prison (inside myself)

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something i just came up with again comment are welcome good or bad i have only been writing for a year now so plz let me know what you thing critizism is awlways welcome as long as it will help me become better

Submitted: September 17, 2010

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Submitted: September 17, 2010



I look around
Its all black
Its all so confusing
Idk whats going on anymore
Its like im locked in a prison
Without any windows
Without a door
I don’t know if its light
Or if its dark outside
Idk what ppl are saying
How ppl are feeling
Idk how I feel
Im so lost
So confused
Idk what my emotions are anymore
Its like I lost control
Control over everything
That prison im locked in
Its job is to bring me down
To pull me lower than hell itself
To pull be to the dark depths of life
To prove to me that life is hell
I always wonder why im locked in here
I never could figure out why
Or where I was
Or what I was feeling
Till now
Now I know im the prison cell
Its my own heart that is the cell
Its my fault I feel like I do
Its all my fault
Its inevitable
Its impossible to escape
When its my own body
I never figured out why I do this
Do this all to myself
Its cause
Cause im lost in life
Lost in emotions
Not sure what I should feel
Not sure why things happen
Happen the way they do
Its all so crazy life is
I wish I could get out of this jail cell
I need out
I want out
I can’t stand this place any longer
I have to get out
B4 I go crazy
Wait its too late
Im already crazy
Im losing control
Im losing my life
Im losing my feelings
Idk whats going on
Someone plz save me
Show me the door
Get me out of my body
Show me how to gain control
Show me that I am myself
That what I feel is what I want to
Show me there is light in this darkness
Show me that im not crazy
Teach me what im doing
Teach me the way of life
Teach me how to control my emotions
Plz get me out of this cell
I beg…..
I need help…..
But do you care enough to help…..
Would if you could…….

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