"Change of Plans"

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A poem chronicling the adventures of a woman trying to lose weight. The poem is told through her perspective.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




"Change of Plans"

Obesity is rising and rising but notice what we feed ourselves and so it shouldn't be surprising

Burgers are my Kings, McDonalds are my Clowns and like Smith I Will it all down in 7 Pounds

I'm stellar, I shed the weight and now I'm back in a groove

I like the food the Gov labels FDA approved

And now I'm getting big so I go to see a doctor 

He's such a weight watcher

I guess he's just a proctor

The first day of training I lose an arm and a leg

could no longer do it so Jen referred me to Craig

I try his 3 week plan and I can't get through it

I coulda been a swim model? Damn, I blew it

But for Craig it's all a business and man he knew it

So what am I to do? I guess I gotta face the music

But wait! A new TV Ad just gave me words of wisdom

Before I knew it hit me! Damn NutriSystem

And when I try that system there really is no wisdom

And then I see who really wants me fat, the SYSTEM!!

So now I can't believe it and I'm in a bad mood

Just got paid the other day and now I'm craving fast food

Yes I'm not a cooker

The hot guy doesn't notice me I guess I'm not a looker

The cashier then proceeds to look at me and calls NEXT

I'm fed up with my ways it's time to use a BowFlex




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