That who forgot his name

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Short story about jungle adventure that I created in spur of moment. I'm sorry for my grammar, I'm good at talking, but writing not so much

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



I woke up in mid summer, some where betwean two lakes that I have never seen before in my life.

Actualy to tell the truth I coldn't rember anything at all, except for basick knowladge like writing,talking,reading and so on. But nothing of the life I had before that moment, even the name I was given upon my birth became a mystery.

And so with noone to talk to, or any clues of my beaing I wandered trough tropical jungle, eating fruits and drinking river watter hoping for another of my kind to present himself before me and explain what is going on.

But not a single human showed up, as I wandered for trough these lonely jungle for weeks maiby months, I couldn't tell, only thing I knew was that it felt like eternity to me. Yet to my surprise and a great joy suddenly a scream echoed trough the jungle.

"A woman!! a human!"

I thoght to myself as I rushed trough the bushes that were stabing me like spears, trough mud that sometimes felt as if it was sand trap, but I did not stop I couldn't, not untill I seen the light trough leafes.

"Finaly a human" my mind went blank with happines. But as I approached the source of the sound what I see before me was a lion, he was so big that one claw could have squished my head like simple ant, right in front of him lied crying and shaking woman, holding a child in her hands.

I do not know why, but with all my streangh I pushed the lion in to the jungle and dashed to a woman, picked her up and told her to run while I hold back the beast.

It didn't take long for lion to come rushing out of bushes, angry at me for suden push and and that I allowed his pray to run away. He jumped me crushing my leg with his pawn and nearly swaloving my head in one bite, but lucky for me, the wandering in jungle made me grow in steangh, that allowed me to grab his jaws and screaming like a mad man push them apart, crushing every bone in my hands, but at the same time riping his jaws apart.

And now there lied two beast one dead and another dying, hoping for the words of thank you before he died. But no one came and the man have died with no name or words of gratitude to grant him fire as he travels trough the darkness, but he was not forgoten instead he became a legend the legend of a nameless man that beat king of jungle by giving his lonely life to save two one of today and one of tomorow.

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