A Brief History of Gamma and Everyday Life There

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It's 2063. Decades of nuclear warfare has caused some children to be born mutated. They are all together in one organisation, called Gamma, led by Blaise Johnson. This is a basic background of members, allies and others, leading to short stories about everyday life.

Submitted: May 27, 2014

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Submitted: May 27, 2014



Brief History of Earth 2020-present (2063)

The year is 2063. In the past 50 years there has been nuclear and chemical warfare throughout the world. With it came many advancements, including the discovery of gilodinol, a chemical that could severely mutate fetuses if exposed. It allows other elements to be part of the fetus's makeup, and can distort body parts such as limbs and organs. It is also highly reactive, which makes it useful in bombs. Asia and Africa had been shattered, and taken over by Britian. The British Alliance had enslaved over 50 countries and had become the New British Empire in all but name, leading through fear while claiming to be working with other countries. The United States had remained standing, but became an industrial powerhouse after losing the countries they used for industry to Britain. The Americans had come to hate the British, with Brits living in the US having a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered, and a 1 in 2 chance of being attacked in some way or another. 
However, an English teen living in Arizona would be the one to end it all. Her name was Blaise Johnson and she had a very special power; she could produce fire. Green flames eminating from her palms and an English accent was not the best mix in Blackwater, and at age 17 she moved to England just as the BA were making a move on the US, bombing Washington DC. It was then she made the decision to join the Revolution, and was an instrumental part in overthrowing the Prime Minister, Darwin Foster, and ensuring her new found older brother, Benjamin Johnson, was elected. Benjamin turned the BA into what PM Foster had claimed it to be, a group of nations, led by Britian, working together and supporting each other. He freed around 30 of said nations who expressed discomfort at being a part of the Alliance. Britain was Great once again.
Blaise had encountered many people in this time who, like her, had undergone mutation in some way, shape, or form and now possess strange abilities. She decided to form Gamma, an organization of said people which protects the vulnerable and the oppressed. Now, aged only 27, she is at the helm and her organisation is stationed in many countries over the world. 

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