Love does not exist

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I hate love. It has cursed my life. I just hate love, so very much...

Submitted: September 04, 2013

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Submitted: September 04, 2013



All ever felt is pain, never affection or care.

Every day waking up to disappointments by loved ones.

The love for her grows short, sadly it has to.

When her face is in sight, bloody tears come out.

No matter what was done, she never truly cared.

The love for her decays because of her choice.

Everyone does this, it’s never a different story.

Wishing one day it would change,

It is just a dream crushed below.

Hatred rises in dust and shadows.

Soon they will all see what they created.

The horror beneath trembles the security of their well beings.

Fear the fires of dawned happiness, choke on all of it.

Smiling as their corpses flowed away.

Feelings will never existing in the world of forsaken

The bracelet’s past shatters in front and broken.

She asks now forgiveness, but forgiving is nonsense.

Not wanting her to die even though hatred insists on it.

Nothing stands beside her,

Yet, no feeling is felt, she lies still.

Nothing will comfort the broken pieces of hearts.

It’s a hopeless risk for trying to have her again.

Time to realize the truth,

That there will never be love.

Love does not exist, it is fake.

All the romance is fake.

Everything that was with her is fake.

Because of her lies, everyone knows.

Love does not exist…

© Copyright 2017 Kevin Witt. All rights reserved.

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