Battle for humanity: Alberta

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A story i wrote based off of a dream i had, Enjoy!

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013




It happened so quickly, I stood up from my bed, changing quickly, my phone read, “I I think it’s a zombie!” I ran downstairs, I found a broom and got it stuck in a door, I smashed the head with my foot, adrenaline pumped through my body, the head snapped off, leaving a makeshift spear. I ran out of the house and down the street towards the train station, I saw a young man stumbling forward, he looked at me with blood on his face and came running towards me, I ran towards him and swung my spear, the tip caught the young man in the chest, making him stumble, I stabbed hard forcing the tip through his eye. The man fell to the ground. I moved in closer, and  immediately I could smell the decayed flesh, blood, and other smells, his face was decaying and his jaw split in two, the corpse oozed a black blood, its bones grew soft, and it seemed to melt away into a black puddle.

“Definitely a zombie,” I said as started running for the train again.

I arrived at the train and saw that one was just arriving, I hopped on, ready to go, I had no time to get a ticket. I sat anxiously on the train, tapping the makeshift spear against the floor, soon I reached Anderson station, I jumped off and ran for the bus, I waited for half an hour before it finally came. I climbed on.

“Excuse me sir, I need a ticket or change,” The bus driver said.

“I don’t have one,” I pointed the spear at him, “Drive.”

“Sir please-” He started.

“I SAID DRIVE!” I shouted touching the point of my spear to his neck, the zombies blood dripped down his neck onto his shirt.

“Ok,”he whispered as he stepped on the gas.

“Not fast enough come on!” I shouted, “I don't have time for this.”

The bus driver picked up speed.

As we neared the stop I saw a large zombie with thick arms, rushing towards the bus.

I hesitated, I didn't want to stop, and I figured we would meet it halfway.

“Driver go faster, go as fast as you possibly can!” I shouted, as I smashed the window, I cleared the glass out and started stepping out it. The bus driver turned and looked at me; I started to leap when the zombie hit the bus. I felt the bus flip over me, it was like I was in slow-mo, glass and chunks of metal, wheels, and the bus driver flew over me and into a lawn, I rolled midair and landed, rolled again, and grabbed my spear. I looked back and saw the zombie rip a sign out of the ground, it threw it at me, I bolted and dodged it, the sign crashed into a house, the residents stepped out and shouted, this caught the zombie’s attention, immediately it acquired a new target. I was so close, I heard a scream above me, blood curdling and ear shattering, it was the sound of a siren in a sound reflective room, a zombie had emitted the scream, it was jumping towards me with long sharp claws, it was nearing me, I stabbed with my makeshift spear, the point was driven through the corpse I tossed the zombie to the ground and removed my spear, I ran toward her house and saw two zombies hitting her door.

“HEY!” I shouted as I threw a rock at the zombies, they turned and stumbled toward me, I quickly dispatched them, and rushed for her door, I knocked hard, “Susannah! Susannah it’s me Quinten open up!” I shouted.

The door opened “Quinten! Are you ok?” Susannah asked.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I looked behind me and heard a soft growl, “Get inside now!” I shouted.

I got inside and slammed the door, locking it, and then turned to face Susannah.

“Oh thank god you're ok! I said grabbing her tight.

“Umm yea, Quinten you, you’re covered in black blood,” She said staring at my shirt and weapon.

“Yea it’s the zombies blood, come on, let’s go to your kitchen,” I said pointing down the stairs.

She led the way, and once inside her kitchen, I found a few larger knives, looked at them and decided they wouldn't be very helpful.

“Find me a backpack, or bag we need to pack some food,” I said already searching her fridge, and cupboards.

“Ok,” She said as she left the room.

She came back a few minutes later with an empty backpack; I put the few things I could find into it, some bread mostly.

“Good lets go, wake up everyone else, tell them to go to the school,” I commanded.

She did as she was asked, and returned once she was done.

“Now what?” She asked.

“Now we move out, we need to get to the train; I'm gunna meet a friend there.” I said opening my phone.

I found Sorin in my phone and sent him a message, “Meet me at Canyon meadows station now, and bring your knife and hammer,” It read.

We ran out the back door, I smashed into the fence hard, making it rock, I punched with all my might, breaking a hole in the wood, I ripped three planks off, and then grabbed Susannah’s hand and pulled her out of the fence and towards the train.

“Quinten your hand, it’s bleeding, and how do you expect us to make it anytime soon if we aren't on a bus, or taking a vehicle,” Susannah asked pulling my hand.

“Its ok, its fine, I’m fine, we will get a car then,” I replied.

I let go of her hand and ran up to a door, I smashed into it three times before it collapsed, a young man was on the other side.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing? This is gunna cost you! If you think-” I cut him off.

“Shut up! I need your car keys NOW! Give it to me or I will stab you and you can sit here and wait to die, and come back and feast on your children, how does that sound?” I shouted pointing my spear towards him.

“Excuse me! What kind of sick creep are you?” The man shouted back, he went to pull out a gun, but then stopped.

“Wh...Wha...what the heck is that!” He shouted.

I turned and saw Susannah hiding in some bushes, a zombie with a large tube going from its throat to its back was walking toward us. The zombie had green and yellow bubbles all over it, and its chest had what looked like a bubble filled with fire, it back had a liquid in it, the liquid started moving through the tube, and over the chest bubble, as it went over, it heated and turned to a gas, upon reaching its mouth it liquefied once more, and the zombie spat the liquid out.

“Crap! Duck!” I yelled, dropping , some of the spit caught me on the neck, I felt for any injury, and noticed that the liquid came off, and nothing happened, I turned to the man, he was not so lucky, the spit got his whole front, and now his skin turned dark, and immediately started to change.

“Gah! What the heck is happening?” He shouted.

“I don't know hold on,” I stabbed his stomach lightly, “Did you feel anything?”


“So its spit instantly infects whatever it hits, I guess I’m immune then, well I guess I’m going to have to kill you,” I said thrusting for his head.

“Wait!” He tried to say, but my spear plunged through his right eye, and deep into his skull, I kicked him off, and blood leaked out of the wound.

I searched him for keys, and when I found them I grabbed Susannah's hand once more and got into the first car that opened.

“Quinten, you killed him!” Susannah shouted as I started the car.

“I had too! He wasn't going to give me the keys, and after that thing spat on him he would've shot me, I had to kill him, and I had to do it from surprise too, it’s the only way!” I shouted as I pulled out of the parking spot.

“How do you know! After he saw that thing maybe he would have, besides he was still a person, and he might have had a family!” She said.

“What do I care, Susannah this is an apocalypse, a zombie one to be exact, I don’t really have time for everybody I meet, I care about my family, and my friends, once they are safe then I will worry about everybody else, but in a case like this you gotta look out for yourself and those you travel with, and right now my priority is getting us to safety and helping our families!” I snapped back.

“Well you kind of already failed at that! I mean I almost got spat on! Because you were arguing!” She started to cry.

“I!” I sighed deeply, “I’m sorry, you're right, I did fail, but listen Susannah, I promise-” I grabbed her hand,” That as long as I live I will protect you! And if I can I will protect others too, but you are my first priority.” She looked up at me.

“I’m scared Quinten, I’m scared, that someone I love will get hurt, or that you will be hurt trying to protect me, I’m scared of the zombies, and of being alone, I’m-” I kissed her, I held the kiss for as long as I could, and returned my attention to the empty road.

“Shhh don't be scared, I’m here with you, and I will never leave your side,”

She stared blankly at me for a moment then wiped her tears and looked ahead.

We had reached the train, and ran for the platform, we didn't have to wait long till one arrived. We go on and waited till we got to Canyon Meadows. I got off and saw Sorin with a bit of blood on him, as well as some of the spit, he held his knife close and had his hammer on his belt.

“Sorin! Man it’s good to see you!” I shouted, I smiled for the first time since seeing Susannah, after we hugged, he pulled out his hammer.

“Want it?” He asked.

“You know it!” I answered grabbing the hammer; I put it into my belt.

“So this must be Susannah,” Sorin said.

“Yep,” I said holding her again.

“Nice to meet you,” They both said at once.

We all laughed, but our reunion was short lived, we heard a crash, I looked into the building, and saw a large zombie crashing through the escalators.

“Crap, get ready, we are gunna trap it in the train,” I whispered.

I grabbed Susannah’s hand, and waited.



“3....... NOW!” I shouted, we all jumped out of the way, just as the zombie crashed into the train.

“RUN!” I yelled again, running into the building.

We started rushing up the stairs, we had gone up 6 stairs and was now on a flat platform, a quarter way up the flight, when we heard a noise, I looked back and saw the zombie, rip the train car off, and throw it into the building, it crashed through the glass doors, and then smashed into the wall igniting and falling apart.

“Keep going!” I shouted.

We got outside and ran for my house, we got there and slammed the door as we entered.

“Excuse me Quinten what do you think you are doing bringing friends over at 1 in the morning!” I heard my dad say.

“DAD! Get everybody somewhere safe, like, the school! go to the school, then barricade the doors, I’ll be sending more survivors there so get ready to let them in, and whatever you do, don't get bitten, or spat on!” I shouted pushing past him to the kitchen; again I found what little food I could and put it in the backpack.

“Here take this, I will pick up food as I go, and see that it gets to the school,” I said giving him the backpack

“Tell me what in the world is going on!” He shouted.

“One word, Zombies” I looked at him, he looked as if he didn't believe me, but then he saw the blood.

“Its black, blood should not be black,” He said

“No crap, its cuz it is zombie blood,” I spat.

“Fine we will do what you ask, but what about-” I cut him off

“I'm going to get more people; I need to warn the rest of the families in our ward.

“Hmmm ok, I know nothing I say will change your mind, I’ll see you later at the school,” my dad said giving me a hug, I gave the rest of my family hugs as well, and then they left.

Me, Sorin, and Susannah left out the back door, we smashed through my back fence, and started up the hill. At the top I sighted the large zombie again.

“Dang it this thing is a pain in the butt, I’m about ready to kill it,” I spat as I pulled out the spear and hammer.

“Don’t do anything stupid Quint-” I smiled.

“Too late!” I ran towards the large zombie.

I ran up the hill, the zombie saw me and ran down towards me, it swung its fists, but I was too fast, I slid underneath it, and turned and leaped up onto its back. The zombie span and thrashed trying to knock me off, but I held on tight, it tried to grab me, but I just swung around to its front, avoiding its thick powerful hands. I took the spear, and stabbed it into the zombies eye, its hands shot for the eye, I smacked them with the solid gold hammer, its hands fell back for a moment, I took the chance to finish it, I pulled myself up to the top of its head, and hammered the spear deeper, the zombie collapsed, dead.

“Wow good job man, you killed it, and I got it all on video, it’s already on YouTube!” Sorin said patting me on the back.

I pulled the spear out, and nodded.

“Sweet I’m gunna be famous, let’s go,” I said sarcastically.

We kept moving, and we neared my friend Meghan’s house, I jumped over the railing and knocked on the door, after a few minutes it didn't open. I tried one more time. Finally I kicked the door down; this woke the whole family up.

Meghan and her sister Gillian were the first to come out. They looked half asleep half irritated.

“What the heck Quinten! What are you doing?” Meghan snapped.

“Yea I was sleeping!” Gillian mumbled.

“Well now you're not, which is good, you guys need to get to the school NOW! My dad is already there with my family, so get moving.” I shouted, trying to wake them up.

“Who do you think you are breaking into our house and then telling us to leave and go to the school?” Meghan shouted, she glared at me obviously upset.

“Listen I don't have time for this Meghan! Dang it, why does everybody have to be so uptight! There are zombies outside, and they will kill you, ok? I just killed a huge one, I don't know how many, or what kinds there are, but I do know they are dangerous, and that the school is the safest place right now! So unless you want to die here, and then get up to eat brains forever then get your butt moving to the school!” I yelled relentlessly.

“You don't need to yell,” Gillian yawned.

“Yes I do! Cuz otherwise nobody listens!” I snapped.

Just then the rest of the family joined us.

“Quinten please, what is going on?” Meghan’s mother said.

“There are zombies and you need to leave, I don't want your family to die, you all mean too much to me! So I need you to get to safety!” I said softly.

I turned and heard a zombie, it was another one of the jumping ones, it leaped past Sorin and towards Meghan.

“NO!” I shouted tossing my spear, it caught the zombie in the chin and knocked it to the floor; I pulled the spear out, and smashed its head in with my hammer.

“Is that enough for you guys!” I shouted again. They nodded.

“THEN RUN! I snapped.

They all ran out the door after gathering some food, Meghan wouldn't look me in the eye, and Gillian poked me as she left.

“GAH! Really, even during a zombie apocalypse!” I shouted after squealing.

“Yea you were way too serious, it’s not like you,” Gillian shouted as she got into their van, I smiled, and then laughed.

We asked them to pick up another family from our ward on their way, they agreed, so we started towards the train to go to the N.E.

“So next up my friend Jheteas,” I said.

“What about Matt?” Sorin asked.

“Crap, text him and tell him to take his swords to Scarlett, give him directions,” I said.

“Ok sounds good,” Sorin said pulling out his phone.

We got on the train and started towards the north, once we arrived at downtown, we saw a large increase in the numbers of zombies. We had to fight our way to the transfer train. We also discovered that Susannah was also immune.

“Hey get in quick I don't want these doors open to long!” shouted the driver of the train.

We got in, and killed a few more zombies who snuck in with us, and the train left.

We got to rundle station and ran to Jheteas house; we arrived and saw Jheteas smacking a “Converter” as we called them (the spitting zombies) out a window.

“Hey Jheteas come on!” I shouted.

Jheteas ran down to the front yard.

“Hey man whats up, I see you have already killed your fair share of the dead!” he said.

“Yea, so I’m guessing you’re immune,” I said pointing at his face, as he wiped the spit from it.

“Ummm I don't know?” He said looking confused.

“Oh well looks like it, that thing that spat on you, we call it a converter, because its spit instantly turns whatever it hits,” I said.

“Oh ok, then yea I guess I am,” He answered; he was holding a metal bat covered in black blood.

“Where is the rest of your family?” I asked.

“I don't know actually, I’ve been texting them for a while now, where is yours?” He said as he pulled out his IPod,

“At Scarlett, tell everyone to go there, except you can come with me if you want I could use a black guy,” I said grinning.

“Yea yea whatever, I will come with.” Jheteas said rolling his eyes.

“So where to next?” Susannah asked, grabbing me from behind and resting her head on my shoulders.

“The school, we will rest the night and head out again,” I said, I walked over to a dead zombie, and found some keys, we checked every car till we found the right one, then we drove back to Scarlett.

When we arrived, we were surprised to see the number of people, we assumed that they were texted, or told about the school by others on their way.

“Dad! Dad where are you?” I shouted, then I saw him, my dad was sitting down, helping a wounded person.

“Good work dad, I knew it was wise to keep you here,” I said patting him on the back

“I'm busy, go talk to your mother,”

“Oh joy that will be fun,” I said rolling my eyes.

I was on my way to find my mom, when I saw Meghan, and Gillian talking to another friend of mine, Jonathan.

“Hey Jon! Good to see you made it, sorry I had to see if Jheteas was ok, and you're a man so I figured you would be ok,” I said as I gave him a bro hug.

“Yep, Aliesha got a text from Meghan, and we left as soon as we could, glad to see you are ok,” He answered.

“Yea, these things aren't so bad, even the special ones,” I said twirling my spear.

“Show off,” Jonathan laughed.

I laughed too, it was good to be with my friends, safe, for now.

“Hey I’m sorry,” it was Meghan.

“No worries, I understand, you were tired and it definitely looked bad, I’m sorry too, like Gillian said I was way too serious, I mean you didn't know what was going on,” I said frowning.

“I was afraid you would die, and I wouldn’t be able to apologize,” She said.

“I ain't dead yet, I still got people to protect,” I looked at Susannah and winked.

“OOOOOOh Quinten’s got a girlfriend!” Gillian teased.

“Oh shush up you!” I laughed, “I figure if the world is gunna end, im ending with a girl,” I said.

“Hmmmm I guess, so you kissed her yet? oh did you do it after saving her from a hundred zombies, or was it like in the movies when-” she was interrupted by Jonathan.

“I think you need to lay off the sugar and movies for a while,” We all laughed.

“Anyways I better get to my mom, she is probably dying of worry, see you guys later,” I said waving as I walked away.

I found my mom with my four sisters.

“Hey mom!” I said as I ran and hugged her.

“I love you so much mom, sorry if I worried you,” I held on tight.

She tried to talk, but I couldn't understand her, because of how hard she was crying.

“I will translate,” Tricia cleared her throat, “Yes you worried me, I was worried sick, dont you ever do that again, I was so scared, with those monsters out there its like one of your stupid games, only its not a game and you could die, what would I do if I lost you,” She took a breath, “ And if you ever think that I will let you go again you have another thing coming, you are staying with me!” we all laughed.

“Sounds about right,” I said, I felt bad for Tricia, Will, and Jacob, as they came down just a day before the zombies came.

“So I hear you have become quite the zombie slayer,” Tricia said.

“Yea, there are a bunch of special ones though, that are tougher, we named them all.

“Oh yea what are they” She asked interested.

“Well you have the converter, they instantly turn anything they spit on into zombies, but only that part, in order to fully turn you, they have to spit on your head. Then you have, the sirens, they are these zombies, that scream really really loud, and high, then when you get frozen from it, they leap at you from the shadows, and their claws are really sharp. Then you have what I like to call the Brutes, they are huge zombies, super strong, kind of fast, and really hard to kill,” I said making images in the air with my hands.

“Woah, and you have killed one of each?” She said.

“Yep,” I answered grinning.

“AWESOME!” She shouted hugging me, and asking me about each of my special kills, I told her everyone in detail, her face changing often.

After finishing I declared that I needed to sleep, but first I wanted to say goodnight to everybody. I went off and found Meghan, Gillian, Alicia and Jon getting ready for bed.

“Gnight guys, Sleep well,” I said.

“Gnight man,” Jon said pounding my fist.

“Gnight Quinten,” Meghan said softly.

“Gnight! don't let the zombie bugs bite!” Gillian called out from her sleeping bag.

I laughed as I walked away.

I found Jheteas, drinking a pop from the vending machine.

“Gnight man,” I said.

“Gnight, I think I might keep watch for a bit,” He said swinging his bat around.

“Ok, you do that..... cuz you're black,” I said winking and laughing.

“What ever, you better hope I don't get killed, and turn, cuz then you will have to deal with a black zombie,” He called as I walked away.

Finally I found Susannah, she was sitting by the window, beside her, her best friend was already asleep.

“Hey-” I stopped, she was crying again.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

“Look, the zombies, they are destroying the city, and I heard on the radio, that a group of people set up a wall around alberta, they are destroying anything that tries to get in, and killing anyone who tries to get out,” Susannah said.

“Yea, its pretty bad, but we are alive, and well, and look how many people are here, as long as we are careful we will be ok for at least a little while,” I said rubbing her back.

“This is not how I wanted to die Quinten! I didn't want to die this young, or by being eaten! this is crappy, I hate it, its not fair, why did this have to happen to us?” She started to sob now, I grabbed her tight, and kissed her forehead, I put my head on hers.

“I don't know, maybe it is to make us stronger, or maybe its a punishment for something, who knows, what I do know is that we have to be strong, and fight to survive, we can't give up, then what would we be, it would look really bad if we just gave up,” I said.

“Easy for you to say, you aren't scared, you don't feel anything, you are probably feeling as calm as the waves of a beach on a hot still day, you aren't worried about things like I am,” She said pulling her head away.

“You're right, but still you have to try, come on, I’ll be right here with you the whole time, I promise, you are my motivation, so please don't give up,” I said now starting to cry for the first time in years.

“Ok, but Quinten, you can't leave me, ever,” She said looking at me.

“I promise,” I said kissing her.

We cuddled for a bit before falling asleep.

In the morning we were woken up by Jheteas.

“Dude get up! you have to see this,” He said pulling me to my feet.

Susannah got up and followed us to a window.

I was shocked by what I saw, Outside was a group of people, they had guns, and armor, they were in a jeep, and in the passenger seat was Matthew.

“Hello, there are negotiations of allowing three transport copters to come, it will take about a year to make a final decision, if you live till then, you can leave, if not well tough luck, goodbye!” He shouted, through a megaphone, the jeep drove away, crashing and shooting zombies as it went.

“Crap man,” Sorin said from behind us.

“I found Matthew,” I said.

We all returned downstairs, and found some people panicking while others celebrated.

I found my family amongst the celebrators, as well as Jonathan, Meghan and Gillian.

I walked up to the center of the crowd, and climbed onto a table.

“HEY!” I shouted, I got some attention but not enough.

“HEY LISTEN UP!” I shouted again. I got a few more eyes.

This time I took my hammer and smashed it into a chair, the loud snap of wood, caught everyones attention.

“Thank you, now listen here, me and Sorin, and Jheteas, are gunna go back out, we are gunna look for more survivors, we will also get more food, and necessities, all we have to do is survive for a year! I think we can do it, in fact I know we will do it! if everybody does their part we can survive, first things first, we need to set up a medical bay, also we need a system for how food and water distribution works, right now we still have full access to water, but we do not know how long that will last. Now I am going to leave soon, so it is up to you guys to organize here, however, there are basic rules, and if you break them the punishment is to be exiled from the school! it may be harsh, but we have no room for people to cause problems.

These rules are: No stealing or taking more food or water then your amount for the day, no killing! if you kill someone you will be exiled if you assault someone you will lose your necessities for that day, no leaving the school, no matter what you cannot leave, me and my two friends here are immune, which is why we can go, if you really want to leave then you can go, but you are not welcome back, if you find that you are immune then you can come back, but know that you may not have the most warm welcoming. For now that is all, also show respect, we are in a severe time, and people are afraid, but we need to stick together, and lean on each other if we are to survive, so stay out of trouble and be friendly, that right now is key to survival! good luck here, we will now take our leave, thank you for your time!” I finished my speech, and walked through the crowd, many of which were applauding.

“Wow good job!” Susannah said kissing me.

“Thanks,” I grinned.

We left and started searching, while we were searching downtown, we heard a few shots fired off.

“Shh get low,” I whispered. I motioned for us to move forward, we sneaked into the area, we saw corpses everywhere, and a jeep.

“Matthew?” I whispered.

We saw a girl get up, she looked afraid, she stood and started running, a man jumped up with a gun.

“RUN GIRL!” I shouted, as I sprinted to the armed man, he turned and fired, but to quickly his first shots missed, and when he went to squeeze the trigger again it was too late, I threw my spear right into his left shoulder, he dropped the assault rifle, and pulled a knife.

I caught the knife with the back end of my hammer, and twisted, he kicked, I jumped back, then leaped forward bringing down the hammer, then I struck his back, he turned and stabbed my knee.

“GAH!” I screamed in pain. but kept swinging, my next hit caught his jaw, knocking him down again, I fell on top of him, pulled the knife out of my knee and held it to his throat.

“What is going on here? What happened,” I spat.

“Please don't kill me, I’m sorry, he ordered us to do it, he told us we needed more.

“More what?” I shouted.

“More, of.... the. z-” He stopped.

“Dang it! Come on!” I screamed. I stood up, took his knife sheath and put the knife into it.

“how is the girl,” I asked as I walked back to Sorin and Jheteas.

“She can tell you,” Jheteas said.

“Hi, my name is Sarah Marie Anders, nice to meet you, and thanks,” She said extending her hand.

“You're welcome, can you tell me what happened,” I asked as I shook her hand.

“Sure, me and my family were traveling to the school, when a jeep came driving up, inside was a few people who looked almost like soldiers, they called themselves the Cult of the Dead World. They opened fire on us, and killed us and the few zombies, then they brought in an APC and loaded the bodies onto it, then when it was full they left, and I was lucky enough to be left, along with Tali my friend,”  Sarah said.

“Well lets go to find her,” I said.

We went searching through the bodies, after a while we saw one move.

“Tali is that you?” Sarah shouted.

“Yea, is it safe?” Tali asked.

“Yes it is, you can come out now,” I said.

The girl stood up, and walked over to us, she brushed herself off as best she could.

“Hi my name is Tali Landra, nice to meet you,” She said shaking all our hands.

I saw spit on both her and Sarah.

“You guys are immune!” I shouted.

“Ummm are we?” they exchanged confused looks.

“Yes, we will take you back to a place that is safe, come on,” I said smiling.

On our way we found Susannah, and a few cops.

“Hey what's going on!” I said grabbing Susannah.

“We found this girl out here, said she was searching for a boy named Quinten, I think she has lost it, she was all balling and stuff,” the first cop said.

“Well im Quinten, so I will be taking her,” I turned to Susannah, “don't worry you will be ok.”

“We cant let you do that, sorry, we got to take her to the station,” The second said calmly.

“Excuse me, I dont think so, im going to be taking her,” I shot back.

The cops exchanged looks, and pulled out a few grenades, I assumed they were some form of smoke or gas, they both threw them to the ground, and I instantly felt dizzy.

“Take …... yes, no they live, we want......” I heard pieces of what they were saying, I shot forward with my spear and felt it stab through armor, I kept pushing till I fell, I knew I had killed one of them when he gasped, and blood poured onto my hand. I fell unconscious and the last thing I heard was three cries for help.


I woke up in the school, Jheteas was talking with Sorin.

“Hey you got the worst of it, I’m glad you are awake,” Sorin said.

“They figured out the system, just like you asked, we will be saved in a year, but first we gotta get those girls back,” Jheteas said helping me to my feet.

“Yea, lets go,” I wasted no time in getting dressed, and fed, I walked into the cafeteria and saw people getting their daily food. We suited up, and left as soon as my Dad would let us, I wanted to get a real weapon, so we hopped into a car and headed to my favourite  place Chinatown.

We got to Chinatown, and found that the zombies here had spread and mutated even further, we noticed a small path to the first sword shop, I ran for the path.

“Hi!” I said to the clerk as I ran past, the clerk had a sword on the table and three zombie heads on the wall.

“Do you need something? if so take it, I do not require money now,” The clerk said.

“Yes thank you, I appreciate it,” I said finding a katana that fit me, after finding the right one, I asked if he could sharpen it, and fit the sheath onto me.

“Of course, come here,” He answered.

We finished up there, and left for the police station, we figured if we could get help it would be there. As we neared the police station we saw the hordes of zombies, the number there were had grown substantially in the past two days, we got out of our car and started walking towards the station, and the zombies turned and started rushing towards us, I grinned, and pulled out my sword. I looked around, it felt like a game, me and my two buddies, out killing zombies, we stood in an epic stance, I held my katana like a semi-pro, the zombies came running and I started running too, I met with a normal zombie first, I slashed mid body, chopping it clean in half I then slashed at the neck of another, I caught three, black blood sprayed onto my blade and hand, I slashed again, I found myself smiling, taking pleasure in the feel of the blade slicing through the flesh, rotting muscle, and decaying bone, the blood was cold to the touch, and oozed over me as I cut through the corpses, I felt my blade stick to a zombie, and noticed it was a converter, I cut through the tube, and spit and boiling water splashed all over me, at first I was scared, I thought I would burn, but the spit evaporated, and the water cooled.

“Close one Quinten!” I heard sorin cry from a bit behind me.

I realized I was quite a bit ahead of Jheteas and Sorin, I slashed another, and then a Siren struck, the blade vibrated in my hand, and my fingers grew numb, the Siren leaped onto me, knocking me down, I caught its arms just in time, holding them inches from my face.

I realized that the Siren saw like a bat, I felt the sound waves creeping my body, and I saw his ears flinching too and fro as it saw me. The claws came a touch closer, I couldnt hear or see anything, my eyes were watering, my arms stiff, starting to cramp, I felt blood on my hand from squeezing so tight, blood came from my nose and ears as well. I smelt the breath of the zombie as it screamed in my face, the smell of garbage and corpse were powerfull, I felt my vomit coming up, I saw my life flash before my eyes, the drop of saliva, crept down my face, I finally had it, I thought of a way out, and remembered that it saw through its ears, I knew that it was immune to its own pitch and sound, but what about mine. I let out the loudest and lowest scream I could, the Siren flinched, and in its moment of weakness, I rolled it off of me, twisted its arm hard and snapped it off, black blood shot onto me, I used its own claws to cut his head into pieces, black blood squirted all over me, I was in a bloodlust, I cut the Siren open, spilling his insides and blood everywhere. I got up and tossed its arm to the ground and wiped the spit and blood off of my face.

“Quinten you ok man?” Jheteas said as he smashed the head of a Converter.

“Yea, im fine,” I said breathing deeply.

“Hey come on this door is only staying open so long!” We heard someone say.

We rushed for the voice, and saw a door open to the station, we got inside, and as soon as the door closed I threw up.

“Hey you ok?” A officer asked me.

“yea, sorry Zombie breath doesn't exactly smell like roses,” I said.

“that must have bin pretty scary eh?” Another cop said.

“No kidding,” I said again wiping my face.

“So what are you kids doing out here exactly?” The first cop asked.

“Well we are looking for food and survivors to send to Scarlett, and then we are looking for our friends, they got kidnapped.

“Oh, well that is very brave of you, I’m guessing you are immune?” The cop said.

“Yea we are immune, and thanks,” I said standing straight now.

“So what is your name son?” The cop inquired.

“Quinten Hamon, nice to meet you, what's your name and position?” I asked looking the cop in the eyes.

“haha I like a lad who can look me in the eyes, im Lt. Paul Richards, I’m actually a soldier, I was on leave here when this all happened,” He said showing an army badge, “I guess I’m not used to young boys standing straight and firm in front of me.”

“Well start barking orders and we will see how I do,” I said grinning.

“Ha! I bet you would do fine son, now I think we might just head on over to that school of yours, and take em all somewhere a little bigger,” Lt. Richards said.

“Like Centennial or B.O.B either is large enough, while also being easy to defend,” I said turning to a map of the city they had on a table.

“Thats just what I was thinking, if I take a few APC’s should that be enough to transport everyone?” Lt.Richards asked.

“Yeah probably, but you would also have to contact the “Wall” and let them know, as well as transport the food,” I said as I leaned against the wall.

“ok we will get that covered, thank you for informing us, we will start moving immediately, you guys go after your friends,” He motioned to a few officers, “I’ll send the two other surviving soldiers of my unit with you”.

Two men in soldiers uniforms came walking in.

“This is Private, Rick Samuels,” Lt.Richards said pointing to one, “And this is Captain Alec Rogers,” He continued.

“Nice to meet you boys,” The two said.

“Likewise, are you immune?” I asked.

“Yes, we are, now if we are accompanying you then I expect you to know that I will start giving the orders, and you will listen to me,” Capt.Rogers said firmly.

“Well captain, I don't know about these two,” I motioned to Jheteas and Sorin, “But I will listen as long as you are giving good orders, I am not about to give up leadership just cuz you are here, I bet I know a million times more about the zombies and this city then you do,” I stomped once and looked him in the eye.

“I’m following Quinten, so if he leaves so do I,” Sorin said.

“Ugh, Quinten you know I won't leave you, sorry Cap but I’m with him,” Jheteas sighed.

“Fine then Pvt. Samuels can go with you, and I will stay with the Lieutenant,” Captain Rogers said.

“So be it,” I said.

“Wow, you really are like a soldier, hah! I would love for you to be in my unit, I’m really starting to like you son, good luck on your search,” Lt. Richards said, laughing.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir, good luck Sir,” I said saluting him.

“Excuse me, can I come with you guys, I dont wanna follow a bunch of children,” Pvt. Samuels said.

“Fine we don't need you,” I said nodding.

“Ok sounds-” Lt. Richards was cut off by a sound, we all turned, the door was being bashed, it sounded like no more than a few Zombies, nothing special. then I saw Capt. Rogers grab his arm.

“Captain, can you lift your sleeve please,” I said grabbing the handle of my katana.

“What? ok fine,” The captain slowly lifted his sleeve, then his hand started moving to his gun. Everything was a blur, I swung my katana fast, it sliced clean through his shoulder, his arm and gun dropped, and if saw the hole in the Privates, leg; The captain missed.

“Quinten, What the heck is going on here!” Lt. Richards commanded, pulling out his pistol.

“He was a zombie, well infected, not immune,” I said cooly.

“Can you prove that?” Richards asked.

I walked over to the captain and stomped hard on his chest, then cut off his other arm.

He screamed in pain. I lifted up the arm, and pulled up the sleeve, showing not only a bite, but also a faint corruption growing.

“If he were immune that would not happen,” I explained.

“This was a Converter, it must have bit him then spat, my guess he will fully convert in about a day, the spit instantly turns whatever it hits, so since it went inside his blood, he will be converting much quicker than a normal bite,” I finished.

at that instant, he snapped, I nearly avoided his gaping jaws, I smashed his head into the ground, and turned to the Private, who launched himself at Jheteas. Jheteas smacked him hard, and sorin stabbed him in the head.

“Wow, so we had infected here all along, scary thought, thanks Quinten,” Richards said as he holstered his gun.

“No problem Lt.,” I said.

“Lets get going, good luck guys.

We left at the same time, and I took a police cruiser in replacement of the old car we drove to the station.

“Can't believe we just killed a soldier, what the heck is this world coming too,” Sorin said cleaning his knife.

“Well as far as we know, nowhere else is infected, and the wall should protect the outside,” I said.

We drove for about an hour, picking up three more survivors, all of them we checked, from head to toe. We drove back to B.O.B as instructed by Lt. Richards, as we decided to use the YMCA as well as the school. When we arrived we saw that everyone was working rather well together.

“Hey Quinten, welcome back!” Said Jon as he ran up to me.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Wait where is Susannah?” He said looking worried.

“She got nabbed, and I’m going to save her,” I said again, my face straight.

“I tried to stop her, said it was a bad idea, I swear!” Gillian said running up.

“Yea but she wouldn't listen to us,” Meghan said walking towards us.

“It’s ok, I will save her, I promise,” I said again, smiling this time, it was fake of course, but I hoped that it could be something for the people who saw me as a leader.

“Hey Quinten! I see you got a few more survivors send em over here to register!” Lt. Richards shouted.

I nodded and they went to him.

“I can't believe you found a Lt. and managed to get him to help us!” Jonathan said.

“Yea, I mean he was bragging to your dad about you, how brave and firm you were, and how you caught those two soldier zombies!” Gillian said poking me.

“Yea, can you stop that, one of these days a zombie is going to see-” Meghan interrupted me,

“What and start tickling you to death? Right,” She laughed.

We all laughed, it was so good to be with my friends, I looked over to the people who were mourning over Susannah’s disappearance. as well as Meghan and Jons families.

I went to comfort them, after making a bunch of promises, I decided to head back out, I knew I needed to find them and soon. it went like this for a few months, I got no where, no tips, no progress, just more and more survivors, but no Sarah, Susannah, or Tali. Finally I got some good news.

“Hey Quinten I got a tip on the whereabouts of you Girlfriend,” Lt. Richards said, “Some of my scouts say they saw a Jeep with three girls driving from the wall, they say they are headed to scarlett. meet them there, I’ll come with, just in case.”

I nodded, and suited up. I met Sorin, Jheteas and Lt. Richards outside.

“Wait!” It was Jon.

I turned around and saw Jon, Meghan, Gillian, and a few other people.

“Yea?” I asked as they came to a stop.

“Go get her man, and kick the kidnappers but for me!” Jon said smiling. we high fived and I looked at everyone else.

“What he said!” Gillian said.

“Yea, if you're really a gentleman like you always said, then you will save her no matter the cost,” Meghan said with a challenging grin.

I lifted my fist, “Challenge, accepted,” I said bringing my fist down with a grin.

I went through and hugged and promised things to a few more people, and left.

We were getting close to Scarlett, we took an APC and a few extra people with guns, we got there first and set up an ambush.

“Ok if things start looking ugly, we will help you out ok?” Lt. Richards said.

“Sounds good,” I replied.

After a few minutes a Jeep came pulling up, inside were four armed men, and three girls, I recognised two as Sarah, and Tali, but did not see Susannah.

“Hail, how are you? we come from the Cult of the dead world, And we request the life of Quinten Andrew Hamon, if you hand him over now, we will let these girls go!” The driver said after everyone stepped out.

“Hey im good, sadly you guys are about to be dead, because I am not gunna

give myself over, instead I will take your lives as payment for getting the girls to begin with,” I said drawing my katana.

“Hah you think your stupid sword can harm us, we have guns!” The man pulled

out an assault rifle, “Open fi-” He was cut off by the Lt.

“FIRE!” He roared, Guns fired off, immediately three of the men were shot down, the fourth jumped to the back of the jeep and held the gun to Sarah’s head.

“NO!” Sorin yelled.

“What wrong you like this girl huh? I will kill her, unless you kill Quinten.,” The man said.

“Man she is hot, and I wanna get to know her, I actually might like her, you know not just wanna sleep with her,” Sorin whispered the last bit, I couldn't help but grin.

“Just let her go, please,” I commanded.

“Fine I will shoot her,” He said.

Sorin pulled out his hammer, “Wait!”

“What?” T

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