Old Farm Town

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narrative poem about a farming town

Submitted: July 22, 2014

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Submitted: July 22, 2014



what a wonderful farm

as apple orchards boast of strong fruit

sheep and goats are humble

an oxen perspires heavily in the rain

pounding his hooves to make a living

of meat and garlic bread

someone has to bring home the bacon

and the lambs singing from the barn

nobody knows the love they bring

happy hearts just sing

what a wonderful farm

the scarecrow shudders

and stares at cow udders

even he didn't find a wife

and the hens line up for a good meal

grandma working indoors

producing the veal

wrinkled hands of a farmer

holding onto tools of the trade

tornado rain comes and goes

a life to overthrow

mice run upstairs

inside the old farm house

it could use a paint job

but the civil war kept it fresh

spiritual battles won and lost

a Morgan dollar was tossed

drinking and thinking

men upstairs once prepared for battle

and the farm is running a good course

the harvest is coming

the harvest is coming

the birds are humming

corn in stalks

as high as a mountain

gonna' wind up on someone's dinner plate

in the big city

where sin takes control

its easier here, down on the farm

with tired arms

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