New Blood

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My pain from the break up on 9/1 has torn me apart, I can't become who I was before. But my writing got deeper along the way. This is the first taste of my new style of literature. Atleast until she comes back or I find a new love. But that will never happen. Like I said I don't believe in love. This poem explains only a little part of it.

Submitted: September 07, 2013

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Submitted: September 07, 2013





Content in this poem may cause any sort of extreme depression or fear.

Please take caution while reading. Thank you and enjoy the poem.


Every minute I live, tears of shame and sorrow melt on my face.

Never one second! Am I released from this prison in my heart!

I beg and share my emotions and she spills her anger instead of understanding.

She blames me for why we broke up, my actions of course…

Every day it got worse and worse and while calling us best friends,

She sets boundaries from speaking or seeing when she has no one else!

Trying to be nice and generous doesn’t tickle her at all.

If she still loved me this would never happen!

She hungers someone else and wants me thrown away like the others who have!

She complains that I am no longer who I was back then

When she doesn’t realize, she broke my heart 5 times each day passing.

Oh no, she never cared to see the real picture.

She moved on like if she was hypnotized to go far away.

Never again will I beg on my knees, instead I will release the hatred I stored!

But it will be more than enough to kill her, that’s how much she broke my love.

When all she had to offer were only the scars of unforgiving torment!

 I feel dead inside, I’m flooded blackness and cursing.

My soul is taken over by a deathless spirit seeking a sacrificed peon.

How can I be who I was before, if I am dead by this stranger.

Of course who I was before will never appear in her eyes or anyone’s!

I am reborn from the nether of creatures feared by mortals.

All think they understand, but everyone has different pain.

My pain was the food for the dark lord.

Now knowing the ancient arts of ruined heavens,

Like a puppet I step forward releasing black holes of desire.

Desires of inhaling everyone’s existence.

I feel power of the god of hades.

My love is now the shadows of immortals.

I will tear the fabrics of time and shove them into hell.

My pain only makes me stronger, the fire grows upon thy feelings.

I bring only circuses filled with the demon clowns to entertain your hate.

So relax, they only swim around to feel your essence and crush it.

Screams will only encourage your fate’s demise.

Do you hear that? Don’t you hear the reaper, sounding bells to chaos in packs?

Be afraid and be scared for when you look behind,

You will see your life raped in a stab.

Suicide will be no escape from the hands of our sorcery.

 The billions of people will face our wraith.

She however, will be the first to demonstrate.

I will smile as they all screech their existence out.

Then our traps will mistake their release.

The world will turn dark and lightless.

The loveless loss will reborn this globe to the new death paradise.

Our goal will be reached no matter how strong the force may be.

The pain can never be broken, otherwise I wouldn’t be this.

Now my happiness will come from the exhausting memories.

That were buried in her hands.

Be warned about yourself.

Look out around you and near you.

Be concerned of what happens next,

Otherwise you will spill New Blood.

© Copyright 2019 Kevin Witt. All rights reserved.

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