Lovers & Balloons...True Love Story

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Everything I wrote here is true,and I wrote this love story when I was like 16 years old.This story tells how much pain I went through after the break up with the girl,and whoever reads this,there are many errors because I'm not a good writer,I just wrote this wanting to take my pain away.So whoever judges this story know that I'm not a writer...

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



CHAPTER 1-The Truth

2 years ago i met a girl who would change my life forever...I was much too young to understand that one day that one look would be all I thought about...Consumed by her we stumbled upon more than just an average first was something amazing something i wanted to keep forever. However, like life, everything that is good has a bad to it. I could never say this before, but I think one word to describe love is powerful...This girl was the missing piece of my life something that i had always dreamt about and didn’t have. And when i first met this girl i was swept away by her and personality. And from that moment i knew she was the love of my life and if i ever lost her that piece would go missing again...And who would have guessed that i was walking into a trap and something that i wasn’t prepared for...we were perfect...And i had no idea i would have to prepare myself for the worse heart broke ever...Everything started to fall part as soon as she brought her love her first Holden. Nothing could stop this change no matter how much i told her i loved her with all my heart it just seemed like it was getting worse...I thought I was gonna spend my christmas with her but she wasn't around...she was partying by that time when I needed her...So I spent my christmas with my family and friends... Everyone made me feel so welcome and made my Christmas day a day to remember for the rest of my life...she showed up a day after... Everything seemed to be great again... well i guess that’s what i thought.... I feel so empty and i know now i didn’t know what i had till she was gone...One strange thing is that i don’t remember what the girl was wearing the last time i saw her but i can still see so clear what my babe wore the first time i set eyes on her... I may have lost my love of my life but I will cherish the memories of her forever...this girl will always have a special place in my heart... I have suffered a lot but I still believe the love that we both shared was the greatest gift that could ever been given to me. I will always love you...your in my heart for eva...but the way I see i...nowadays people date to please friends or make sex a life time game...but you don't know that you stepping into the non-real might wanna be the many girls/boys but a day will come where all the problems of others comes to is like a game but its not...because when you play a win or you goes like win your soul mate or you loose him/her...but there's always a second chance...whereby you have to under do your mistakes...dirty relationships never work out but clean ones are real ones...step into the real world and open your eyes and learn how the real world works...\"Salute\"!!!

CHAPTER 2-End To My Happiness

Have you ever loved someone that you could kill yourself for her....that you can play by her rules just to make her happy...but the way I saw it...the girl was blinded by some fake words...False stories she hears from people about me...knowing that you soon gonna leave that person just because of some **** problems you have....I couldn't concentrating every time I was with that girl...I was kinda lost...didn't know what to say to her...knowing someone loves you\"you just have to be ok in front of her\"...but at least I lived longer with her...experienced many things in life with her...but knowing that I'm lacking love every time I'm with her...breaks my heart to pieces...deep thoughts are killing me...I failed her...I failed her...that's it...I'm soon gonna be a life of a shadow in front of everyone...the girl moved to her aunts place...that was the end of my happiness...after several weeks...she came back but things were complicated by then...I lost that touch and love I had for her...she was like a song playing in my heart...\"Salute\"

CHAPTER 3-The Blindness

I was aware that the girl was hiding something from me...each and everyday I would ask her\"does she wanna tell me something serious that I don't know about\"...and she would say\"No\"...but like I said...\"a person who thinks someone is dumb...he or she is the dumb one\"...So since people knew that I was in love with the girl...they would tell me all the things she does that I don't know about...meaning doing bad things behind my back...I didn't care because I loved that girl so much...I noticed that I'm not the only one who the girl was in love with...the where other guys aside...Guys would call her every time she's with me...but I'd pretend like I don't care...I kept on sacrificing a lot for this girl hoping/thinking she would change...but I wasn't aware that I was slowly damaging my heart...someone who's close with that girl...told me everything...which was the truth...all the energy I had in me...jus went pooof/gone!!!...But I knew that one day the girl would see I really loved her...Regrets always come for does exist...but love affects your mind and tickles your heart...\"Salute\"

ChAPTER 4-Judgment Day

It was a tuesday......We had an agreement that we were gonna meet up early that day but she never showed she called me later on...asking where I'm I...I told her to go by my friends place...when she arrived...I never said a word to her...I just looked at her in a sad way...So we started to have a normal talk...but then...I kept on asking her to tell me what I need to know but she said she's clean...she has none to tell...I asked her does she love me ...X3(three times)...and she replied and said \"yes\"...I asked her is she clever...and she said \"no\" she was like asking me what's going...I just kept quiet and said to her \"nothing is wrong\"...she was curious...why I was asking her those kinda questions...I could see the way she looked at me and shook her head repeatedly...I said to her \"I love you but the love I'm giving you aint enough for you the way I see it\" eyes where full of tears...but wouldn't let them fall down...she askedl \"I'm I dumping her or what\"...I said \"no\" with a smile but in a sad I asked her for the last time...does she wanna tell me something I don't know...and she said \"yes\"...because she noticed that I was getting to that point of her cheating on me...but she said she couldn't tell me...I said to her\" I consider you as a player/cheater\"... she asked \"why\" I'm I saying that...I said \"because it shows that I'm your spare boyfriend/play mate/a spare wheel\"...she told me she loves me with all her heart and she can prove that...I walked out on her and went home...The way I walked showed that I'm leaving her for good...but later that day I couldn't eat,sleep or do something...I felt weak...this thing kept on going on for hours,days,weeks and months...buh finally I managed to move on...still living a lonely love life...

CHAPTER 5 - One Item Again

Ever since I broke up with this girl...I started to go all on the girls...playing girls...hurting them...just because of the pain the girl caused me...when my days kept on going...I decided to stop because I saw I was also destroying my self...I was single almost a 2 months...I kept talking about my past with the girl every time I'm with my best mad love for that girl even though she was with someone else(a guy)...talking about the memories to my friend...I went all on my grandad's was friend showed up with that girl it was late that friend told me that...that girl wanted to see mee...the girl had no where to I promised my friend I'll treat the girl good...later that day we started flirting again...then boom...we kissed...I was not happy because the love I had for her was gone...I crushed the days kept on going...that love grew back day this girl told me I'm not treating her she wanted to end the relationship...but we talked about this over Mxit(Instant Messanger)...I told her to meet me up and tell me all this face to face...that day late...I met with the girl...I was already prepared for a break up but when I got there...I got an unexpected sorry from her...she told me she didn't mean what she said to me over I was really mad about it,and told my self that I'm going to dump the girl and move on cause she fooled me,so that time after getting to hear what she had to say,I told her we must stop seeing each other.I tried to move on but I couldn't...cause the girl was the only girl that I loved,but I managed...!

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