My thoughts on video games and todays generation!

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This is like an article i guess

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



Ok so first off. this is what i think about video games/books/movies, as i had an argumant with a teacher of mine where they said that ALL video games, and non-educational books had no meaning, morals, or lessons, he also said that they mostly taught bad things not good. So i am going to put down a few games/books and what they taught me, and i want your oppinion on this! please comment!

So im gunna start with one of my all time favourite games, Chrono trigger for snes! (and ps1 and ds) So first off im going to say this was an AMAZING game, so to start the things it taught me, hmmm lets see one of the major things, is chivallry, the main character is a very good gentleman, he constantly puts others ahead of himself, even to the extent of risking his life and going into something that he has no idea where it will lead so that he can save a girl he just met, this game teaches me selflessnes, and it teaches me trust, in the game *SPOILER ALERT!!!!*

The character Frog starts out not really trusting the team, but then when you prove that you are trust worthy, he trusts you, and that trust turns him into a valuable ally, also i learned from this game that no matter what someones past, they always disserve a second chance, one of the characters you can get used to be your enemy but is now an ally, it is because the team gives him a second chance, and he proves to them it was the right choice. So along side that i learned about friendship and loyalty, about standing for what you believe and standing for you and your friends!

Next im going to talk about a book series called:World of Warcraft War of the anciants.

In this book the main characters are an unlikly group, it consists of 3 elves and an orc, this group aids the humans and elves in defeating the demons who threaten to wipe out the world. This book taught me not to be predjudice or racist, that all people no matter their gender or colour, or nationallity, are still people. they have feelings, famalies, and most of all they have a soul, they have a life! something to lose, something that should be a pleasent thing not a nightmare! i saw through this book, that being a friend to all and that not being racist or predjudice can get you somewhere in life, it will help you, their will be different coloured people everywhere you go, you just have to get used to it and be a friend to them. I also learned about loyalty and dilligince, in this series many times they could have given up because things were looking bad, however they were loyal to eachother, and the world, and they stayed diligint and did their job, trying to find a solution rather then sulking over failiure. I failed my grade ten math, and cant take it in first semester grade 11, this means that my whole school career is set back a step, but i thought about this book and rather then giving up like i could have, i instead though hard about those i needed to do this for, me, my parents, my future wife and kids, they all are depending on this, so i found a solution and am working to it.

Angel beats: One of my fav animes lol, this show is amazing, i really learned about love and caring, about a selfless, and humble personality, about the pains people go through and how to help them deal with it. In this series the main character died because his train was in a crash, he was a doctor and rather then treating himself and living, he instead went and helped rescue everyone else, then he organized them, and took care of them first. Finally as they were rescued he died from a fatal wound that he never looked at. He showed an ultimate example of sacrifice and love for others, he didnt even know them and yet he cared enough to die to allow them to live. In this series, the people are dead and in a place where people with crappy lives go to have good lives so they can move on to heaven. The main character helps the rest to move on so they may all return to heaven(or back to another life) and not till the end when he is all thats left does he finally move on. This taught me friendship,sacrifice, humility, good pride, and most of all it taught me to care for all.

Finally another WORLD OF WARCRAFT book, this one is about the orcish invasion on the land of azeroth. This book taught me not to judge, in the book the orcs are kicked off their planet, cursed, and slaughtered. so they come and try to find land on azeroth, however the humans judge them, and assume they are barbaric beasts, so they attack and do not even try negoitating, and due to that thousands of humans and orcs, all with families, kids, spouses, etc. died! and all though it isnt as severe in my everyday life, there are times when i judge someone even though i do not know what they are like or what they have bin through. And it is not my job to do so, i do not have a right to put people down due to their appearence or initial attitude, i have to give everyone a chance. I learned THAT from this book, i had never really though about it till reading this book!

So that concludes my article, tell me what you think, am i right or wrong, do you think that games and books/shows, actually arnt as bad as teachers and elders make it out to be? tell me examples of things that you learned from a game/book/show/movie. Thx

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