If Only I Had Listened To That Damn Yogurt!

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My short story is basically about a teenage girl trying to drop her nephew off to daycare on time. During this time she goes through complications before she reaches her final destination.

Submitted: March 08, 2012

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Submitted: March 08, 2012




If Only I Had Listened To That Damn Yogurt!


It all started on Monday- December 12, 2012. The worst day of my life. The sound of that damn alarm clock made was so annoying.

“Beep .. beeep.... beeep …...beeep …...beeeeep”.

The sound got louder and louder. I felt like I was in my death bed & the doctors pulled the plug. As I turned my head to look at the clock to see what time it was, I saw that it was 8:00 a.m. I jumped out of bed with a quickness and ran to my nephew room to wake him.



I said as I quickly picked him up and took him to my room. I ran down stairs to get his walker and ran back up stairs.

I Ran his bath water , and popped him in the tub.

I did a little scrubby here and there.

Out the tub he went ,& I dried him off.

I Put a little lotion on him ,& put clothes on him. I Grabbed Mannie hat and scarf as we darted down the steps! Mannie started crying.


“ wahhhhhh ..wahhhhh ..wahhh”.

I started to develop this throbing headache. I knew he was hungry, I put him in his walker and ran to the kitchen. I took a yogurt and a poptart out the fridge and out of nowhere the yogurt started to talk to me. I didn’t quit understand what the yogurt said, but all I could remember the yogurt saying was

“Dont go its closed”.

I thought I was dreaming, but only if this day could get any weirder I thought. With mannie in one hand and my cellphone in another we stood there on 68th and Woodland avenue, anxiously waiting for a trolley before we are late. But as always, as I expected the trolley rode pass us, and on top of that it almost wet my clothes ! On my phone it said 8:30, that meant I had 45 minutes to make it to my nephew school. 2 mins passed and I looked down the street and from a far I could see

“11 trolley to city hall”

As bright as day. A sign that the trolley was coming.  Coming down the street I see this gigantic, dirty, obnoxious caterpillar just gliding. Like it was just normal for it to be a trolley. I was startled, I never saw anything like it! I squeezed Mannie really tight! The enormous caterpillar trolley thing looked at me with this distinct eye, kind of like it was grilling me. I stepped up on the trolley, I saw the most eccentric trolley driver ever. I just looked at the thing and paid my fair.

Sitting there drained and finally felt at ease, as the trolley rode underground. Well atleast I thought I was. The trolley came to a complete stop. The driver then announced that there are a little complications with a trolley ahead and it should take about 5 minutes. I’m sitting in disbelief thinking

“are you fucking kidding me”.

I took two deep breaths and released verrrry slow. I looked at my phone to see I have only 20 minutes left. After not 5 minutes but 7 minutes the trolley starts to make a move. This was my stop, I grabbed Mannie and we darted through those open doors. Yup, Me looking like a fool running up them steps almost tripping. Very embarrassing I thought but I just didn’t care. Rushing through crowds of  mixed ethnicities of people awaiting for the EL to go to school or work or even doctor appointments. Out of breath I swiped my transpass and sat on the bench.

Suddenly, I smelled this rotten egg aroma. For a minute, I thought it was the hobo infested platform of the sub. Unfortunately, it was Mannie!! He pooped EVERYWHERE. The feeling of the wet moist poop on my leg was very incruciating. The smell was so bad that everyone passed out. Even the mouses and misqutoes. I couldn’t even change Mannie. The smell was too bad. I just took my perform bottle out and sprayed him. With only 13 minutes left the sub is here.

We get on the train and everyone can smell Mannie. Im happy we only have 4 stops because at that point I was just ready to drop him off and just go home and sleep! 2 Minutes passed and the operator yells

“Fairmount Station” Im excited.

I have this big smile on my face as I’m walking with a little limp from underground. But damn I forgot Mannie drawls is full of shit. I darted across the street and right around  the corner was Young’s Daycare.

“Woahhhhhhh”, I said.

I was happy, I started  praise dancing for a second but I had to catch myself. In relief I tried to open the door, but the door just wouldn’t open. I pulled a little harder and the door still didn’t open. I got really angry and kicked the door .This crazy alarm went off. I backed away from the school. I turned around to look at the sign on the door that reads



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