Red Crystals

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Love is an immortal gesture that we understand when we loose it...

Submitted: October 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 19, 2017



Next day, when she woke up, snow covered the whole yard, and the wind was still whistling through the closed windows. She found him cold sitting on the pavement of his door. His head was knocking on the door and blood which trickled down from his head absorbed into snow looking like blossomed roses of spring.

She witnessed a reflection of her face preserved for eternity in his dead frozen eyes which she ever wanted to see in his eyes when those eyes were alive. She tried to grab him, but it was already too late as she touched his body it shattered like crystals. But one thing was out of ordinary the usual sarcastic smile on his lips was not there, but his lips had a smile of an angel as if saying that I am not going to die and I 'll live forever where I want to live forever...

I 'll live forever in your memory haunting you till your last moment of passing through to eternal life....

I 'll not spare you no matter how many doors you 'll try to close because I opened one door never be locked again....

the door to your heart...more than enough for one good life.

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