Landing at Port Cheriza

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General Major Algin Orton is chasing after a small group of outlaws across the Cleos Channel and finally sets foot on the continent of Anubia.

Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



The midday sun was beating down on the townfolk of Chenzira. The port-town where journey and pilgrimage is born. Every dock and jetty on the coast was occupied by cargo vessels unloading their shipments, fishing boats trying to get out of the way of the larger ships, deckhands running from jetty to jetty, and mobs of citizens all trying to buy the stock on the ships before they reached the market-square ten blocks inland, where the bidding and prices would be even deadlier to their purses. Algin's regiment already sneaked away as soon as the marine ship docked, they made bee lines straight to the taverns and food-stalls. He let out a heavily drawn sigh, all gathered from his powerful and healthy lungs in his tall body. They weren't granted dismissal but he let that slide, it was a really long voyage. Though he did wish they thanked their marine brethren more sincerely, they were men and women in service just like them after all.

"To what reason does a Major General have in visiting my docks at times like these?" he heard surprisingly close behind him. He turned around and was a little baffled by the absence of a person there.

"*cough*" the short man pretended to clear his throat trying to catch Algin's eyes, who’s neck height was on level with the man's full growth stand.

"Dockmaster! General Major Algin Orton at your service." He saluted in his naturally booming voice, with a pleasant and amiable grin across his face.

"You can be of service if you explain to me what is the Fundinn army doing on Anubian docks," snipped the impatient short-man.

"Of course Master errrr.. um.."


"Master Abasi, I lead a small squadron of soldiers on a chase. We are after a group of outla..err. I mean suspects that can very possibly have crossed into the Anubian continent within the past week or so depending on the sailing conditions and which port-town they chose to land on along the coast." Algin explained as he handed over the posters.

"I can't say I have seen them but I can send these to the other dockmasters down the coast." He proposed as he rustled through the posters. "Does this have anything to do with the assault on the Forni Supreme Court back in your mainland?" he interrogated with his head still facing the papers but his eyes glancing up at Alguin trying to catch any expression or reaction.

"Oh no certainly not, we can assure that threat won't spread to Anubia, this is a different case altogether." Algin insisted, he really was focused on not letting Funndi affairs reach foreign lands.

"It must still be pretty important if there is a Major General leading such a small squadron. I advise you Major General that if Funndin is so out of control that it's letting it's common crimes and troubles spill into the Anubian trade and shipping market, Cheziran authorities will be forced to investigate and if there is anything being stirred by Funndi hands it will not go well in our political relations with your government."

"I strongly agree with you Master Abasi, I promise as soon as our business is done we will be out your way. Thank you very much for your assistance in distributing the posters." Algin thanked the short-man and made for the tavern he saw his soldiers indulge themselves in. As soon as he was out of earshot he snuffed, "Why does this boy have me chasing him across the ocean all of a sudden?"

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