Tales of the Broken 6

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Tales of the Broken... something I thought would be a organized series of writing that I wrote that would go towards the title. Instead every time I wrote a new poem or such, I would add it to this. There's only seven of these. Hope you enjoy the sixith one.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



(Written on August 7, 2011)

Zna Infection


Broken evolved virus, in unthinkable reactions, upon us is new death.

Chapter 6 (Zna Infection)

Mutation collaped, not us physical but soul quickly interupted.

Unknown hunger, most in deep destruction, endless in views.

Spreads of particles, deadly one by one, seeded fresh blood.

Nights grow reversed, moon turns rare, the light olds crime.

Topical air rained to dust. Coughs sounding the last breaths

Boiling Points burn the earth's core, melten in black holed hearts.

Bolted curse, releasing, the new kind of breed, one we fear most.

The aliens of hades, darkest moments, dreaming trust shatters more.

Rushes smoke beyond the planet, Quietly sudden for strikes to thrust.

The closing patterns of the remaining future, poor withdrawns all.

Traping by morning, ending the sunrised grave, the cycle grows.

Preparing battle, outnumbering diseases, more then what expected.

Bounded bykryptonite structures, anti-modernplague energized from burning souls

Pollened green life dried up, feeding their hunger,the nonstoping hunger

Heaven eated but the arrivals, nothing saved, without reason.

The line up, marching for war's victory, broken peace chances.

I know i'm next, the earth turns red, crossing the last existance.

Symbolled decorations of fear and suffocation near the last hearing.

Too many, evolving the quick, changing the daring of heros.

Deeper storms, lightning their support, raging lava burning the eaten.

Cracking plates, hurricanic earthquakes, falling into the heart of them.

But not eaten, only controlled, taking over, my memory, just like a virus.

No life will pass us, none live to stand the chaos, or dare to free.

I'm their leader now, gray hearted trap of the brightest.

All will be who is the next in line, creation by the known comets of new levels.

We are the jousted, new breeded, over powered, the infection grows stronger then.

One to tell, one to have, now none to chase, just one bacterial infection of new worlds, Zna...


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