Peace,Freedom or just Death

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Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



This is my personal confession on how I see death. And so people keep fighting for peace for freedom without even thinking that it can be achieved by simply stopping. Now that creates question what is freedom and peace to me its just different words to describe inability to move forward. You all heard saying “True freedom just after death” or “You can rest after you die” I did many times so I started believing it is so. Now after everything is said and done what’s left at the end is death so why not do all it’s in my power to make this world move forward before I myself stop. This question keeps haunting me every day without fail now please those that read this ask yourself “What is that I done that changed world will I ever do it if I’m given enough time” I’m quite bold I know. But if you keep looking for reason to live you miss the life itself cause answer to that question comes with deeds you done at the very end. It should not be “Why I live” but “Why I lived” cause its easier to see what you done then what you should do.

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