The City Bus People

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a poem about riding on the city bus

don't stare at people

they all have problems

tall and short

all colors of the rainbow

like different colors of snow

some limp

I am limp

waiting for the bus

some swear and cuss

some are homeless

many are nameless

 some are rich

some are poor

some cannot fit

through the bus door

one lady smelled of jelly beans

another sucked on a lollipop

one fell to his knees

and asked if there is a God

through water puddles

a heart that muddles

rain and sleet

people without shoes

and a man without feet

a  prostitute bounced on

 a man's lap

as an older lady

studied her Bible

one said this is

one big fable

a young boy had a toy

and his snots

ran down the windows

cotton candy on the floor

a baby and mother

entered the bus door

they needed to get

to the store

some are rappers

rhyming with big

white teeth snappers

the city bus

some swear and cuss

its not a place to judge

it is a place of


wear your shoes


the rainstorm is coming 

get the Pit Bull

off the bus


Submitted: October 28, 2016

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