I can tell you that I love him

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I can tell you that I love him...
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Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



I look out the window pressed tightly against it,

My thoughts flutter away to one thing,

No matter how many times I try to remove the thoughts,

They come back like a sweet ache that will never stop,

I love him more than you could possibly imagine or know,

But so many others think they deserve him better though,

Maybe they do, or maybe not I’m not the judge of that at all,

To keep him with me is a competition within itself,

 I may not know his past too well,

I sometimes forget the things he likes, but I try my best,

Isn’t that enough? I wish all those people who complain that,

I don’t love him, and that someone else knows him better,

For once looked in my heart, and maybe then they’ll,

Realize his name, his words, his actions are carved in my,

Heart, and there they shall remain, until it stops,

I love him more than I can tell you, but I’m still getting,

To know him more, and more, no I may not be able,

To tell you what he use to do as a kid clearly, but I can tell,

You this, every tear that falls from his face and causes him pain,

I want to wipe away and replace it with a smile,

Every time he hurts, I wish I could take the pain for him,

Everyone complains I’m wasting my time that he isn’t worth it,

He’s just not right, they say he cheats but do they think I care?

The memories he gives me become my keepsake,

 But they don’t know what I feel for him,

They never might, he’s the only thing I have that I hold so tight,

So yes it hurts to think how much it would kill,

To not have him near, and away for good, and all those times,

You’ve told me he’s not worth it, but can’t you see he’s

More than worth it, so for all of those who want to disagree,

Think about this way, are you trying to prove your point

Or do you really care about me?

There’s not much more that I can tell you,

Putting who he is in words is impossible to do,

I could tell you he’s amazing, breath taking, and so much more,

But those words wouldn’t do justice to his perfect soul,

His smile brightens up my day,

His touch lets me breathe, and his words set me free,

His eyes are dark blue and shine like a diamond,

Yet even the grey touch of his eyes, sparkle like the stars in the sky,

But all these words that come from me mean nothing,

In the end they seem fake but only I know much they mean inside my heart to me,

I could not imagine how many things anyone else could tell you about him,

So I can only leave you with this, believe it or not,

But this is the only thing I can tell you about him and that is…

I love him, for once in my life I am so sure,

I can tell you that I love him


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