The Raluna Clan

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Their was was a mercenary clan known as the Raluna Clan.

This was a clan feared nationwide for their adept silent

killing, and for a rumour of a hereditary visual technique

passed down from generation, to generation.

~Please note that this is unfinished~

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



"The Raluna Clan Lore"
There once was a clan known as the "Raluna Clan" They were a clan of Mercenarys.
This clan was most commonly hired for assassination missions and such. Their clan had a hereditary ability called "Genza"
This unique ability resides in a few members of the Raluna Clans eyes.
The first member to ever obtain this visual technique was a man name Raonrei. He was never known as an elite assassin,
for that matter not even very skilled. The Clan was mostly made up of family, but consisted of highly skilled assassins
as well.
The rumour was once a member attained a certain level of skill, they obtained the Genza.
In this case, that was not true. He was but a beginner in the arts of stealth.
On a casual guard mission, just wandering the streets of his village.
He spotted a member of their rival clan the "Vasake" Clan, instinctively he wanted to prove how good an assassin he was.
So instead of reporting it, he followed the man to see what he was doing. The man walked into a bar, took a few shots.
Then went down to the wine cellar. The whole time Raonrei had been acting as a casual villager,
Trying not to stand out. He quietly followed the man down the stairs and into the wine cellar.
As Raonrei walked down the stairs his friend Jake ran past him calling "dibs" on the whiskey.
He Tried to stop jake but he wouldn't listen. Raonrei heard something dripping just moments later,
so he rushed down to see what had happened. He noticed a barrel of red wine spilt all over the ground,
in which he thought at first was Jakes blood. He sighed in relief and walked around looking for
both Jake, and the Vasake member. He found the man he was following first, just sitting on a stool chuckling.
He tried to act casual, so he politely asked. "What are you laughing about?" The man replied by saying
"The fact that your stealth skills are pitiful, and you allowed a large number of people in your village to be slaughtered."
Raonrei started off complaining to himself about how the Vasake member knew he was following him the whole time,
after a little bit of self-pity. He then became puzzled. Raonrei asked. "What do you mean, let them be slaughtered?"
The man smiled innocently and said, "Your on guard duty, correct? Well, if youve been following me all day,
who has been watching the gates?" Raonrei's eyes widened in horror, he began to run up the stairs.
Then suddenly two men wearing jackets representing the Vasake clan approached him.
He then turned back to the original man asking where Jake went.
The man went on to say "Noticed the red wine when you entered? Well, look at it closely."
Raonrei examined the wine spill and noticed certain patches are much darker then others.
He sat there seeming confused, so the man said "Put the pieces together, i killed your little friend."
Enraged, Raonrei then pulled a dagger out of his pocket and rushed the Vasake member.
Who easily dodged it and threw him into a barrel of beer. The barrel broke open, and in the flow of alchahol
Jakes body floated out. Raonrei could not believe his eyes, his closest friend was lying on the floor. Dead.
All because he was too foolish to report the vasake member in their village.
He looked up at the man who was licking the knife he had used to kill jake.
Raonrei stared deeply into the fiends eyes and suddenly the two other members watched their ally fall to the ground
the two members called out "Kyle?!What's wrong??" They looked up at Raonrei who's eyes were glowing a
bright, neon green now. They each took two steps back, and tried running up the stairs.
By the time they reached the top and opened the cellar doors, they saw Raonrei at the top. Waiting for them.
He stared directly in one of their eyes and Raonreis eyes flashed very brightly, at that moment. One of the
vasake members pulled out his blade, and aimed it for his own chest. The other member, well trembling said.
"Gary, don't do's's just a low class assassin..we can kill him." Gary looked back at his partner with an
exspressionless face. He then smiled at his partner and said "It's can come too !."
His partner, at an extreme moment of panic. Took garys knife and stabbed himself with it, shortly after.
Gary took the blade and did the same. Raonrei's eyes returned to their normal, dull brown. He panted silently,
staring at the two suicidal men, and the man whom he paralyzed with the Genza.
He wandered down to the first member, who according to his friends and allys, went by the name of Kyle.
Kyle was now in an upright, sitting position. He was not moving, nor talking. Not even a faint breathe could be heard.
He then reached out for the mans shoulders, Kyle then spun around. Stabbing RaonRei in the left side of his ribs.
RaonRei tried to scream, but since he had just used his Genza, it drained too much mana and he was exhausted.
He went to fight back, and finally forced the Genza to be activated, once again.
One of the many reasons the Raluna clan was so famous, was for their natural instincts in a forbidden technique
Of course, they could naturally learn the Genza, but that wasn't all there was to it.
They had an odd, fairly fatal. Ability, in which allowed the user to replace their mana with their blood.
Allowing the user to use even the most mana-consuming techniques without mana, but at the cost of many blood vessels.
Well, as you may have assumed by this point. That is exactly what our hero Raonrei here did.
He put Kyle under some sort of a trance, in which kyle seemed to believe he had many daggers piercings each limb.
Or at least, this is what he reported once Raonrei finally let him free, to tell the tale of the Genza to outsiders.
So Raonrei, the drop-out rookie. Would finally be acknowledged. But, to his demise, Raonrei...Died.
They found his body right under the wine cellar door, grinning. Staring up at the roof. Genza still activated.
As of that moment, Genza did not have a name for it had never been used. But, Raonrei's middle name was Genza.
So they gave the legendary technique of the Raluna Clan, the name of a deserving member. Sacrificing his life,
in order to fix his most horrid mistakes, and to prove himself to the rest of his judgemental bretheren.
Our story continues, about fifty-two years later with a young, gifted boy, who goes by the name of "Jayce."
One day, when Jayce was seven. He was being taught how to dual wield blades. All the other children
had a significent struggle in fully understanding how to wield both at the same time, properly.
Most of the kids swung one properly, and let the other flail around. Then the ones whom actually realized
they had two blades for a reason, lacked control. And were easily thrown off balance. Jayce, on the other hand.
Was capable of mastering Dual Wield blades by the time he was ten. That is almost twice as quick as an average member.
When we say master, we actually mean he perfected the art. He could nearly take on his trainer. Not quite though...
His trainer went by the name of "Ryuuk."Ryuuk was a very young trainer. Only about 21 when Jayce was ten.
Although he was so young, he was almost crowned leader. The only reason he wasn't was the fact that he lacked the
knowledge a leader should have. He wasn't any good at assigning squads, nor was he at arranging missions.
He could complete any rank mission you threw at him, with nearly any odds which were involved.
His stealth and assassination skills surpassed nearly every member the clan had. Well, in a sense. During this time period,
he actually was known as the most skilled member the Clan ever had. He wasn't quite as worshipped as Raonrei though.
Enough about Ryuuk, let's get back to Jayce.
Around the time Jayce was 17, he was a Veteran in the Raluna Clan. Nearly ranked Elite, which is Ryuuks current rank.
Anywho, Ryuuk called Jayce up one day, saying he had an announcement. Jayce came excitedly hoping for every
Trainee's final spar against their sensei, so they could finally attain the ever so desired rank Elite.
Sadly, that was not the reason Ryuuk called him up. Jayce appeared in front of Ryuuk just to find out he was leaving for
a few years. In general, Jayce was pretty good friends with Ryuuk, so his friend leaving itself is upsetting, that aside.
This means he shall not attain the title "Elite" for quite some time. This was very upsetting for he always bragged about
how much faster he was ranking then his classmates.
Now that he was stuck on the same rank for the next 4-7 years they would catch up, and maybe even
reach elite before he did. He knew, if this were to happen they would never let it down, and hold it against him for
as long as they were to know eachother. The thought of some lesser-third rate scum surpassing Jayce in rank enraged him.
During Ryuuk's absence, just like Jayce had feared. They surpassed him in rank, and wouldn't let him live it down. Finally,
by the time Jayce was twenty-four. Ryuuk came home, and Jayce had a son. He had married a beautiful member
who was named Monika. Their son was given the name Phil, and later on committed suicide for Jayces training
methods were far too strict for a child, it didn't help that Phil was very weak, and fragile. Not to mention had trouble
understanding what mana even was, let alone abilitys in which consume the thing.
Jayce walked up to Ryuuk and challenged him immediately, Ryuuk just stared at him for a few moments.
Jayce spoke first. "What's the matter, worried i'll defeat you?" Ryuuk chuckled, then said. "No, jayce. You should know
that if you lose the battle to become an elite, you can never take it again. During my time gone, i was undergoing harsh
training and my skills have improved massively..." Jayce laughed and exclaimed "Even so, i'll have to go easy on you!"
Ryuuk glared at him and asked. "Why are you suddenly so full of yourself?" Jayce simply closed his eyes for a while.
When they finally opened, a bright neon-green flashed and he had a wicked grin on his face. Ryuuk took a step back
then grinned as well. "So, i guess i have the honour of testing the full extent of the Genza myself eh?"
Jayce then nodded, still smiling widely, for the battle had begun.
Jayce pulled his blades off his back and called for Ryuuk to get ready. Ryuuk grabbed his blades as well and charged.
He swung at Jayces neck and Jayce, Genza still active, he easily ducked under the attack. Then elbowed Ryuuk in the gut.
Ryuuk fell back a little, then raised both blades in the air. Suddenly, two spirit wolves appeard and attacked Jayce from
either side. Jayce Did a side flip, slashing ones neck open, and piercing the others snout. "Heh, as skilled as ever."
Exclaimed Jayce as Ryuuk vanished into thin air. Suddenly, Jayce turned to his side and swung his blade seemingly for no
particular reason. There was a loud clash and Ryuuk stood there holding back Jayces blade. Ryuuk, whom had a confused
look on his face suddenly chuckled. "I see." Exclaimed Ryuuk. "The Genza allows you to track the flow of ones mana,
so even if i'm invisible. You can still see an aura of mana moving around. Correct?" Jayce, smiled and simply nodded.
"Alright, looks like i'm gonna have to get serious!." Ryuuk said loudly.
Ryuuks body suddenly enlarged, along with his blades. He brought down an enormous dagger, in which shattered
the very ground Jayce stood on. Jayce's eyes flashed again and he was nowhere in sight. Ryuuk looked around, clueless
as to where he was. "Those eyes, they're really amazing..." He then grinned slightly. "I'm proud of you Jayce!"
"You have become quite skilled, and the Genza just increases that furthermore." Ryuuk felt a sudden jolt in his forehead
and fell to the ground. Next thing he knew he was drowning in a pool of black liquid, slowly sinking. As if being sucked
down by an unknown source. Then, suddenly a large thunderbolt fell from the sky and went straight through his neck.
Ryuuk laid there, dead. Yet, for some reason his mind was still fully aware. As he looked around,
he saw the training ground, the place he first started fighting Jayce at. Jayce stood over him, holding both
his, and Ryuuks bladees. Jayce grinned and held out his hand. Ryuuk grabbed it and stood up. "What was that, anyway?"
Questioned Ryuuk, completely puzzled about the whole thunderbolt thing. "An illusion technique." Jayce replied
well grinning wickedly. "You mastered an illusionary technique of that magnitude during the time i was gone?"
Asked Ryuuk. Jayce laughed and pointed out that with the Genza, it only took a few days of practice before he could
use any form of illusion. Ryuuk ackowledged his defeat and Jayce was then promoted to Elite.
Around the time Jayce was thirty-four he became the Clan Leader. Shortly after the previous one passed away.
He was on an S-Ranked stealth mission one day. Following enemy infantry directly into their homelands. Yes, these
lands belonged to the very clan that intruded theirs all those years ago. The Vasake Clan. Jayce catiously followed one
of their elderly members for a while, then accidently...stepped on a branch. He quickly activated his Genza and there
was a faint green light as usual. The vasake members eyes widened in horror and he ran to the lobby to alert the captain.
"It's HIM ! Raonrei is still alive! I saw the exact same flicker of green form that day..." Kyle told his captain.
"Are you sure you did not mistake it for something else?!" Screamed the captain.
"There's no chance! That was the most horrific moment of my life, i would not forget something like that..."
Jayce sat outside their opened window in a bush listening. "He knew Raonrei?!" Jayce asked himself in his head
"That's impossible...that was over eighty-four years ago!" The captain sounded the alarms and Vasake members
poured in from everywhere. Jayce, was surrounded. His eyes flashed, once again and he sat on a nearby tree branch.
"What am i worried about.." Jayce wondered. "I'm ten times as skilled as these guys, not to mention i have the Genza
under more control then even Raonrei did..." He grinned and appeared in the middle of a crowd of Vasake members.
"Looking for me?!" He crushed a rock with his hand and chuckled softly. The members drew their swords.
All the members shouted "You're not Raonrei! You're the clans new leader..."
They all smiled twistedly. "Even better!" They exclaimed. "Well then, come at me!" Called Jayce.
They all stood there for a moment, then one member grabbed a spear and ran at him, full throttle.
Jayce deactivated his Genza so he could enjoy himself some more. He then easily deflected the spear and slit the mans
throat. "Is that all you have?!" He shouted. Three more members came at him, each with a longsword and shield.
One lunged at him, in an attempt to stab him, and the others swung their blades at him wildly.
He ducked, and spun around. tripping the one who lunged towards him and making the others slash eachother.
"Graghh!" All three fell to the ground hard. Jayce raised his blade ad stabbed the one whom he tripped.
Five more members quickly ran towards him in a squad. He dashed towards them, they all attempted
to stab him at once, well running. He jumped up and pushed off of one of their swords and kicked him in the face,
the others stopped and spun around quickly. One threw his spear at him, Jayce slid to the side and slashed the spear
in half, it fell to the ground. Two men holding shields and daggers ran at him from either side, charging. Shields up.
There was a bright flash, and then Jayce stood there, holding back a shield with each leg. They swung their daggers
and he kicked the shields out of their hands and grabbed each of their wrists thrusting them into eachother.
Each stabbed the other and fell to the ground screaming. About seven guards were left. Yet instead of fighting they
backed away slowly. Kyle and the captain then stepped out.
"Cowards!" Called the captain. "You are too afraid to face this man?" "He is but one !" "Now, if i were
to fight alongside you, will you continue to fight?" All the guards looked at eachother then nodded. "Alright, let's kill
this Raonrei imposter!!" They all cheered and attacked Jayce. Jayce laughed and prepared himself, then suddenly fell to
his knees, gripping his eyes. "Gahh!!" screamed Jayce. "THIS PAIN, WHY?!" The guards laughed and kicked him over.
Jayce stood up and punched a guard in the face, gripping his forehead with his other hand. The guard then stabbed him
in his shoulder. Jayce fell over screaming. The captain walked over and placed a foot on Jayces face, twisting it and
digging Jayces face into the rought dirt. He then cast a paralysis spell on Jayce and Jayce passed out.
A few hours later Jayce awoke, about three feet off the ground. Chains attaching to cuffs which were
worn around his wrists and ankles. Kyle then walked over and slapped Jayce. "Not so tough now, are you?!"
Asked Kyle retorically. Jayce just grinned. With a meaningful gleam of victory in his eyes. Kyle then grabbed five needles
out of his bag and held them towards a light, smiling. "So, how should i torture you?" Asked Kyle. Jayce remained
unresponsive. "Fine then, if you simply tell me where the documents are hidden. You may go back to your little clan."
Jayce still. Did not speak. "Very well." Muttered Kyle. He then threw a needle towars Jayce and it stabbed into
the palm of his hand. Jayce grunted but kept silent. He did the same to his other hand, and then threw the last
three at Jayces chest. He screamed as the fifth needle hit his chest. "Ready to talk?" Jayce smiled slightly.
"You think, you can get me to talk by simply piercing my body with needles?" Asked Jayce.
"To be honest, i didn't expect this to work." Said Kyle. "Especially not from the clans leader..."
"Still, i can't help but notice without your little're nothing." "Where are you going with this?"
questioned Jayce. A gleam of joy shined in Kyles eyes as he pulled out two more needles and walked towards Jayce.
"Pierce my legs, arms, chest. Do as you please. I don't care." Jayce muttred. "Oh, I don't intend to do that!"
Shouted Kyle. "I have a much better idea!!" He then quickly taped Jayces eyes open.
Next, he set a needle on either side of his right eye. "So, i could easily remove your Genza if you don't talk.."
Jayce began to panic. "Wha- ALRIGHT, just..don't take my eyes!" "Please, anything but that !!"
"Excellent..." Kyle whispered.. Jayce then explained where the documents were hidden...
A little while later Jayce asked if he could now go. Kyle replied with "One moment, this won't hurt a little..."
He suddenly grabbed two needles, and then pierced each side of Jayces left eye and pulled out harshly. Jayce passed out
quickly for the pain was unbearable. He woke up seven hours later at his villages gate, with a green blindolf containing
the vasake symbol on it. A young satyr named Locust walked over to his body and quickly helped him up.
Locust told him about how the Vasake somehow managing to gain information on their hideout and where all the medical
members remained, along with what times the elite members rested. Jayce faced the ground. Locust then spoke.
"I know it was you, Jayce. We all do..." Jayce flinched back in disgust. "You're blaming ME for that?!" screamed Jayce.
"Jayce..they told us it was you..." Locust protested. "Don't worry, i'm friends with Ryuuk. We'll meet up with him
in a bit." "For the next few years we'll need to re-establishing the clan though." Jayce leaned back and said" No homo"
Locust laughed loudly. "Not like that, anyway. I'll be back in a bit. Gonna go for a walk."
Nearly ten years after that they did indeed re-create the Raluna Clan. It turned out that Monika had escaped
the villages destruction and was pregnant at that. So, not knowing it Jayce had a child a few weeks after the assault.
Jayce approached Locust one day, with surprising news. "Locust, Locust wake up." whispered Jayce.
"Yes..i'd like..two burgers please..." mumbled Locust in his sleep. "LOCUST Wake up !" Shouted Jayce
Locust jerked up suddenly and looked around, since he was at least 8'3 he looked right over 6'2 Jayce and at his
two personal guards. "You guys call me?" Asked Locust. The guards slowly shook their heads. Jayce slapped Locust.
"Wha-what is it?! Oh, Jayce. Hey there." said Locust. "I do not deserve to be the clan leader, Locust.." exclaimed
Jayce solemnly. "What do you mean?" Asked Locust. "I allowed my village to be destroyed, all the people i loved..dead."
"Well, you got a point Jayce. It IS your fault.." Said Locust. "Thanks, for the support." Jayce said irritated.
"Don't mention it." Joked Locust. "Well, if you don't mind. I'll go get some food."
Locust reached into his pockets and upon realizing he was broke he rushed to his new villages gates.
Once there he screamed as loud as he possibly could "NOOO!!! WHYY MEE?!" A dreadlord appeared at his gates with
an army of undead and threatened to kill every member there. Before the dreadlord could go any farther Locust
asked him if he had any burgers. The dreadlord just sat there confused. Locust repeated. "Do you, have any burgers?"
The dreadlord replied by saying "Uhh yes. Why?" Locust said he would give the village willingly to him if the dreadlord
gave him all the burgers he had. The dreadlord handed him the burgers and entered the village.
He then converted all of Locusts clanmates into undead and now had a large undead empire. Jayce happened to be on
a walk during this. He then returned and heard a dreadlords voice rather then Locusts. He questioned the dreadlord.
After a few hours the dreadlord introduced Jayce to one of his masters. Who was called a
Death-God. Otherwise known as a Shinigami. The shinigami got Jayce to sign a contract in his blood.
The contract stated Jayce could have the Shinigami's eyes if he allowed a small portion of demonic energy to flow through
him. After a moments hesitation Jayce agreed to the contract and slit his thumb, then signing it. Since then, Jayce was
capable of transforming into a demon temporarily. Thus, granting him the vision of a shinigami. The only catch was that
shinigami's only had thermal vision. Even so, Jayce appreciated the Death-Gods generousity.
Twelve years prior to the present. He met up with Ryuuk.
Ryuuk walked over to Jayce who was leaning against a tree. "Jayce..." whispered Ryuuk. Jayce instantly recognized
that as Ryuuks voice and smiled widely "Ryuuk!" "Been a while eh buddy?" "About that.."mumbled Ryuuk.
"What's wrong? Something happen?" asked Jayce. "No, it's what has to happen.." Ryuuk said solemnly.
Jayce seeming puzzled sat there innocently. Ryuuk ran at Jayce and kicked him into a tree. Then drew his swords
and ran towards him. Jayce managed to raise a blade at the last second and deflect Ryuuks attack.
"What are you doing?!" Asked Jayce. Ryuuk did not reply, but instead swung his other arm at Jayce and slit his chest.
Jayce morphed into his Shinigami (demon form) self. Even with just thermal vision he could now recognize Ryuuks
movements much easier. Ryuuk swung at him again and Jayce kicked Ryuuks sword out of his hand then slashed
Ryuuks left shoulder.
"Arn't you nervous about doing this Ryuuk?!" Asked Jayce as they dodged, deflected and countered
eachothers attacks. "Not at all actually...since i attained this." Said Ryuuk. "Attained what?" Questioned Jayce as
they continued fighting. Suddenly, All Jayce could see was a green essence. Everywhere. Then once his vision returned
to normal. He saw, two sparkles even through the thermal vision where Ryuuks eyes were. "Is that..the Genza?!"
Jayce thought to himself. "I know what you're thinking, Jayce." Exclaimed Ryuuk. "And you are correct, this is the
Genza." "And you may be wondering how i managed to attain your familys trait. Well, i established a deal with
a man named Kyle." "WHAT?!" Jayce screamed as Ryuuk continuously dodged him with ease.
"I have to admit, even blind you were capable of injuring me..truly impressive..."
Jayce just said "tch" then attacked again. "I see you earned your wings.." Ryuuk said laughing at the wings
sprouting from Jayces back. "Though it may seem those Shinigami eyes of yours are helping you in this fight..
you are mistaken." Jayce looked up at Ryuuk who's eyes suddenly flashed a bright, neon green and Jayce reverted
to his normal self. Then fell to the ground, hitting hard. Ryuuk raised a blade and sighed. "I'm sorry, it had to be
this way Jayce..." He brought the blade down and ended Jayces life.
We are now 5 years prior to the present and Jayces grandaughter "Alice" was at a veteran status in the clan.
Alice was a beautiful young woman who wasn't significant at anything in particular. She was just a member, average
marks. Seemingly average potential to be a regular trainer and live a long, nice life. Or so it seemed untill her last year
at her sensei's dojo. On the day of her graduation test she stood on the opposite side of the room as her sensei.
Her master went by the name of Tradele. "You ready, Alice?" Asked Tradele. "Of course! Let's do this!" Shouted
Alice. "Alright...i'm coming at you with everything i've got.." Said Tradele. "Right." Whispered Alice.
Tradele threw a small purple orb at Alice, who simply dodged it without thinking any farther. Then ran at
her sensei. Tradele started chuckling right before Alice reached him. She ignored it and stabbed her sensei. She knew
it couldn't be this easy, she hadn't even used any techniques yet. She waited a moment to see what would happen and
sure enough. There was an odd blurr and Tradele was gone. Alice turned around in search of him and noticed nearly
fifty needles flying towards her. Each with venom seeping off the edges. Alice's eyes then flashed the neon green
which was seen by both her Grandfather, and Raonrei. She then deflected most of the needles and dodged the last few.
Alice looked all around in search for Tradele, with. No luck. So, she instead stood in the centre of the room, not making
even the softest noise. With each breathe she drew, a faint black line could be seen across each of her eyes.
Tradele knew Jayce and all about his Genza, and he had never seen those lines before.
Even at the time Jayce had said he surpassed Raonrei's vision, thus perfecting the Genza there was no trace
of even the dimmest line. As the lines became clearer. Tradele noticed they were each facing diagnal, in the
opposite direction of the other. This clearly confused Tradele but he didn't really think much of it after that.
He then Drew his sword and made 3 copys of himself, the four of him rushed Alice and she vanished.
She appeared moments later slitting one of the copys throats, then vanished again. Re-appeared stabbing another copy
and the same for the last copy. Frustarated with how easily he was being defeated Tradele made three more copys,
and set them in a defensive formation around himself.
Alice appeared before his very eyes with a sweet, innocent smile.
"Isn't that a bit far, Alice?" Asked Tradele. "Imagine if you had slit my neck, or pierced my heart as you did to those
clones!" Alice giggled quietly without saying anything, she then motioned to her eyes. It then came to Tradele's
realization that with the Genza Alice could easily pick out the real one, using a simple ability.
"So.." Tradele quietly spoke. "The Genza allows you to see an opponents mana pool, correct?" Alice nodded.
"I see, so you noticed a much larger amount of mana in me then the clones.." Alice laughed then said.
"You put that together fairly quick." "Teh" Was all Tradele said.
At this point, the diagnol black lines were clearly visible in each of Alice's eyes and then they had
a green aura emitting from them constantly, rather then the flash one see's every time a Genza ability is activated.
There was a sudden blurr and she ran around Tradele at an excessively fast rate in which he had never witnessed.
The clones held their blades in a battle-ready position. To Tradele's demise, this. Was unsuccesful. Each clone
was easily ripped to shreds. "It's over." Alice whispered softly. In a rageful fury, Tradele drew his blade, which then
engulfed in flame. And he took a step back, grinning. "Well, never thought i'd have to use this on an ally.."
mumbled Tradele, well chuckling. "The Genza grants you many, truly amazing powers..this is true.."
"But, with enough experience it can be outmatched. As both your Grand-Father, and Raonrei proved."
Tradele held each arm out at a horizontal line and grinned wickedly. "I'm pouring all my mana into this!."
He shouted. At first Alice figured it was a bluff, for she had never met someone whom could transfer every last
drop of their mana to an object at will. She was sadly mistaken, the blade gleamed with energy and tradele began
to spin rapidly. "You think you're so fast eh alice?!" Screamed Tradele. "Try matching this speed!!"
He was now spinning at such an extreme rate that a twister had emerged where he stood. Alice's eyes began
to sting which she remembered being told led to her grand-fathers death as he pushed his Genza too far.
She knew she needed to finish this quickly. She ran at Tradele and swung her dagger at him nearly 7 times per second.
Yet each time, he somehow deflected her attacks. In one of her attacks, he deflected it and managed to slit her arm.
She didn't bother to look into it though. For a massive wave of pain was flowing through her head.
As soon as the pain began she knew she had pushed her Genza past it's current limit. Since she had been using it
through the entire battle, she could not even tell herself she was fine. She made one final strive towards
Tradele and he was able to grab her wrist and before she could do anything, her vision became blurry and her Genza
deactivated itself. Tradele stopped the whirlwind and trasfered nearly 50% of his mana to his body again.
Still, leaving his blade with a large amount of power. He leaped at Alice and knocked her to the ground,
holding the blade to her neck where she, sadly. Had to admit defeat.
At this point Tradele was breathing heavy and was nearly out of mana considering a fair
amount remained in his sword. Alice laid on the ground coughing and gripping both her head and eyes.
Tradele sighed. "Alice, I didn't expect to have to use that fact. I've never faced an opponent almost
capable of fighting back against it.." whispered Tradele. "She did much better then expected." He thought to
himself. Alice frowned. "Yes, you're right. Alice." "You were not able to defeat me, thus resulting in failure.."
I am sorry, but this is how things work."
Six months after she failed her final test she was seen laying in the villages forest staring up at the trees.
There had been a time of peace, since Jayces death. The Raluna had gone into hiding and this caused
the Vasake to think they all died out. Now, the clan had no single member both strong, and wise enough to
be their leader at the time. So they were now being run by five Veteran members and an Elite.
They were each were above average when it came to strategy. One of them, however. Was very powerful. This member
was none other then Ryuuk. To this day no one other then Jayce knew why this was the case, but. Ryuuk aged at
half the rate of an average being. He had been around for nearly a hundred and thirty years now, but even so.
Physically and mentally it was as if he was about Sixty-Five.
Ryuuk sat down at the gates, looking over at Alice. Watching her, for Jayce.
Locust approached her, sat down next to her. And ate a bowl of soup casually. She looked over at him, and gave a slight
smile. Which, was unneccesary as he had not even turned to look in her direction once. Mouth full, he then spoke.
" alice *Swallow* Ahh, how have you been?" "Well, i'm not be honest..." Replied Alice.
As he swallowed another bite Locust said, obviously not really interested. "Whatever do you mean?"
Alice quietly sighed and pulled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. "I just don't know what to do
anymore." She mumbled. "I mean, it's great everythings been so peaceful but i'm undergoing all this training and
for what?" Locust simply nodded and ate more soup.
"I am now capable of using my Genza for almost two hours..." She explained, "That's twice as long
as even gramps was able to." Locust just kept nodding trying to hurrily finish his soup. "I just want a challenge,
know what i mean?" She asked. "Ahh." Locust exclaimed satisfied as he finished his soup.
"You know what we should do?" Asked Locust. Alice shook her head, and shortly after Locust kept talking.
"We need to-" He cut him self off. "Ryuuk!" Shouted Locust. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" He called
in a demanding tone. Ryuuk sighed and turned towards the village, then walked in.
"As i was saying." Continued Locust "We need to start another war against the Vasake."
Alice looked up at him in shock. "What?!" She jerked back slightly at his words. "Calm down, we'll be doing
everyone a favour in the long run !" He said, raising his voice. "I don't understand..." She whispered.
"Causing another civil war will lead to nothing but death.." Locust chuckled and then spoke.
"You see, little alice." "I have noticed the Vasake's numbers increasing drastically." "If we are to wait another..
even five months their numbers would be well over a thousand..." Alice's eyed gleamed.
She smiled slightly, then tried to hide it. "Oh, well." She said excitedly "Compared to our maximum of two
hundred members we would be at a major disadvantage."
"Exactly!" Proclaimed Locust. "So, when will we strike? Tonight...tommorow.? This afternoon?!"
she questioned. "Actually," Locust said. "I have a top secret mission to go for now, farewell."
"Oh.." Alice said, frowning. "Alright, i'll wait if it's so important." Locust was gone before she finished.
An hour later scouts reported they had seen Locust rob a nearby bank for money, then take off to a
marketplace to buy himself a feast.
A man named Rath'Khal had recently invented a gravity spell.
Now, there have been many gravity spells created. This one, was basically a reverse on the others though.
Many, many wizards have lowered gravity in order to fly, or make an object levitate.
Rath'Khal was not a wizard though, he was just an orc exceptional in magical traits.
He had spent his life researching on ressurection spells and aura's. The Raluna Clan allowed him to enter their
village for one sole reason. He said he had developed a spell to increase the rate at which training results were
able to take effect.
"So." Began Ryuuk. "With this spell i could get up to three weeks of training done in one week?"
Rath'Khal nodded and then spoke. "Yes, but i would suggest starting with the double rate rather then the triple rate."
"And why is that?" Asked Ryuuk. "Well, you may be able to handle the triple gravity right off the bat seeing as how
powerful you already are.." Khal mumbled. "I have endured the most intense of training excersices."
Announced Ryuuk. "I'm pretty sure i can handle triple gravity for a few hours." "I'm sure you could."
Continued Khal. "Make sure any other member of your clan begins with 1.5x or 2.0x though or their muscles..."
Rath'Khal cut himself off and gave a casual smile.
Ryuuk glared at Khal and said "No, no. Continue."
"Very well." Khal mumbled with a sigh. "If you force your body to go past it's current capability..."
He whispered grimly. "Your muscles may rip and or tear apart." Ryuuk thought for a moment.
"As promised." He said well handing him a bag of three thousand gold coins. "Your prices are tremendous, if i may add.."
Khal laughed and just grinned. He then entered the new building specifically structured so it could withstand up to 4.0x
natural gravity.

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