Gerbil Tails on the Moon

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a short story about gerbils working on the Moon

Submitted: March 25, 2014

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Submitted: March 25, 2014



Well, it was time and the agency decided to shoot them up there. The gerbils, small creatures yet hardy, able to stand a dry environment. So it was time, and tails of glory propelled a bit; gerbils with twitching noses and whiskers departed aboard a tin foil rocket ship.

The news media took its time, with flags and news reports, demonstrating stories about dogs, rats and rabbits going to the Moon. However this was a different twist, with gerbils attempting to find water on a quiet and desolate planet. The earth was in bad shape, its water supply weak and evaporating-- a season of chemical rains and radioactive iodine throughout the global ecosystem.

Gerbils were the perfect animal, able to crawl though tunnels and port holes, though rocket ship stations or lunar crusts; a never ending search for food or water, the animals could carry the earth to another level of victory. So they departed with flags waving, the city of Gerbil Town USA was off to a good start!

After twenty days of orbit, the gerbil rocket ship landed on the Moon, especially located at the Sea of Mouse; a flat yet barren land, on the cold Moon. But the gerbils were ready, ready for a fight, lunar or earthen, it didn't matter. Microchipped and marked, the gerbils were digitally and electronically tracked up there.

Cool noses, warm tails, dominate and submissive personalities, at least ninety nine gerbils in all, in same sex pairs, ready to work for the agency, the Moon Planet Gerbil Mission. To find water, hydrogen, oxygen, whatever they could find in water components to save the planet earth.

Wearing costumes, the gerbils, with tiny American flags, so proud the people were of these little creatures. And people, beginning to see the relationship between animal and man, man and animal; God and animal, God and man? So they went out on Saturday mornings, people to the shopping centers, buying little mice, rats and rodents, gerbils and hamsters, to imitate the agency's call. Everyone wanted a little adorable creature for their home. Precious animals and water for the earth.

Thirty days, and the gerbils kept toiling, tunneling into the Moon's crusted surface and they found it, yes they found it. A spring valley of water, hydration, hydrogen and oxygen! Water for the earth.

The discovery was made and the gerbils returned home, as robots would later be sent, to finish the job. Imagine, the gerbils, finding the life-saving molecule under some old Moon rocks. Glory to the gerbils.

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