First night in London

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This is my short story in my life , i wrote it as an imagination for my future or reader future .. Enjoy please


The cool winter’s wind chilled the back of my neck as I walked down the long and narrow straightroad . It was one of those days with the dark cloudy sky. And the moon overlooking with a bright smile , however the chill of the wind became worse and worse.

I stopped  at the coffeehouse near London train station to  buy my special lovely coffee . I was  on my way, seeking the public library of London  which I had been told was beautiful for a special and dream reader . According to my phone map , it needed about 5 minutes walking . For a moment , I stopped to imagine  how it would  be like .. but I  had no imagination. So it was almost impossible for me to pretend  how it could be like .Then suddenly I found myself in front of the library… It was like a whole new world opened  wide for me , only for me , the most beautiful thing I  have ever seen in my life … When I saw the library, my life began. 

The place there seems so  quiet. From the window, I saw a few people sitting beside each other in a round table , it  seemed like a book club . " …. I wonder if u would like to join us sir. The weather here isso cold " .. A beautiful young lady said that to me while I was looking  through the window. She cut off my thoughts . The wind was whistling softly around me, so I decided it was the time to enter the library . The beautiful young lady gave to me a book and asked me to have a seat. Then she gave me a piece of cake with a cup of coffee . One  of the men there explained the book in words , I was very lucky, I have read this book before, so that I discussed with themlike a bird in the sky . We discussed together for about an hour then they made a deadline for the next book which they will discuss  late this weekend . 

12 O'clock in London…

The people left the library shacking hands with  pretty smiles  their faces which was full of happiness and– Reader are always like that -… I took a tour in the library and I stopped  at the literature section… There I saw the history literature, and politics all together.

I saw Shakespeare writing Hamlet, and Hamlet was at war with the murderer of his father … I saw Agatha Christie hiding in a hotel far away from her husband .There I found my dreams and hopes . " The book is a dream you hold in your hands " .

The sound of the young lady again cut off my thoughts … We took  seats near the window and both of us did not talk for a moments .. From the window youcould see the coffeehouse and thecrowded customers there , London train station , the light of cars and buses , people in London do not sleep at all. And the sounds of music …

Me : Good morning , ya …

She : Sara ! My name is Sara . Good morning for you too sir.

Me : Welcome Sara , I am khaled.

Sara : You are welcome too

… She said that with a bright smile  on her face. She was beautiful as Lark with blond hair and eyes full of energy and enthusiasm.We  talked about many topics, such as the history of the library , the visitors , books club and her work in the library .Suddenly , she said to me “ I have to leave now, and I have to close the library so what are you gonna to do.” … without thinking I said “ I will leave to ...”  I asked her where she lived.

Sara : I live in this flat , and pointed to it …It seemed that it takes 3 minutes walking . I took my jacket in order to leave, but the chapping thunder began. The wind started to pick up , the wind whipping lightly . There was an eerie feeling about what was happening.. Clouds mistreated about in the dark sky with a dark grey clouds … Then clapping thunder , torrential rain and heavy snowing . From the window beside Sara, I stopped  to watch the snow white snow for the first time in my life, andMy eyes were full of tears from happiness.


 Chapter 2 … coming soon

With all love  


Submitted: February 27, 2015

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