A Last Promise

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A little girl and her brother play ending with a tragic accident.

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



I danced through the night lettingmy brother pull me along wih him. He whispered," there's a lightning bug, Mellie." I chased after the glowing inset trying to capture it between my hands.

Paul came to my help and I watched my brother of sixteen years slowly approach the firefly and catch it. I gasped with amazement at the bug in his hand. "Okay Mellie,if you want to hold it you have to be very careful not to squish it," he told me.

I smiled at him. "I promise Paul!" I said in my eight-year-old voice. The firefly crawled fromhis fingers to mine.I giggled as he legs tickled my palm. It blinked its yellow light every few seconds.

We sarted walking over to the other side of the street where my mommy was. I firmly held Paul's hand as he reminded me to look both ways. "i know Paul! You look right then left then right again! Mommy told me that's how you don't get hit by cars," I said.

He smiled. "That's right Mellie!"

On the other side, I looked back behind me. "Paul, my teddy!" I whined. A floppy bear with matted hair laid in the middle of the road.

He gasped too "Oh-no!" he said. "I'll go get it, but you stay here. Okay?"

I nodded, my eyes worried for my teddy.

Paul crossed the road without first looking both ways. He leaned down to pick up the bear. I didn't even have tim to yell "Paul, watch out!" as the speeding car hurled his body over the hood.

I turned my head before I see the sickening impact and looked down at my hands. I was suprised to see my diamond tear drops mixed in with the luminescent green that the squished firefly left.

I couldn't even keep a last promise.

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