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Opinion on laziness and politics

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




The words I love the most are ones with deeper meaning. Which is why all my work is so complicated and without any connection. You all know Crisis is made by people to be fixed by people. And yet why must hard working ones have to shoulder all the faults of the lazy ones. World population now is 7 billions which are more then half of world’s capacity.

But all you can hear is short on work force with lots of jobless. Many free workers that have no money to pay taxes with and yet their not willing to work in places that require workers Why is it so?

 Most known answer they don't pay well. That makes me angry I can't get job because I have no experience but I still work what I get. And it doesn’t matter how hard or unrewarding the job is as long as I can make some money and pay taxes I do it. And I’m sure that there will be time when I start my own business which will bring me fortunes and power. And what I’m even more sure of is that those lazy people will cry that it’s unfair how is he better then me why dose he get to be rich and I don't. Now what I’m trying to say here in no way that I’m saying work for free until sun shines your way. Instead work hard and try as many jobs as you can while saving little by little until you get strong enough to make sun turn your way.

And for crisis don't be squished by it stand strong I like words "Crisis is money shortage, Money shortage is shortage of merchandise, Shortage of merchandise is shortage of work force, Shortage of work force is laziness". True or not ask yourself I did and after looking around I say in my eyes it’s true. To beat crisis you don't go on strikes you work harder and when finally it weakens you grab those fat politicians by their necks and shake them for future funds aimed for prosperity of your country. We got brain lets use them for the well being of our families. 

P.S I hate politicians in my opinion most useless job of them all. Reason for that is how rarely you see one fair. Instead of unfair politician why not just hire bunch of accountants and put executioners behind them. Reason for such brutal way of thinking is that one stolen euro, dollar etc... Can cause a death of a person. So if they kill cold bloodedly they should receive same punishment "Eye for an Eye".



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