Hobo Train Rider

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poem about a hobo

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



Hobo Joe

everyone knew him, in the small town

wearing a flag on his lapel, from some

long ago war

 a good man though

did everything he could to help

his family and friends

yet something went wrong

now he walks confused down the trails

down the hard roads of life

but never complaining

his boxer dog is quiet at his side

the rain is pounding, the train is a sounding

Joe moves out of the way

of the old railroad tracks

and the dog moves too

drunk on a liquid

he danced like a squid

as if in a Hollywood movie

but only God saw him

and the dog imitated him

and barked joyfully

and he has holes in his socks

a mustard stain on his coat

a flag from some foreign war

claimed to have been a sailor

from a long ago war

and he kissed the sunshine

with old dark teeth

as if he chewed up the submarine parts

a sailor all his life

Hobo Joe

knew when the rains were coming

like from Noah's day

and he kept a bunch of money

in his socks, a fifty dollar bill

and a hundred dollar bill

hoping for a fast train some day

to take him to a quiet town

where the sugar ladies could take care of him

and the dog

Hobo Joe

stayed away from children

afraid they would say things to him

and he had deaf ears from the war

so he hid outside near the railroads

felt good in machinery and factory parts

and he sipped his bottle of pefume

had a heck of a buzz now

seeking some White Castle Hamburgers

to coat his onion skin stomach

and Hobo went to the restaurant

with a toothless grin and beard on his chin

with the money in his socks

nobody wanted his dirty looks

and his stale perfume drinks

he said he could be an actor

maybe become a lawyer and

he never published a book he set out to do

finding the hamburger stand

he swallowed many burgers

easing his mind

and pretending to be a college football star

maybe this would be his golden year

maybe the girls would like him

could go to thr prom with a beauty queen

and the old dog laughed with cropped years

Joe was a trash picker

seeking the garbage dumps of yesteryear

going through the old shoes and napkins

finding a treasure

once in a while, scratching off the instant winner

lottery tickets

and he came across an old coin

it must be worth something

and he kissed the coin

and headed back to the railroad tracks

maybe the sugar ladies could save him now

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