Tales of the Broken 5

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Tales of the Broken... something I thought would be a organized series of writing that I wrote that would go towards the title. Instead every time I wrote a new poem or such, I would add it to this. There's only seven of these. Hope you enjoy the fifth one.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



(Written on May 30, 2011)

Us chained but loved high



Oh sweet sweet passion, only you got me my lover.

Tales of the Broken Chapter 5 "Us chained but loved high"

Love spelled back when you came.

Love spoke for our fame.

Love called what we gave, only the feeling for eachother.

Your my dreams, unbelievable angel!

Thank you for everything and bless your soul.

Linked like one, always kissed for our days.

Held tight together in unbreakable heights.

Even the effort they gave. We always came on top.

But they damaged, not the bond between our lives.

The piece i lost and shattered also u happened for the same.

I knew it would end someday, they toke it for greedy needs.

We both bleed, our strength fades, will we make it, even together?

Is life open for us any longer?

We lost many chances of hope. All toke it away.

Is there a chance or is there trouble? Do I know? Never again and how it been.

You lie down unseen, all alone and no one to confort, but im there for you.

I wish i could be with you in real life forever but many blocks occur along the way.

The devils wake striking after us, captured in tunnels of hell.

Nothing is there to save us now, in our cage we fight but lost in the next night.

Our bond cant never be broken but will be sore for all time lasts.

Chaiin together, struggled aside, pressed against, but closer to love.

Chains will never hurt us, the love is high and above and strong in many ways to light our tunnels end


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