Maybe She Would Have.

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Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



His room was cold, and reeked of dirt and mildew. It smelled like the hands of a dishwasher at a summer camp, or maybe of a plumber. With the lights off it was hardly unlike a coffin. When she would spend the night, he would lay beside her, barely touching her. His hands would stop within millimeters of her skin. He moved slightly, and softly, and seldom spoke. The television barely audible. The air stale. A washer and dryer endlessly spinning clothes 3-feet from where they were pretending to rest, radiating a tiny amount of heat onto their wavering bodies. Occasionally, the scent of dryer sheets would breakup the dusty odor blanketing the space. 
Her body position was awkward, tense, and alert. She laid on her right side, with her left hand behind her- millimeters from the place his hand rested. When she got up to turn off the television, or go to the restroom, she made quick, calculated motions. She was soundless. 

Though they did this often, they would not touch for another year. 

This was 6-years ago. 

Send me a naked picture. I’m boooored,” the tone he often took with her now was limp and lacking adroitness. She was doing the dishes, and took a few minutes to respond. She turned off the faucet, and dried her hands on her jeans. She looked the message over, again, pulling at her upper lip. “Yeah right, who do you think you are?" They had not seen each other for, at least, 2 years. They had not even spoken until he contacted her about 6 months prior to apologize for a fight they had gotten into. It was a petty fight, and they had both managed to paint each other in an unflattering light. "I’ve already seen you naked so just whip out them sweethearts. Have an Asian take the picture though, they’re really good with cameras,” he was not the first person to say something like this to her. The first boy she ever laid with, while trying to convince her to blow him, told her she should do it because she had already done it “so many times before”. 

She rubbed the sand out of her right eye, “Please.. you’re not that special.”

A few minutes of silence fell between them. 

Well, I had to try. What are you doing?

Dumb ass. Nothing. About to go to sleep.”

Naked? *Nude

Nope. Goodnight!”

She rested her head upon her pillow and shut her eyes. Rolling onto her left side, she cushioned her cheek with an open palm. A hint of dirty sponge lingered, and she inhaled a little deeper; letting it soak into her lungs.

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