A Storm Silent

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This poems aims at the prevailing difficulties of the society

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



A Storm Silent

Once on a struggling night
I sat on the sea shore;
On a soaking rock;
away from wrongs and right
and life violent
I sat there with storm silent!
I can see the tidal waves high
And the energy it contains
That can erode any mountain
or can soak even the Sahara plain.
I’ve seen it destroying civilizations
and leaving women and children vane.
The tidal waves which are handicapping fields
making its richness and greenery insane!
“But the things weren’t the same!”
said the sobbing sea,
“Once I was full of livelihood
and scoring happiness!
I was the dwelling place of huge whales,
to squids to small and fluffy fishes.”
“I was the bliss, a father;

 who aids them and didn’t bother.

I, who adopts everyone,
from a killer shark to an eel
and used to smell the emotions
that they feel!”
“Once I was soaring high,
taking the smell of fresh and low sky.
There I found an abandoned child.
With origin unknown
and nature wild.”
“He was the biggest of everyone
and was heavier by a ton.
On the surface, he used to float.
Unlike others, he bore mouths four.”
The sobbing sea gave a throbbing wail,
with usual pathos that it entails.
“I thought that it would be fair
to give that orphan a shelter
who breathe smoggish air.”
“But who’d thought that things would turn around
Who’d thought, that mirage would prey my children
like a curbing omen and hungry hound!
The child whom I blindly trust
made me cripple like an iron covered with rust!”
“Sucking all the energy and vigor of me
and beautiful soul that born.
Reducing me to a mere mockish and churning trickle.
He left me to bear the company of life violent.
He left me with a storm silent!”

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