The Newhaven Conspiracy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
After the Revolution, Tom and his friends has to time travel to save the world that is collapsing around them. They have futuristic technology to help them along the way.Join Tom and his friend as they save the whole of humanity.

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015



The Newhaven Conspiracy


The year is 243 AR it has been 243 years since the revolution. Since then things have changed, a lot of things. There have been technological advances, efficient power sources and supplies. The whole world was now in this futuristic situation. Everyone knows about the world before the revolution. The world where every nation was at war. No person on earth could be at peace, bombs were launched to destroy every city. Every street was patrolled by armored vehicles. Every sea was a gigantic warzone, underwater sea mines, gigantic warships and war submarines. The sky, the sky wasn’t any better, warplanes and bombers. There were no place to escape the chaos that captured the earth. My name is Tom and I live on the floating island of Newhaven. After the long 37 year war, all nations and powers agreed to call peace, and now with the combined power of everyone we have made several floating islands high above the radioactive layer that plagues the whole land below us. This is my story, of how I and my friends have saved the whole of humanity, saving the whole of Newhaven and the other islands.


My name is Tom and I will be telling you my part of the story. After the war everyone was at peace, more and more technological advances occurring daily. I grew up in a more psychology focused part of Newhaven where most of the research here was mostly focused on the brain. With that said, the schools where I live taught a lot about brain and how it works. During my 10th year of school, the class was teaching us on the unit of mind reading.

“Without the new technological revolutions that our research is making that this subject would have been considered fake and dismissed immediately” Mr. Martin said. “But recently there has been a new discovery that this subject is indeed possible”.  “Introducing the Scidem Bracelet, this is a very advanced and new piece of technology” warned Mr. Martin. “Now, everyone take one and put it on your wrist, we shall try to read our partners mind”.  I looked at the person sitting next to me, it was Marley. I then surprisingly heard her thoughts,

How does this thing even work? This is stupid, another piece of garbage that doesn’t work”. My expression was shocked as I looked at her, she looked at me with confusion.

“What? Is there something on my face?”  Marley then panicked and checked if there was something wrong with her face.

Mr. Martin asked the class, “Is anyone successful with mind reading?” If not then that is normal, not many people are able to use this device. Nobody seemed to reply to Mr. Martin, I assumed that no one was able to use the device. I didn’t want to be the only person who was actually successful at using the new mind reading device so I kept quiet. Class soon ended after Mr. Martin was explaining how they had created the devices and how it all works. Also, Mr. Martin let us “borrow” the devices, to test them out and to see if we have any success at home. As I walked out the shining school doors, the robots came.


I am Sammy, I grew up in Newhaven in a town where mechanics is the focus. This town was called Parsville, and we were the town of tinkerers. Lots of the residence here are people who build, craft and make. I myself was a quiet girl who sat in the back of classes and did all my work. I was an all A student and could build practically anything. If I had the right materials and tools I could build it.

As an only child with a single mom I tried my best to do the best in school so I wouldn’t cause problems. Knowing this nature I kind of turned out to be… a perfectionist. If anything wasn’t perfect or done right, it was my job to freak out over it. This particular trait of mines didn’t help me make friends at all. During the 10th year of my education, I was in my advanced robotics class, the class was learning how to build pneumonic motors and pistons.

 “Sammy how does this work?” my elbow partner Nick asked me.

“Your problem is that the motor is not letting in any air in this chamber so then it would not work.” I then looked at the giant mess of parts on my table and frantically tried to organize the mess so I can catch up with the building the motor. Suddenly a delivery bot came up to me and passed to me a note. Sammy, please report to Dr. Steve’s office please. I stood up, eyes wide and gently press the “received” button on the delivery bot, and it zoomed out of the classroom delivering more messages to people who received them. I gently opened the shining glass door leading out of the classroom and started walking towards Dr. Steve’s office. As my footsteps echoed down the empty hallways I wondered,

“Why would Dr. Steve call me down to his office? I haven’t done anything that would be considered bad.” Sooner than I expected I was in front of Dr. Steve’s office, my breath hitched when I saw on the glowing name tag that says Dr. Steve’s office. My palms were sweaty, I was breathing rapidly,

“Why am I called into his office?” I tenderly knocked on the door, hoping he wouldn’t be in his office. The door immediately opened.

“Welcome, Sammy I hope you are having a great day, please have a seat”. I slowly sat down in the polished wooden chair in his office. “You know why you are in this room, right Sammy?” Dr. Steve asked.

“Err…No I don’t sir, am I in trouble?” I nervously asked.

 “No Sammy, not at all, you were called into my office because you were the highest scoring student on the advanced engineering test that you took a week ago”. Dr. Steve explained. “This means that you are the only one who was qualified to be testing these glasses” Dr. Steve then pulled out a green tinted google looking glasses. “These are the Optipars, they are special goggles that let you identify parts that you see and what you make with the parts” exclaimed Dr. Steve. The whole time that he was explaining what it is my eyes were wide in awe.

“Thank you, Dr. Steve I am glad that I am able to test this amazing piece of technology”.

“Here, try them on” Dr. Steve gave the Optipars to me gently and gestured to me to wear them. I stared at the glasses, the lenses was a majestic emerald color. I gently strapped the googles to my head. “Optipars Interface, booting on, Welcome Sammy” it was an interface voice. Suddenly I saw circles appear on the googles, descriptions of every part around me. I could then see what I could make with that part, from toasters to pots and pans and motors. It was a giant database of information,

“This is incredible Dr. Steve” I stared in awe at the technology that I am using. This was the time when the school exploded.


My name is Mark, and I was born in the more digital focused part in Newhaven, where everything in school would be about computers, programming, and the digital world. I was always a decent kid in school. Not failing the classes while not being the best at them either. I was mostly known as the hyper kid in the back who cannot keep still and could use the computer better than anyone else. During the programming classes, I would always have the best grade, almost always scoring 100%. I would just see the code in my head and then transfer it into my computer in a matter of seconds. I was so good at programming I was able to pass my teacher at the subject. I was eventually privileged with an Aerocard. It was one of the most powerful and advanced computer. All compacted and able to fit into a flat card looking thing that was able to fit into your pocket. When opened the card would expand and fold outwards making the laptop looking shape.

 I eventually got bored of how easy it was to program and how slow the classes were going. It was when that I managed to get into hacking. The school didn’t know of my new found “hobby” and it was when I was able to hack into the schools security system when they finally found out. Hacking was more or less the worst thing you could do in the school. It wasn’t very complicated why, this is because the entire school was mostly controlled by programs and automated. Now… if someone was able to get into that program and was able to control it, then it was a problem. The same day that I was caught hacking into the schools security system there was some interesting things that happened.

“I didn’t do it Mr. Rick.” I tried to desperately explain as I was practically dragged into the office.

“Well then why is the threat to the system with the same ID as yours?” Mr. Rick angrily puffed.

“Someone stole my Aerocard and used it to hack the system!” I was desperately lying at this point.

 “I don’t belie-“Mr. Rick was interrupted by a loud crashing noise that came from the front entrance of the school.

“It better not be anyone crashing their hover bike into the front entrance, I do not have the patience for this.” Mr. Rick angrily huffed and puffed and ran out of the office. I was then stranded in the office until the whole schools system turned off.


They were the weirdest looking robots I have ever seen. Imagine an ant, ok now imagine an ant that is made out of metal. Finally now imagine that ant 100x bigger, bipedal, and is spitting fire out of its mouth. That was basically in a nut shell was what I saw flying in swarms at me when I walked out those shining school doors.  Now even if they are goofy looking, who would not run away from fire breathing metal ant humans. Which is exactly what I did when I saw them, I started to run in the direction of where my neighborhood was. It was when I saw more swarms of the robot ants flying from that direction. It was my genius conclusions that I figured out that running in that direction wasn’t the best of plans. I immediately turned around and ran towards the other side of the city. I pulled out my phone and started to message my friends from other city.

 “Is it just me or there are fire breathing robot ants flying around, if so meet at the warehouse-Tom.” I also messaged my family to see if they were ok, I got replies back from all of them in the next 5 minutes. I was freaking out, I just kept running towards the warehouse. Hoping that my friends would be there waiting for me.


The school exploded, then all I saw was the robots. I was knocked back towards the wall, I was stunned as I heard lots of clicking and clacking noises coming from outside of the school. As I looked out the window, I saw…flying refrigerators? The school started to evacuate the building. Swarms and swarms of people all trying to exit the building, the refrigerators weren’t interested in us. But what it was interested in was the technology, the robots started to eat the metal and the technology, like they were sandwiches or something. Even though they seem harmless enough, eating the machines was not a good thing. I got a message on my phone from Tom-

“Is it just me or there are fire breathing robot ants flying around, if so meet at the warehouse-Tom.” I quickly messaged my mom saying that I was ok and that I was going to shelter at a warehouse. When I finally got outside I started to run towards the warehouse. It was then that I sent a quick message to the group chat of Tom, Mark, and I.

“Not just you Tom, running towards the warehouse. See you then- Sammy” I sprinted towards the warehouse, the whole time though Optipars was on and I could see it identify dozens of materials that I could use for some type of transportation. I wasn’t going to spend the time making a hover bike, but then came up something else that caught my eye.


The whole power grid for the school shut off. I could hear down the hall that Mr. Rick quickly forgot about the crashing at the front door and is running down the hall way yelling

“MARK! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THIS TIME?” I wasn’t about to try to explain how I didn’t do anything. This is why I took my Aerocard and escaped out of the school by jumping out of the window. Thankfully Mr. Rick’s office was on the first floor of the school. It was then when I got the message from Tom, my old friend from elementary school.

“Is it just me or there are fire breathing robot ants flying around, if so meet at the warehouse-Tom.” Shortly after receiving that message my other friend Sammy replied to the message.

 “Not just you Tom, running towards the warehouse. See you then- Sammy” I knew that we were going to have to go to the warehouse, this was because if I went home my parents would just drive me back to the school to give me in to Mr. Rick. I was sure that they knew about the hacking thing by now. I sent my own message

“Didn’t see any flying ants yet, what that about. Anyways I’m coming to the warehouse, see you there- Mark”.  As soon as I sent that message I then saw it. The giant robot ant that Tom was talking about. I quickly sent another message,

“Never mind, I see the flying ant-Mark.”  I then ran towards the warehouse, knowing that Sammy, and Tom would be there.


I opened the abandoned warehouse door. Sammy, Mark, and I would always come here to play when they were little kids. Needlessly to say this was the place they would meet at when they wanted to meet up. The warehouse was abandoned a long time ago, since it was to hold old machines and parts.  The old parts and machines were still in the warehouse.

 I sat in the warehouse, waiting for Sammy and Mark to come to the warehouse. I don’t know how and why that the robots appeared but it is not good. If the robots keep this up then we do not have anywhere else to go. The earth below us is destroyed and if we get kicked out of our homes then the whole of humanity would be doomed. My eyes went wide as I realized what the dangers of these flying robot ants actually mean.


I was the second one to arrive at the warehouse. When I got there I saw Tom sitting near the entrance of the warehouse. We exchanged greetings, “How are you!” and the “Haven’t seen you in a long time” type of thing. I scanned the warehouse with my Optipars and saw a strange machine that I could make under the name “Quantum Time Machine.” I was curious so I looked the machine up in the data base in the Optipars. The original machine was made by a reported “mad scientist”. He mysteriously disappeared after he apparently “built a time machine”. He was considered a fraud and then was never to be seen again.

 After they went into his home to try to find him, they found the blueprint for the time machine and now it is on the database. My eyes got wide over the information that I found out. I talked to Tom about that information that I had found out and we both agreed to try out the Quantum Time Machine. This was because we figured out that if the time machine works then we could actually stop the robots from invading. Maybe even stopping the whole revolution from happening.


When I had finally reached the ware house it was getting dark. Surprisingly when I get there Sammy and Tom were busy working on some sort of machine contraption.

“Hi guys, what are you working on?” I questioned.

“Mark! How are you?” Tom said to me.

“Fine as always, how are you Tom?” I replied. After some more greeting I asked at what they were doing with the machine. “It’s a Quantum Time Machine, Mark we are building it because apparently maybe if this thing works then maybe we could actually stop this whole robot invasion and maybe stop the revolution and return the earth to its original state.” Sammy explained to me.

“Is there any way I could help?” I asked.

“Sure, just hand me that part behind you.” Sammy replied. We spent another 2 hours working on the Quantum whatchama call it. When it was finally done, the whole machine was like a giant massage chair with panels and a sealing door. “Let’s go see if this thing actually works” Sammy muttered.


“Well, is it done Sammy?” I asked.

“According to these plans the whole machine should be done.”

“Well let’s go try it out” Mark eagerly jumped up and down. The machine was humming with energy as Sammy turned the machine on.

“Well at least the thing turns on…” Sammy commented.

“Well what are we waiting for lets go.” I said. Sammy pulled a lever, and the hatch door opened. There was enough space for 3 in the machine, and we all got in the machine. “So what is the plan?” Sammy asked.

“The plan is that we all go back in time before the war, and we try to stop the war from happening.” I said.  Sammy then inputted some numerals into the control panel on the wall of the time machine.

“Okay, we should be ready to go.” Sammy announced.

 “Okay, it’s now or never right?” I said. Sammy got ready to press the button to go.

 “3, 2, 1” Sammy started to count down. All I saw next was flashing of lights, I then lost all feeling of my body as we traveled back in time.


The ride was like going on a roller coaster at the speed of light. When the ride stopped, we were sitting in the machine.

“Did it work? Or all the machine does is makes crazy lights and makes you nauseous” Tom asked. Sammy pressed some buttons on the panel to open the hatch of the machine. As the door hissed open we saw that we were in a warehouse. It wasn’t the warehouse that we were in at Newhaven, but it was still a warehouse. Stepping out of the machine cautiously I peeked out to see if anyone saw us. As there was sunlight pouring from the windows. I saw a green sign that said EXIT on top of the door. I signaled the sign for Sammy and Tom and we all exited the warehouse.


We entered the bright sunlight of the past world. I and Mark immediately saw the giant city around us. Buildings around us towered towards the sky. It was strange for us to see this amount of land around us. This was because usually all of the building that were on Newhaven was a lot more vertical then flat. We walked around the streets, wondering what we would do to stop the war. We saw posters and writing all over the walls. “STOP THE WAR” “peace not war” it was clear that everyone in the nation wasn’t happy with the war.

“Maybe we can use this to our advantage when we are trying to stop the war that will destroy the world. Mark was sitting on the ground typing some things onto his laptop.

“What are you doing Mark?” Sammy asked. He replied with,

“Finding where we are and how we are going to talk to the president of the United States of America.”

“Why would we want to do that?” I asked. “Because if we can convince him to stop the war then lots of the other countries would follow suit.” Mark replied with a straight face. “So we are currently In Wisconsin we need to get a plane to Washington D.C to talk to the president.” Mark announced this to the group as we could hear an explosion from inside the warehouse.


“Well there is no going back now” I solemnly told Tom and Mark. The machine was destroyed completely, the thing was on fire.

“No wonder that one scientist disappeared, he used his time machine and never came back.” Tom concluded. I went in the warehouse and started to collect materials that would be useful for later. I also found a handy dandy backpack to hold it all in. Mark went up towards a machine that had a sign that said ATM on it. He sat down next to it and started typing on his laptop. After a few minutes the machine started to spit out green pieces of paper. I was guessing that Mark somehow made the machine to spit out currency. 

“Why would we need that?” Sammy asked Mark. “We need to get on an airborne vehicle called a plane.” Mark said. He started typing on the laptop, and according to him the nearest “airport” is about 5 miles away.  We walked out into the streets and saw vehicles of different colors and sizes.

“These are probably the wheeled vehicles called “cars” Mark told us.

“How do you know all of this?” I asked Mark.

“I did some research because I got bored in class” He replied. So in about 2 hours Mark got us a ride to the “airport” and some food that he called “burgers”. On the plane I rested my head on the seat, and drifted off during the long plane ride.


We got out of the plane, we walked out of the airport and in 10 minutes driving towards the White House where the “president” lives.  We got out of the car that drove us to the White House and walked towards the main entrance.  Standing near the front entrance, I managed to hack into the security system, and made it so that the cameras that were all around the premises were making a looped footage of how normal everything was going to go. After that, we all went into the White House. Mark also pulled up a map of the White House on his phone, we started to go to the room that says “Presidents room”.

30 minutes later of sneaking around and running up and down stairs, opening restricted doors. Thanks to Tom who has an unusual lock picking ability. We were at the entrance of the “Presidents room”.

“This is it” Sammy said with an uncertainty tone. I opened the door and was presented with a man working with papers on the desk.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” he asked. He was about to press the button for security until I stopped him. “Mr. President I would like to ask you to stop this war”. He froze and looked at me uncertainty.  Then we explained our story, starting from Newhaven all the way to the robot ants.

The whole time Tom was reading the presidents thoughts. He then retorted whenever the president argued about the treats about ending the war.

“Considering that everyone in this nation wants what you want. I think that I would like to approve your request of ending this war.”  The president concluded.


After the president accepted our request something strange happened. My fingertips started to glow, as I looked at Sammy’s and Mark’s I saw that the same thing was happening to them too. My brain put the 2 things together and I stared at my friends wide eyed.

“We have to go now” I grabbed them both and ran out of the room. We ran out of the White House with more speed this time. As we ran outside of the Whitehouse, bodies continuously started to glow brighter and brighter every second. After we ran into an abandoned lot. I explained to them what is going to happen.

“We are going to disappear forever” I explained panicked.  This is because since the president is going to stop the war there would be no Newhaven. There is not going to be us, so we are going to disappear forever. Mark and Sammy looked shocked at this news.

“Well it was worth the thousands of people that we are going to save at Newhaven from the robot ants.” Mark said. Sammy agreed to this, and started to pull out supplies from her backpack and started to make something. 5 minutes later and she made a robotic ball that she called a recorder. We told our stories and our pasts, of Newhaven and the technological advances. It was then where we all disappeared to the stars with a bright flash.

“What do you suppose it is?” the man asked. He had found the recorder on the ground. He gave it to the security of the Whitehouse. They then passed it to some scientist at a lab where they would want to study this much more advanced system of recording.

“I don’t know but it has a very efficient power supply!” the scientist told the man. The scientist tapped the sphere and it whirred to life glowing. After a long pause the sphere started to play the recorded message.

“The year is 243 AR it has been 243 years since the revolution. Since then things have changed, a lot of things.”

The End

© Copyright 2020 KevintheCat. All rights reserved.

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