life returns and she thinks shes pregnate

Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013




I was sitting on my newly acquired bedspread thinking to myself… why had I done this, why do I always set myself up for heartbreak and to hurt others?  I replayed the previous night’s conversation about the virginity id given to him in which he had not deserved nor should he have taken. He was my best friend’s ex-lover and I had given him the one thing I held dearer to me than anything else. Why had I done it? That is a mystery even to me… I hadn’t loved him, and I had sworn to only give myself to the one I truly loved with all of me and I had intended to wait ‘til I was married to be certain. But alas it was gone and then so was he and now he’s back trying to make me sin again with him the one my best friend still loved yet he didn’t want her he wanted me. I don’t know if I have the restraint to tell him no though there is something pulling about him something that calls to me is it his looks or sharp wit? I think not, it must be that I have tasted the forbidden and long for yet another.  I will go to his house tonight and try to talk to him about how wrong we were…



I arrived at his house around 9:30, we were planning on watching a movie but things heated up as they always did with him and we kissed and kissing lead to other things and an hour and a half later we were breathing hard trying to find our clothes. I had done it again the thing I had sworn never to do with him but the forbidden was to tempting to sweet to resist. He took me home and without a word I exited his truck and made my way (painfully) to my front door and lay in bed for the next two days I was sore and my stomach was hurting so bad a week went by he and I haven’t talked and the love of my life was back and we are dating now but I fear there is something that’s growing in my belly that will prevent our love from ever blossoming further, I was supposed to have my loves child not the mister id taken a sinful lust after for only one night… I fear if there is life inside of me, my world will come crashing down... but I will love this little life with all of my and I pray that my love will raise this baby as his own and love us both.. I will not lose him over a mistake…

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