Proud To Be A Soldier

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This poem is a tribute to the army soldiers. They are ready to sacrifice for their country. This poem is about a boy, who was free. He saw many dreams and he wanted to live for his country. The boy was finally given a push into the army one day. The world had changed for him. He had to leave his family. One day, during a war, he was shot by his enemy. Now the soldier speaks that he has died but still his name remains. The enemy wasn't able to destroy his identity completely. He says he was strong and happy to have died. He says that the enemy had killed him finding him strong in the battlefield. The soldier warns the enemy that death is on his way because many of his soldier friends are still present on the battlefield and the fight isn't over. The soldier thanks the enemy for killing him. As because of him, he was able to achieve the high rank in heaven. He proudly says although he have died but his name is still being recalled by his nation. He is happy to have lived for his nation.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



I move with each wave, as no bound to my happiness

Swirling, dancing and surfing in the air, with freedom

Until somebody cuts the rope, left me alone with a world different

A bullet, which had killed the whole nation with a blow

Not easy to find yourself a replacement, I stand my own sacrifice

Maybe they knew that I was strong, that they decided to drop me off

Remember and remember, you have cut the rose but forgot the thorns

Though, I have died, but I have died with a revenge awaiting

In the seventh sky I am, I thank, it's all because of you

I have lost my tongue, but the voice still remains today

The final call, I have lived for the people of my nation.

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