Soldiers blood for people

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True soldier is one that fights for the people because that is his duty

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



Why did I choose this side that I fight for all that I have is this blade in my hand stabbed deep in the chest of the man I used to call friend. They say war usually for a reason but I like to disagree what was the reason to oppress people to point where they had no more strength to live a life of damned. I’m a royal soldier lived all my life in capital joined military in hopes to achieve greatness yet all I hold in my hands right now is regret this man used to be friend every weekend I would go to his house for dinner our children would play in the yard till food was ready and yet why is he dying from my hand. I threw my sword to the ground kneeled next to his dying body and shouted ENOUGH!! What is military for why are we killing people were suppose to protect. At that second insanity stopped everyone froze the idea hit them hard it seems I was not the only one that though this blind slaughter is meaningless. As soon as silence hit my dying friend grabbed me by my hand and dragged my ear to the ground listen we suffered greatly from this war we lost all that was dear to us but we didn’t know whose fault it was yet we fought for who we thought was right so don’t give me this crap about regret if you truly regret doing this then go a fight for the ones you suppose to protect not the ones that sits in their homes and looks at us like some chess peace that can be changed any time they want. After he finished talking he succumbed to darkness and died. I cried much harder then when I saw my house burning and found out about death of my family this man was fighting for people not for himself not for some rich aristocrat blindly trying to save his worthless hide. I grabbed my sword and started speaking. Those that believe this war should be for people not for those fat pigs we call leaders take your weapons and let’s go fight our true enemy with our friends our families’ brother fathers mothers and sisters. Those that are dead will give us will those that are alive will gives us strength and if we die on a battle field we will at lest know who we truly fought for and the reason this war has begun. Silence echoed trough fields not a word could be heard for miles every man that stood on battle field silently lifted their blades to the sky and like one shouted for the loved ones. And now we march to the place our enemy resides. We walked for two days without rest until we finally reached palace at that moment we stopped and fell from exhaustion. If were tired we can’t fight, if were hungry our strength won’t hold out we must be ready we must be strong this enemy must not win that all that echoed in my head.

We slept for almost 2 days when we woke up we were surrounded by royal soldiers that used to be our comrades. I stood up and asked them why are we still alive why not kill us when were sleeping. One of the soldiers came out we did not come to fight but to join. These men came from another battle and this man was like me. We both looked at the castle and at the same said Today this long and pointless war will end no more young people will die today we will put our life’s to good use as we will fight till last drop of blood sinks in the soil of our home land. With these words we charged in castle bell loudly rang soldiers were shouting rebels are coming defend this place at any cost. It begun Arrows flying all over the place new friends falling to the ground dying yet we charged killing anyone that stood in our way. The gates one of them shouted hurry and close the gates. But if that happens all will end ignoring everything I charged for the gates. I could feel arrows piercing trough my hands hitting my legs I didn’t stop finally the gates lever I stuck my blade in the cogwheel. With all my strength I stood up having nothing but weakened hands and feeling dizzy from blood loss I grabbed sword that was lying nearby and rushed in to courtyard. A trap was set up the archers all around ready to slaughter us all. No I can’t let this happen not now so I threw my sword in to one of the killing him in the process after that sky turned black from arrows as soon as they hit the ground my allies rushed the stairs and killed all of them we won no one is defending this place anymore. After hearing those words I succumbed to silence I rest now because today we protected people that lived in this country. A battle lasted for about an hour but all except king were killed. Yet what awaited that man was not death but imprisonment

Deep in dungeon with little food and water to let him feel what his citizens were feeling for a long time.

And for me and my friend statue was built the plate on it said true soldiers that became heroes. Because true soldier is that who fights for the people not for the leaders and a hero is that who dies protecting weaker. In the end conflicts never stopped but never again did It happened in our lands because we shed enough blood for generations to come.

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