Within the Dream of a Dying Star

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The Sun remembers the life it had during the final thoughts before death.

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



All life comes to an end. Sun knew this and lamented what little time remained. Surrounded by their children, it had watched them grow and produce children of their own, and in recent years, watched them sink into despair. They never spoke of it, but both child and parent, planet and star, knew the end would come soon.

Sun remembered the three children they lost at the humble age of twenty when they gained incredible weight, and regretfully, killed the planets during the expansion. The one consolation is that all their grandchildren had moved on and emigrated to other parts of the galaxy.

Every day for the next twenty years, they feared collapse from the mass it carried and bring an end to all that they loved. Instead of a sudden, destructive collapse, Sun instead shrunk and grew in density. Unlike some of their cousins, they had reached old age.

While still in their prime, a star that lived a couple of systems away was devoured by a great serpent leaving the child planets to disperse and fend for themselves. The fate of those planets was never known by Sun, but it was sure that the family was forever torn apart.

Then, there were the twins in the system next door. They passed on only a few years ago but went out in a spectacular fashion; bright, like their life. In some ways, Sun envied their binary relationship. They embraced death together as one. Of course, counter to this was the pain of experiencing the end of your life partner intimately. Sun could not fathom how that must have felt; the crushing, twisting reality, the explosive energy and overwhelming pressure that brought them together in a cataclysmic embrace.

These were two of Sun’s closest friends, but as the saying goes, the brightest stars shine the shortest. And they were two of the most beautiful and brightest stars Sun had known. They were missed every day.

The world around Sun grew darker with each passing year. Friends and strangers grew old and passed on all the time, yet here they remained, a dimming dwarf ready to burn out and disappear.

Even though Sun knew that their children were still nearby, the decreasing light and energy made it so difficult to see them. Even simple communication was beyond them. Sun wondered if the planets had survived the diminished support they had provided over the past few years. It was not long now, the darkness threatened to overwhelm them. Only a fraction of their energy remained. Such a small insignificant fraction.

One. Two. Three more puffs and they could go on no more. The last vestiges of energy escaped the star as their long and beautiful life played out one last time. The life they created, the family they had shared this small part of the universe with, and the pain that had dominated their twilight years. One last dream as their world turned dark. Everything dies, but life was, and forever will be beautiful.

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