Title: Outcast

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Usually with me, I'm an outcast. So I decide to write a poem about us outcasts. It gets to the point of how we are. What it's just to be outside from everyone else, alone. Without no one to care about us. Hope you like it :)

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Submitted: July 13, 2013

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Submitted: July 13, 2013



Life is never easy,

When you’re forbidden from it.

All you see are people,

Who hated you’re kind.

Unwanted, and worthless,

Both which are true.

You failed most things in your life.

Disappointment and rejection,

Is what you breathe at the moment.

We’re just aliens,

Who aren’t noticed by society.

We just sit in corners,

Alone… away from many.

Why do we exist?

Why do we live?

Feeling separated, and lost,

They never believe in us,

There isn’t a reason too.

We don’t explain,

It wastes their “valuable” time.

Even with knowledge and power,

It doesn’t matter, it never matters.

Life is different,

And doesn’t have a meaning.

Why should anything have a purpose?

The judgment of outside and inside,

The judgment of shapes and sizes.

Even in our living self.

The laughter of betrayals.

It’s a game only for them,

We are just pawns.

Played with knifes and suicides.

It isn’t the end for us.

All we can do,

Is wait and listen…

For the chance to be free.

To become more,

Then just an outcast…

© Copyright 2017 Kevin Witt. All rights reserved.

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