Dog Town

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about the bad side of town

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



People beware, because they stop and stare

This is the bad side of town

It could be that nobody cares anymore

Drunks that smell of fish with rotten tennis shoes

Picking at swollen gums

Poking at dentures that once were clean

Begging for a chicken dinner coming from a steaming pot

But the only broth they know is the mind candy of lust

Going in and out of peep shows

Where garter straps hang from dirty curtains

And the tough dogs they stare

And the tough guys stare

Like salty sailors with tattoos and brine

Grinning and laughing all the time

Rotting underwear that smells of urine

Proud of that like a song, for the world to smell

And down on the side-street it is worse

Children bearing children

Nobody can afford milk or bread

And a Devil in a raincoat pretends he is Satan

Even he deceives himself

Poking at candy corn on the shelf

Where the cockroaches beg for cardboard

Laying their eggs on hamster coats

Or rubbing up against another rat

That could care less

Cans of pea soup are swollen

Like the bellies of men

Wishing to be an actor, a movie star, a song-writer

Just rubbing up against mannequins of an unknown

Old and worn out store

Where the wine bottles cry out to teenagers

And they listen, man they listen

And when the rain comes, it gives a good soaking

Like the streets are baptized

Like the streets are sanitized

And old dolls pretend to lay eggs

Because they are made of plastic

Is there a Jesus-God to be found?

And the store-front Pastor

Earning his Bible degree from

An ad on a cereal box

Cries out to Heaven

"If you are there God, please help us all"

And man, God listened!

The man was scraped off the sidewalk

The abused girl found counseling

Some stopped drinking

And with a touch of HIS hand

Jesus cried out...

"If you knock on my door, I will help you"

And the dogs of the street

Had happy faces

An American Bulldog

Did a softshoe dance in a mirror

And even the angels took a second glance

Of course he used the restroom

And nobody cared

© Copyright 2020 kevin rottweiler. All rights reserved.

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