Pit Bulls Behind the Fence

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a Pit Bull poem

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Behind the fence is a salivating and muscular machine

with strong jaws, but can be friendly, if he was brought up

the right way-- so many injuries happen with bad dog owners

or the ones not familiar with the Pit Bull breed

I have seen the attacks and the aggression

and is not a funny scenario

But I have bathed Pit Bulls and socialized

And taken care of them

Just like any other dog

they can be allright

Just like any other dog

but you have to be prepared

for the good and the bad

you cannot hide behind a curtain

It is good to get them to dog school

and have an owner with a firm hand

take care of the Pit Bulls

I have seen the shelter dogs

and the abuse

Dogs enraged behind metal fences

and those that are friendly and loving

In reality, the Pit Bull dog is a good

dog, in the hands of the right owner

and one that practices safe dog handling

and wants to raise them like a Labrador

All love--

and never threatening humans

or other life forms


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