Soul guide

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Story tells about woman that suicides because of her loved one closing to death yet regrets rushing to it and not being with him till his last second. Plus Death that guides souls softly.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Sad song playing in the background. Suddenly out of the shadow comes a woman. She stretches her arms up to the sky and cries out. World o merciless world grant me one wish grant me life that has been taken from me. Then falls to the ground and stops moving.After 10 minutes out of the darkness comes dark prophet "Death" it is name. He speaks words softly while bending to woman’s body. Life that’s been lost can not be given, light that died can't shine again. Come with me because it is your destiny as its mine to take you with me. Suddenly a light rises from woman’s body. Is it all that's left to me it asks is there no time left at all? Death stands up and speaks again I do not know the only thing that I know is that the time is not my to control and life is not for me to give so follow me because its my job to guide you . And walks back in to the darkness. Ball of light hangs above the body that was once moving but now lying on the ground in cold blood. After staying there for few minutes it cries out I wait for you my love. And fly's away in the direction that Prophet went. I know because I was the reason that woman died. We loved each other very much, maybe too much, because if not so she would be still alive . But I do not worry, because I know that I will meet her soon. Since my time is running out as well. Here I can all ready see him the Prophet of night that’s coming for my soul I can all ready hear the song. Soon very soon I will join her in eternal rest. All of a sudden mans hand falls to the floor and Medical machines draw a line.Once again like before out of darkness Prhophet comes. Follow me young soul Prophet speaks, I see what seek's your soul and that is waiting for you in place that I will guide you to. Before walking back in to darkness Prophet speaks once more in to the sky.

- Life can not be given back after it’s lost, yet it can be earned while living. After his words he vanishes in to darkness followed by man’s soul. A moon in the sky sheds a tear one more light went out the night got darker once again.

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