Tales of the broken #3

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Tales of the Broken... something I thought would be a organized series of writing that I wrote that would go towards the title. Instead every time I wrote a new poem or such, I would add it to this. There's only seven of these. Hope you enjoy the third one.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




(Written on March 20, 2011)



This is a story of 2 very special lovelesses and their life to better.

Chapter 3 " Lovelessed Lovemore"

Once apon of time, god brought a dream for them together, they both said,"a heaven of all dreams."

The day after had destractions in their minds, only focused on their true love.

Their next dream was the same but was never as long as before.

A first kiss of angels they tasted, as smiles came the dream faded.

A horrible morning for them both, they ran from their houses into a land of many trees.

Tears of pain stroke, falling on the lifeful plants. One feel into a hole then the other.

No help was near... but as they met, a fimilar face was reconized.

As the lovelesses came close and hugged, tears and smiles came from their faces, so much joy.

Then all of their life's future had been solved, true love has came atleast.

Their first kiss from their dream is finally real as they taste true love from their lips.

Real life kissed, even if they died... now they will spend their lives together and forever as angels...

Our Lovelesses for more as Lovemores are a new true love, forever and always known to our hearts...


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