The 5 Senses I Wish You Had

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The 5 Senses needed to know what I do.

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Submitted: July 20, 2011




Can you hear me crying at night?

Hear me sobbing just to go to sleep?

Can you hear my heart cracking?

Hear my heart crack every time I have to look at you?

Can you hear the blood dripping to the floor?

Hear the soft drip drip on the floor from every cut I make?


Can you see the scars on my right arm?

See the 50 scars I've made on my right arm alone?

Can you see the redness on the corners of my eyes?

See the hint of red from the continuous crying at night?

Can you see the frown always on my face?

See that the frown can go away for a single second but is never a smile for more than that?


Have you ever touched my arms when I'm not wearing a sweater?

Touched the rough scabs and cuts that seem to be permanently on my arms?

Have you touched me without being pushed away?

Touched me when I wanted to be touched?

Have you touched my razor?

Touched the razor that scars me everyday?


Have you ever smelled my clothes?

Smelt the mixture of blood and perfume?

Have you ever smelled the bathroom towels?

Smelt the rusty-salty smell that seems to always be on the towel?

Have you ever smelled my room?

Smelt the heavy sent of nailpolish always lingering there?


Have you ever tasted the blood before?

Tasted the blood that uprises from the slash on your arm so nobody would suspect anything?

Have you ever tasted tears?

Tasted the salty wetness that emerge from your eyes when you have the thought that I do?

Have you ever tasted fabric?

Taste the fabric that is used to reject the screams of the first time you took the knife to your wrist?


Can't you sense that I have a problem?

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