Gerbil Tomato Soup

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poem about gerbils stirring tomato soup

Submitted: March 06, 2014

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Submitted: March 06, 2014



up on the counter top the gerbils fasted

but not very long did they lasted

gerbils very hungry

gerbils with no money

and they stirred the tomato soup

ten gerbils holding the handle

stirring a metal ladel

stirring tomato soup

one got his whiskers wet

tomato soup on his snout

made the other gerbils shout

"I want a drink"

the orange red liquid

made the gerbils red

now jumping into the hot broth

swimming and paddling

in tomato broth

tails afloat tails afloat

gerbils on the port side

stirring the hearty gerbil stew

what a meal for me and you

but once they got out

they screamed and shout

"I want a drink"


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