Eating Sliders Again (number three)

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hamburger poetry

Submitted: June 21, 2014

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Submitted: June 21, 2014



the customers are sick after eating

methane gas exploads from the rest room

Slider grill is the magic pill

a place of road kill

the onions smell like armpits

the meat is greasy and leathery

the truckers love the place

a pit stop of testosterone

and some time of estrogen

men dressed as women

women dressed as men

some dress as both

it is country and city all in one

a fantasy of Cabaret and hillbilly guitar

its a crazy life on the road here

they have a mini-stage

where they play harmonicas

and the men pretend to be David Bowie

"only the young die young" says a customer

but this is Slider grill

a place of road kill

macho men as bears

come for a ten pound plate of sliders

and the methane comes

from the rest room

mops entail a good cleaning

of bleach and ammonia fumes

a place of love

a place of illness

nobody knows why they are alive here

these burgers eat out your guts

the customers rave

and even go into the restroom

to shave

its hard living on the road

musician and trucker alike

leather and lace

gotta get a Harley bike


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