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Already it is a short story, how much shall is summarize??

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Submitted: April 23, 2012



This is the story of guy named Ashar Khan, an I.T. Engineering student who is suffering the same problem that all the other engineering students do. Doesn't knows what to do? LOLZ, well jokes apart, to define him in a line, preaching all the right things but doing wrong ones. Ashar was slim, wheatish complexion and small eyes that often made him look like Chinese. So, in school days he was almost invisible to his classmates except a bunch of douche bags. Completed his 12th science(PCM) with 60% and merit of 53, but he didn't even knew what to do after that. Thanks to the douche bags, who told him that after school, he has to apply for a bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science, but he can't decide which one he should go for, his marks would decide. Well its a long story how he got into engineering, but the point is , he got into engineering. First day of college, he enters his classroom. The professor asks everyone to give their introduction, he did the same, after the introduction session he realized that he was in city of blind where he had a partial sight, he was happy that at last he was in a place where he has a superiority complex.

After few days he developed good relation with all the faculties including the director of the college. He was so popular that, when Class Representative elections came up, he didn't participated in it, but on request of faculty he participated and also won the election. First semester passed, so came the second semester, that is ending of an year in engineering. In second semester as he was C.R. and also developed interest in extra activities, he was appointed as the event head of technical as well as cultural event along side with two of his friends Shivam and Bharat. These three were the tripod of the college because they had a very good relationship with faculties as well as students. Both the events were successful and their efforts were appreciated by everyone. All three of them were so overwhelmed by the success that they broke into tears as that was the first time in their life they did something meaningful in their life and their parents were proud of them. Thus first year ended with lots of life time experiences.

I forgot about to tell you about his personal life. Yes, this is the thing in which everyone is interested because, everyone loves to sneak in to others personal life. Coming to the point, Ashar at point of love and relationship, was very confused guy. In school he liked one girl named Kehkashaan like anything, but she met with an accident and she left the school, after that he had a crush on a girl who was three years younger than him when he was in 12th. He tried to pursue her but got crushed by his crush. He was also having a GOOD friendship school girl when he was in first year. And he got first kiss from her. Ashar had one bestie in college, her name was Sunaina, their friendship lasted for an year, I don't mean to say that their friendship ended, but their friendship turned into love. But both of them belonged to different caste, so they had to end their relation in about 6 months. Now, again Kehkashaan comes into the story, third year of engineering, both of them did lot of chatting on Facebook, then they started talking on phone. Both of them stuck on phone for hours and hours. There was one thing very good about Ashar, he shared almost everything about his personal life, I mean he just told about Sunaina and then Kehkashaan. His mom told to end everything with Sunaina, when Ashar told about Kehkashaan, his mom was happy for him so was his dad, as Kehkashaan's family were family friends to them. But there came a turning point in story, due to some problems, Ashar's mom told to stop talking to Kehkashaan, she didn't wanted to put their problems on her and disturb them more, so told them to stop. Ashar did so, he didn't talked to her for a month and a half, but he badly missed her. But he couldn't resist anymore, and started talking to her. And somewhere in between these late night talks, Kehkashaan fell in love with Ashar but Ashar, in two years he went through so many ups and downs of life and current situation of family he had lost the feeling of love or hate or pain, even he lost the feeling of guilt, in fact he didn't felt anything. What could be the most weirdest moment of life when the girl after whom he was mad in school days and also few times ago, was saying "I LOVE YOU" to him and what he replied is, "I DON'T LOVE U". From that day everyday she cries for him and he on the other side is crying for why he is not feeling anything. No doubt he didn't went for any girl, coz somewhere inside he also loved her but didn't knew to express it or was not ready for it.

Right now Ashar is in final year of engineering, she is in first year. Not a single night has passed when she has not cried or missed him and he!!!.... Well nothing to say about him. He is right, he is wrong, he is good as well as he is bad. Though Ashar did a lot of wrongs but from inside he was good, he didn't lose his virginity even though he got a chance to do so. He got many offers from many girls of his campus as he had a great prestige in his college, but he considered everyone as his sister. I still remember the time when he was in first year and he sent so many friend requests to girls on FB that FB blocked his account for a period of time. And today is a day where he is getting offers but he......doesn't pays a heed to anyone.

What say guys what would you say about Ashar?? Is he good or bad??? What should he do?? He is talented in many ways, he is a DJ, a good rapper, an orator, a performer, a programmer?? But is he a good HUMAN??

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