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Mikes older sister mandy has been acting weird lately. so he watches he closely. her every move. and he uncovers a secret. a very old secret. a very hungry secret...

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011




What you are about to read is a true story that happened on Friday October 8th 2011. the accident happened at 5:37

My friends and I decided to bike to Dollarama,eat hamburgers and watch “SCRE4M”.

Everything went wrong. Very wrong. It started with my idea to film a movie “SHRIEK”, An unauthorized parody to “SCREAM”. The only reason we went to Dollarama in the first place was to get props like fake brains and severed limbs. My mother gave us five dollars to spend. my friend, Michael,already anticipated that we would be going to 7-11 or something so he brought money. the five was for my other friend,Cole, and me. So we left and we weren't off my property yet when we discovered a problem: I only have two bikes. I tried my sisters bike but the handlebars were all screwed up (to hang it on the wall) so we tried my dads bike. I fell. Nothing serious I just scraped my hand. Cole was, in the meantime, riding my older bike around the bay. His chain fell off but he just kept on pedaling until he got the chain jammed in between the wheel and the crank. He tried carrying it for me to fix it. To shorten what happens next: 

The girl is later attacked by a woman with a large knife, who charges at her, but the girl grabs a fireplace poker and hits the woman twice with it, knocking her over onto a couch. The girl then runs out of the cabin, finding a man's bloody corpse with a knife in his chest hanging upside down from a tree and a girl's bloody corpse with a slit throat in a car. The girl goes into a boathouse, where she attempts to load a shotgun with bullets, but the woman suddenly appears and corners the girl against a wall. The girl is then thrown down by the woman, who slaps her in the face four times, but the girl reaches for the shotgun and uses it to hit the woman and knock her across the room. The girl then runs back to the cabin and hides in the kitchen, locking the door behind her. The woman begins violently breaking the door down with a machete and enters the kitchen, slashing the machete wildly at the girl, attempting to stab her with it, but the girl hits the woman over the head with a frying pan, knocking her unconscious. Some blood coming from her head. The girl then runs out to a boat to wait for help when suddenly, the woman appears behind her and raises the machete. The girl holds up the boat's oar to defend herself, but the machete breaks it in half. The girl falls out of the boat onto the beach and the woman stabs at the ground, but the girl rolls out of the way. The woman drops the machete and attacks the girl as they struggle on the beach with the woman attempting to strangle the girl and then biting her on the arm. The girl rolls over and the woman begins beating her head against the ground, but the girl bites the woman's arm and escapes. She runs across the beach and picks up the machete, charging at the woman, and decapitates her. Her bloody head falls off into the water, the bloody stump at the top of her neck, and some blood on the machete.


Cole dropped the bike. So he wheeled it to me. I fixed it. Piece of cake. Then I tried my moms bike it was a little wee bit big (when I say little wee I mean, well, NOT little wee) but it worked. So we were on our way laughing at cole (whose bike chain kept falling off) it was really loose. Ive been meaning to tighten it for a while. That was one of the main causes for the accident. Once we got onto the street behind my house it REALLY got windy.

Michael wanted to go back--we almost did--but we didn't. Maybe we should have listened to Michael. The wind was the second main cause for the accident. We had no problems getting there except for the wind and the last road we had to cross nobody would let us through! We almost got hit a couple of times. There were at least twenty cars that were all snobbish and wouldn't let us through. Cole zoomed through everything and when we tried to go they wont let us! Seriously! Finally one nice lady lets us through and were on our way again. When we got to Dollarama someone had to stay out side and watch the bikes I lost in rock paper scissors

so I had to wait. These kids (one boy and two girls) who claim there from river east come and ask me how old I am. I say twelve. They whisper amongst themselves and then they start talking about weird things like where do you go to school?,how tall are you?,do you do drugs? And do you want some drugs for a low price? Fortunately Michael and Cole came outside and saved me. I'm not sure what happened or what they talked about but when I came back out with my retractable knife and my mike and ikes they were gone.

I asked Michael where they went. He said they said they were going to get a lighter. We started home.

* * *






Cole was exited that the wind was finally PUSHING us instead of the other way around. We made it across all those roads without a problem. Then my chain fell off. Michael and I stopped to fix it and we wanted to see how far Cole would go without noticing that we were gone. He went pretty far.

Once I fixed my chain I started to go really fast to catch up with him but I guess I didn't put my chain on properly because next thing you know: I'm flying over the handlebars

literally flying. The last thing that went through my head before I hit the ground was “I'm dead”. I didn't die though. Thank God for that. so any way I'm on the ground screaming beacuse of the pain in my arm I guess it was just the shock of it that made me scream like that but I stopped once I realized what was going on: Michael was yelling for Cole to get my mom I was on the ground with blood on my arm and on the sidewalk and Michael was talking I didn't know what he was saying, all I heard was “okay”. I nodded my head in response. We started walking our bikes I was thinking it was going to be okay. I didn't think my arm was that bad but I started to feel lightheaded and I needed to sit down. The first thing Michael said was “I think you're sitting in goose crap” and the second was “Oh no I hope that guy doesn't come over here to help”. I looked over and saw a creepy old guy with giant glasses and an old beat up van parked on the other side of the street. He got in his van and left. We saw a whole bunch of cars go by with the people staring at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. These two nice ladies stopped and came over to me to help. They started talking to me and one of them had a first aid kit. They were talking to each other about different rubbing alcohols to use. The thing I kept asking was “Will it sting?” They were about to put on this stuff that would really sting when a nurse pulled over. A nurse! Thats right, no joke. A real live nurse came to help. I felt so special. She said they should use some soothing cream and then bandage it up with this foamy thing. It really hurt to bend my arm but she made me anyway :P it was horrible. When they were done treating me the nurse said “I suggest you go get that arm checked out right away”. We sent Michael home to tell my mom that I was in the emergency room and my dad drove me to the hospital.

My dad didn't bring his I phone or his wallet so there was no way to tell my mom besides Michael but it takes a while to get home so he borrowed 2.00 for a pay phone. (He still needs to pay me back) About 5 minutes after he got back from the phone call my mom came rushing in with Cole and Michael

and I told her what happened. I went in and got my x-ray the doctor told me that it looks “suspicious”. She said its a possible fracture and that I need to go to the Pan Am Clinic for a second x-ray in a week. So we left and told everybody and they gave me a sling to put on. And we were on our way home. During things like these you find out who your real friends are because they still wanted to spend the night and help me.




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