Hush, Katie Rose

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A long, long time ago, the earth belonged to the creatures of the wood. They tended it and took care of it, played in it, danced and sang in it, cared for the wounded animals, worked out disputes
between species, sat on mushrooms discussing matters of importance and drinking Labrador tea, rode down streams on leaves and bark, parachuted from trees on dandelion seeds. This was the world into
which mankind was born to. So, where did all of the gnomes, goblins, faeries go? Are they dead? No. The answer is a bit surprising. They didn’t go anywhere. We did.

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



The Phone Call
It was a wet afternoon when Katie Rose was writing her English Essay, or was trying to since she had a lot on her mind. She wrote, then erased, and wrote some more; but nothing ever made sense to her.  Frustrated, she threw her pencil across the room and let out a shriek of frustration out of her chest.  The house phone rang twice before her mother answered, and called Katie Rose, “Katie, it’s Mrs. King.”
She walked at a fast pace, and grabbed the phone as her mother gave it to her. Her fingers began to play with the curled cord of the phone as she waited for Mrs. King to talk. “I need you to watch Jaden tonight, Mark has to take care of his mother and I have to go to the office.” there was a noise as Katie looked over her shoulder. Nothing. “They called me five minutes ago. I really hate people who change their minds at the last minute.” Again, she heard shuffling behind her but this time she ignored it. “But enough rambling about me. Please, Katie Rose, I know it’s short notice.”
Katie Rose sighed internally, and rolled her eyes. Tonight her mother was going on a date with her new boyfriend and she would have the house all to herself, which meant silence. She could finish her English Essay without her mother rambling about the gooey conversations with her boyfriend. But Jaden was always alone, his parents always away as he stayed in bed close to his death. Feeling a need to stay with him as long as necessary, she decided to go. “I’ll be there in five minutes, Mrs. King.”
“Thank you Katie Rose, I owe you so much!” Before Mrs. King hung up, she heard her shout ‘She’s on her way Mark...’ hanging up, she ran to her room and grabbed her car keys, a sweater, and her text books. Before closing the front door behind her, she heard a shuffling in the kitchen. Looking back she saw nothing. There was nothing to see.
The Sight
“Jaden, could you quiet it down?!” for a sick child, he was active. He ran from couch to couch, jumped up and down until the cough attack assaulting his tiny lungs. He doubled over, spitting blood, as Katie ran towards him to help him. Jaden smiled weakly up at her, 
and said “I’m dying, Katie.” his eyes were those of hidden histories and ancient stories. When Jaden looked at you, it was like looking into the eyes of a human who has lived so much for so many centuries. “I die every day.”
“Don’t say that, Jaden.” she hugged him, and lifting his tiny body up in her arms and lied him down on the couch tucking him in with a thick comforter. As she was about to walk away she heard Jaden whisper a prayer to the wind, closing his eyes as his lips moved. Before she even reached the table where her text books were opened and paper spread out she heard him scream.
Katie Rose ran to the living room finding Jaden on the floor, one of his socks were missing, and his eyes were filled with water. At the side of his face was a scratch of three lines. She wiped the blood away, so the tears. Picking him up from the floor, she took him back to the sofa. “What did I tell you about the noise?”
“It was going to take me, Katie, it was going to eat my voice!” he hugged her, his shivering body hot by the fever. She tried to reassure him that nothing was there, but he had none of it. He finally laid back down on the sofa tucked in the comforter and closed his eyes. Katie examined his tiny body; pale white, and sick looking.  Frowning she walked away back to her essay and halting when a shuffling noise came from the shadows behind her.
She turned around to see two pairs of eyes glowing yellow in the dark. It blinked at her twice before giving her a toothy grin. Jaden was looking at her as the creature walked deeper in the shadows. “Can you see him?”
“What. Was. That?”
“Shhh! You need to speak low, Katie, or it will eat your voice too!” Jaden’s shaken body ran towards her and pulled her away from the living room to the dining room where the light shone the most. They were both seated down across from each other when Jaden spoke. “It likes to eat the noise. They hide in the dark, where you least expect it.” right on cue, the telephone rang and the creature like thing ran out of the shadows, opening it’s toothy mouth, and inhaled the noise until it died out. The creature ran back to the shadows, disappearing. “You see?”
“How do you know this, Jaden? You are barely eight years old!”
Puffing out his chest, he whispered. “I’m seven.” 
“Yes, I know Jaden!” her hissed voice a little frantic now.
“I made him.” as he tapped his head, he smiled weakly at her. “With my imagination.”
“What is it?”
Jaden giggled nervously. “A very bad goblin.”
Silent Death
Both, Katie and Jaden, were at the table. They ate what Katie had on her plate; green grapes, slices of water melon and pineapple. When the dish was empty, they looked at each other as their tummies rumbled in defeat. Suddenly, the noise of tiny feet ran across the living area to the dining room where they both sat. Jaden looked under the table, and with eyes wide open in fear, he shouted “Get on the table, Katie!” they both jumped up on the 
table. Something was pulling on Katie’s sandal and when she looked down, a scream of utter fear died in her throat. Her vocal cords suddenly hurt, burned...the goblin looked out of the shadows and giggled. The goblin hid back into the shadows running back to the living room. Jaden nodded and they both calmed down.
“We can’t stay up here for ever Jaden.”
“What else can we do?” his tiny voice was scratched by another tiny fit of coughs. The creature giggle again from afar, as if waiting for Jaden or Katie Rose to slip. Katie jumped off of the table, always walking where there was light, and with the tip of her finger she turned on the radio as loud as it could go and ran back to the table to grab the limp body of Jaden as the creature ran towards the noise.
“Katie!” as he screamed, the coughing fit returned with a vengeance. The goblin looked back, ignoring the loud noise from the radio, and ran towards Jaden. Katie was halfway down the hall when the Goblin reached  for his tiny body, and opening his mouth he stole his voice, taking every last noise his body could make.
Katie touched his body, cold to the bone, looking for a heart beat.
But there was none, no heartbeat or the wheezing of his lungs.
There was no noise at all; what was left was utter and complete silence.
Hush, Katie Rose
Katie cried over the limp tiny body of Jaden. The Goblin came out of the shadows and looked up at Katie. A look of confusion he gifted her and pointed one boney, slimy green finger towards the tears when the sound of a parking car came from the King’s driveway. The goblin shook himself, grinned and ran towards the shadows, awaiting for Mrs. King’s arrival.
“What on earth!” Mrs. King ran towards the radio and turned the power off. Suddenly there was silence. She looked everywhere else but the bodies on the floor. When she did, her heart broke and a cold fury ascended towards Katie. “What have you done to my son! What have you done?” Katie felt the slap of her manicured fingers connect to her cheek. A burning sensation rose from her temples to her chin. Mrs. King took the boy’s body in her arms as she cried over him; a loud grief.
The goblin came out of the shadows, ready to strike.
But Katie Rose was ready, “Shut the hell up!” she screamed at Mrs. King. But ignoring her order, she kept on weeping, and crying, and shouting. The goblin ran across the room, mouth open, when he felt Katie Rose’s neck between his jaws. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed as loud as her lungs would allow her. The goblin sucked the noise of her vocal cords, of her lungs, and of her heart. Leaving her an empty shell as she fell to the floor.
Mrs. King saw this creature and was quiet in fear.
She watched as she held her son’s body in her arms the goblin walk out the front door, throwing a toothy grin behind him.
The scratching nails on the stony steps were the only noise as the creature left.
And suddenly, outside, the King’s house was the only silent one in the neighborhood.
 For now.

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