Pit Bull Grill Sizzler Parlor

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Pit Bulls serving food at a steak house

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



the Pit Bulls wore aprons

with steak sauce on their chins

intense canine grins

they come down to this roadhouse

a sizzler of a house, grilling steaks

in onions and bar-b-q sauce

happy go luckies

they serve anyone in line

man, woman or child

but most come for the steaks

thick and juicy, never fake

an onion sauce and bar-b-q

with oregano

"I will save a place for  you"

Pit Bulls wearing aprons

holding the steak tongs

flipping the char broiled meat

salivating and navigating

through a wonderful life of good food

meant for anyone with

an empty stomach

now the dogs line  up

Labradors, Malamutes,  Poodles

and Golden Doodles

happy go luckies

out for a bite

and the garlic toast

makes anyone with nostrils

pass out

because it is so good

nobody can take it

it is from Heaven

and the cats line up

with long tails

hungry for a taste of meat

and the red chunks

become char broiled patties

fitting on any plate

and the Pit Bulls wear aprons here

some stop and stare

but whatever your twist

you can get a dog kiss

right at Pit Bull Grill Sizzler Parlor

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