War Evil?

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Opinion on War and what it represent

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




It’s normal to believe that the war is bad because that the history we are taught. I though have to disagree because only trough war we evolve. Not ones like JAV-Iraq because that not war just massacre in search for gain. But wars for belief for freedom imagine that there would be no war at all where would be now. Would Transport exist, would mobile phone exist, would there be plains, would you love your land as much? Truth is no only trough knowing how much was spent fighting for this land that we stand on grant us love for our people and for our culture for the land. Our pride was played by blood and it’s not a bad thing at because the people that died in war fought for that reason. If your believe when your told Wars only brought destruction stop using technologies stop belonging to communities. Stop asking for Law to protect you, Stop asking for fairness of your boss because all those things were achieved trough wars. Now I understand that all this might look like big nonsense how can war be good look what it done so many dead so many crippled so much pain. I did and the conclusion was that’s the price for our current life. But what’s the difference from wars now and before reason is simple. Before wars were born trough belief and love for the land wish to have freedom. Now their waged to achieve more money, get better business. And it’s all done by soldiers which are made in to soulless puppets for reason of killing innocent. In past wars were fought by Warrior not soldiers. If you wonder what’s the difference look back to history warrior is like soldier just he has free will and chose what to do using his rational thinking soldier is brain washed puppet that follows orders unconditionally. And this anti war policy we all keep hearing about, just a clever method to put people under the foot of politicians and Nobility. Because wars become wars only when two Beliefs clashes not when personal gain is involved. Because that allowed only to the Fighter on the battle field not the commander. His responsibility must be to follow majorities’ belief and command according to it. 

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