Mail is about me getting weird stuff in the mail i would requrie this to be read to kids around the ages 9 and up


By: Kristina Treloar

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, when I woke up. The sun was out the birds were chirping and everything was just right. I went downstairs and ate a breakfast that I made myself. When I was getting dress after taking a shower I heard someone at my door. I guess by the time I got downstairs the person had left because all there was only a box. I was very nervous but curious of want is inside. When I opened the box there was a book. While flipping through the book I noticed there was nothing in the book. I couldn’t figure out what it meant. I looked it up online what it could mean but there was nothing about it. Throughout the day I keep getting this weird stuff in the mail. One time I got this picture of a cemetery I thought it was a threat but I didn’t call the police or anything. It was like midnight when the mail stopped. The next day there was a man that kept driving by my house and only look at my house. I also kept hearing stuff in my attic and basement. Toward 10:30pm I got this note saying “I can see you but you can’t see me”!! There was no address, no phone number, just a note that said that. I was going to turn on my light in my hallway but the power went out, then I went to call the police I saw that my phone line was unplugged and when I went to call the police on my phone it was dead but it was charging all night and when I checked it this morning it was fully charged. When I was going upstairs to my attic to get my flashlight and some candles I saw something moving around like a shadow of a person but “how could there be a shadow without a light” I thought out aloud then all of sudden the attic light started to flick but how could the light come on if the power was out? For the rest of the week I kept getting weird stuff in the mail again stuff I don’t want to discuss. One day it was raining and I went to get my dog from under the deck and I kept getting this weird feeling that someone is watching me, when I went into the shed to get some toys so I could get dog from under the deck I kept hearing stuff moving around in my shed, I could see want it was because I had no flashlight. When I finally got my toys and I found some lightthat would work to see under the deck.I looked under the deck and shone the light around everywhere and I honestly thought that I saw a dead body sitting up looking at me. When I went inside to get an umbrella I saw my dog sitting on my couch but how in the right mind could she have gotten inside if I didn’t leave the door open. I went to test the light and look at my phoneso I called the police and when I was looking for all the notes and pictures and stuff everything was gone!! How could thisbe I left everything in my top draw beside my bed in my nightstand. When the police came they thought I was a lair and crazy. They even offered me to go to a crazy home but I rejected. The day after the police left everything started again. I never found out who the person was or anything and I never lived happily ever after again.

Submitted: September 24, 2011

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