A first removal of my 5 compound eyes

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Absurd surreal events captured in a moment of clarity

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012




Whilst sitting at my desk my head got tangled in some strings. I started to untangle the mess when I firmly decided to start cutting strings off, and so by deduction I would be able to find which one of the strings my head was. By mistake I cut my head off and it rolled towards and into the chalk drawn door on the floor. I panicked and stood up to collect it but the drawn door had blown shut in the cereal wind. I tried to open the little door but smudged the chalk picture and so lost my head. Without my head I couldn’t see how to redraw the chalk door. That’s when you walked in with your smiling nose and vegetable mind. I grabbed your head and pulled hard. It came off in a dazzling instant of silence, with locusts pouring from your ears, eyes, and nose. Your limping body ran about scooping up locusts to keep in the large bag around your shoulder. While your body was busy I quickly attached your head onto my neck and used your eyes to cunningly redraw the little door with a stick of chalk.
I opened the door and shut it behind me immediately, a cold shiver running down my back. I had to find my head using your head. I was standing in a large factory and as I looked about I saw that there where people coming at me from the factory conveyor belt. It seems I had emerged from the door into one human factory, in fact the very factory that had manufactured me in error. I walked towards the reception area where the receptionist was knitting a jersey, the wool strands pulling from her eye sockets. I asked her; “where could I find an extra head?” She looked lost like her candy floss mind was about to float upstream out of pink heaven when she pointed at the large rusting cupboard in the corner. I removed your head and threw it clumsily towards the bin, your face scraped off as it hit the side of the bin. I found a replacement head and stuck it on. My new head was much better, it had two tongues. I turned to open the door but my arm fell off and smashed into shards on the floor. I limped through the shards to get outside wounding my bare feet, cut open, my blood turning into locusts; I knew your body would emerge soon to scoop up the locusts so I started running trailing blood and locusts behind me. I ran towards a fire burning bright yellow in C major. The yellow hurt my teeth at first but as I walked further into the fire I started melting, my nose underwent a melting off first, and then my remaining hands fingers. I shouted as small animals appeared and licked up the droplets of me. I melted away completely, lying in a puddle on the steel grass running down towards the neon river. A five eyed rabbit came and lapped me up. My mind melted into the rabbit’s mind and we became one. I tore out from the rabbit retaining its five eyed head and strangely found that I still had my two tongues. A horse came past eating the steel grass, I grabbed a knife and cut the horses legs off at the knees and removed the bottom length section of his legs and discarded it. I sew the remaining legs back on and using an eraser I erase the stitches. The horse looks strange with these short legs. By accident I find your body wandering about in the field of steel wool flowers, I talk but find that both my tongues had atrophied and were just a useless mass in my mouth. Easily I capture your body and fold it up into a small square that I keep in my breast pocket for emergencies.

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