Destiny Falls Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Continuing from Destiny Falls Part 1 where a few new characters are introduced.

Silence takes over the three of us as Zelda stands in the doorway, a somewhat confused look on her face. I don't think she saw what Ghirahim and I were doing, which is a relief. I, however, still can't believe I enjoyed that so much. I find myself so strongly attracted to this man, especially after what just happened, but I'm still so nervous. I guess I'm finally piecing it together in my mind...I'm falling in love with him.

\"Emily...\" Zelda trails off. \"You're all right! I was...worried.\" She says the last part surprisingly halfheartedly. I wonder if this has something to do with her jealousy...or maybe it's something I don't know about?

\"Who's that with you?\" Zelda asks. Before I can answer, Ghirahim exclaims happily,

\"Well, well, perfect timing! I was hoping you'd arrive. Have you heard about a certain ritual, and a demon king in need of resurrecting?\" Zelda's eyes widen.

\"Yes, and you're the one planning to sacrifice me, aren't you?\" she asks. \"I heard from a little old lady. You're the demon lord, Ghirahim. That was your tornado!\" Ghirahim smiles.

\"Yes indeed,\" he replies. \"And that little old lady...she was a servant of the goddess, correct?\" Zelda narrows her eyes at him, half angry, half trying to think.

\"I think that's right,\" she says slowly. \"Well, I know why you want me, but just what do you plan to do with my friend Emily?\" Ghirahim licks his lips.

\"That's none of your business, now is it?\" he says, somewhat playfully. \"You won't be alive much longer anyway, so be grateful you know as much as you do.\" Zelda grits her teeth at him, so I hurriedly say,

\"Zelda, it's really good to know that you're okay!\" She smiles at me, but it's not a truly sincere smile- almost like she thinks she's obligated to smile.

\"Emily, just what is going on?\" she asks me. \"What are you two doing?\" I try to answer, but I can't find the words. What should I say? That I'm in love with the guy who just said he's going to kill her? No, of course not. I'm still wondering why she's so calm during all of this. Maybe she's holding on to the hope that she'll see Link again.

Suddenly, a flash of purply-blue light appears above our heads, and a female voice says,

\"Great goddesses, children of the sky. You are fated to have a hand in a great destiny.\" I can't be sure, but I think the voice is coming from the light. \"You must find your purpose and continue to walk the path of fate. The time has come for you to awaken, and so I will send you on to learn more of the fate in which you are destined to play a part.\" Suddenly, the light becomes brighter and bigger by the second, flashing in front of us like the sun, except with a purply-blue outline rather than yellow. I hold my arms up to shield the brightness, and I realize my arm is becoming translucent. I look at Zelda, and she too is becoming more translucent by the second.

\"No!\" I exclaim. Ghirahim tries to clutch me in his arms, but even though I'm still floating because he was holding me, his arms pass right through me.

\"Emily!\" he shouts. \"What's happening?\"

\"I don't know!\" I exclaim. Translucent tears are running down my face and his. \"I don't want to leave you, Ghirahim!\"

\"I'll find you!\" he yells, his beautiful voice echoing through the room. \"I won't let them tear us apart! I promise!\"

\"I won't either!\" I reply. \"I promise I'll be with you again...\" I manage these last words before I've faded away completely, and my vision is engulfed in black.


I groan. Where am I? I look down, and realize I'm lying on warm, hard ground. I quickly get to my feet. In the distance, a volcano looms over the area. Around me are pools of lava, and dead grass. I viciously move my head around. What is this place? What happened? I remember the blue light, and how Emily and I had been vanishing. She had also been saying something to Ghirahim, but I couldn't make it out. I still want to know just what those two were doing before I came in. I get the feeling that Ghirahim was doing more than kidnapping her. But the way he was clutching her close to him...what on earth had they been doing?

\"Your Grace,\" a woman's voice from behind me says. I turn around to see her standing in front of me, so close that I'm slightly uncomfortable. She cups my chin with her hand and tilts my face up so I'm looking straight into her eyes. She looks like she's somewhere around her mid 20s, and has a tear drawn under her eye with makeup, or something like that. Her whole body - and her blonde side ponytail - is as skinny as a stick.

\"Thank goodness,\" she says, sounding relieved. \"Fi managed to save you.\" I'm still confused.

\"What do you mean?\" I ask.

\"My name is Impa,\" she says. \"The light you saw back at the Skyview Temple was Fi, a servant of the goddess like myself. Although her real form is a sword spirit, and mine is a human. When you saw her, Fi could only appear in a flash of light because she is with your friend Link, aiding him on the goddess's mission that is his burden to carry. You see-\"

\"Link's okay?!\" I cut her off. \"And he's coming to find me?\" \"Listen,\" Impa intercepts, before I can say more. \"The boy has his own destiny to fulfill, as do you. You must concentrate on moving along your own path. I will help you soon enough, but you must find the goddess statue on your own. All I can tell you is that it is in the Earth Temple, somewhere in this area.\" \"Um, Impa, I have one question,\" I say. \"Why exactly did I need to go to the Skyview Temple in the first place?\"

\"You were supposed to pray to the goddess statue said to be hidden in that temple\" Impa replies. \"But we discovered it wasn't there. It's in the Earth Temple, and so that is where you must travel. Now I can do one more thing for you, and then you'll be on your own.\" Impa holds her hands out in front of her and produces a golden harp out of nowhere.\"Hold on,\" I say. \"Isn't that...?\"

\"Yes,\" Impa replies with a smile. \"It's the harp you had on the day of the ceremony in Skyloft. Indeed, this harp possesses great power. The power of the goddess. Use it wisely.\" I take the harp from her, and she turns around and summons a column of yellow light that appears on the ground. She walks towards it, but turns around to say,

\"Goodbye, Zelda. I will see you soon.\"

\"Wait! Impa!\" She turns back and steps into the column. Immediately, she's engulfed in light, and vanishes, along with the portal. I look down at the harp.

\"Well,\" I say slowly. \"I've got a long journey ahead.\"


I open my eyes and sit up, dazed and confused. I'm in some sort of wasteland, on a platform-like mound of stone. The area is huge, and there's quicksand everywhere, so I can tell I'm in a desert. Stone platforms make three circles around the center of the desert, which is just a big circle of quicksand. I notice that a golden harp lays beside me, which looks like the one Zelda had on the day of the wing ceremony back in Skyloft. As I get to my feet, I scan the barren desert, looking for any clue as to what I should do now.

\"Oh my gosh, it's one of the spirit maidens!\" a voice says. I turn around, and see a big hunk of metal that looks like a generator of sorts, with a young girl perched on the top of it. She looks to be about seventeen, so maybe a couple years older than me, and has short, wispy yellow hair and emerald green eyes. Her body is very slender and agile-looking, and her athletic tan adds to her sporty complexion.

\"Um...what?\" I ask. She jumps down and lands on her feet in front of me, taking my hand in hers.

\"Miss Emily, am I correct?\" she replies. \"My name is Mina. I'm a servant of the goddess Luna - there's two goddesses, you know, and you're one of 'em - and for centuries, my task has been protecting the Thunder Dragon, but just recently he explained that the goddess would come, so I came out here to wait for her, and here she is! Oh my gosh, I can totally believe you're Her Ladyship, Luna! I'm really pleased to meet you, your holiness.\" She gives a little curtsey, but I'm a little speechless. This Mina seems nice enough, but...she called me a goddess. Ghirahim and the light that appeared in the Skyview Temple also called me one. And now Mina's saying that my name is Luna? Wait, she called me Emily. Gah! She's confusing!

\"We've got to get you through the Gate of Time,\" Mina continues, mostly to herself now. \"The Temple of Time should be open. Hm...I know Link might catch up with us, but I don't want that wretched demon to get to us first, so I'll close off the entrance. Hurry, now! Let's go!\"

Wretched demon...I get the feeling she's talking about Ghirahim, but I decide not to bring him up. Especially considering the promise we made right before we were separated at the Skyview Temple. To myself, I swear that I will keep that promise and be reunited with soon as I can.

\"Go where?\" I ask, trying to focus.

\"To the Temple of Time!\" she half squeals, half exclaims. Damn, she's hyper. \"You're going to be spending a lot of time with me, now. I'll be your protector. So let's go!\" She hasn't let go of my hand yet, so she turns and walks along the platform, yanking me along behind her. Whenever we get to the edge of a platform, she'll pick me up and bound across the gap to the next platform. I suppose we're heading for this Temple of Time place, but I'm still trying to put the events of the last two days together in my head, and wondering if the day of the ceremony was the last day I'll ever spend in Skyloft, and if I'll never seeing my Loftwing again.


That...loathsome...goddess-serving dog! I knew immediately after that light appeared that it was Link's sword spirit. I shudder, thinking of how much trouble the five sword spirits have caused me in the past. I know that now, if I were to fight any of them, they would stand no chance, but back then...let's just say they were troublesome.

I remember how I promised her that I wouldn't let us be torn apart. I know I will keep that promise. I have to find her! As I'm just about to warp away to start searching, the door bangs open and a boy dressed in a green tunic and a green pointy hat enters the room.

\"Who...\" his voice falters.

\"Look who it is,\" I say slowly. I immediately don't like him because of his obvious crush on Emily, even though he has no chance with her. \"I thought that tornado I stirred up would have tossed and torn you apart, yet here you are. Not in pieces.\" His eyes widen.

\"You made that tornado?!\" he exclaims. \"Why?\" I turn my head away from him.

\"Not that your life or death has any consequences,\" I continue. \"I badly need to search for the goddesses, because they were kidnapped from me at the last minute by that loathsome servant of the goddess...\"

\"Who exactly are you?\" the boy hisses at me.

\"Watch yourself, Sky Child,\" I growl. \"I am the demon lord who presides over this land you look down upon, this world you call the surface. You may call me Lord Ghirahim.\"

\"I'm not calling you a Lord if you tried to kidna-\"

\"Do you have any idea how I feel now that those girls were stolen?\" I say in a low voice. \"Furious! Outraged! SICK WITH ANGER!\" I'm seriously fuming now- at the kid, at Fi, at ANYONE who tries to come between Emily and I. I angrily disappear in a flash of diamonds, appearing invisible for a moment, my voice echoing throughout the room as I say,

\"This turn of events has left me with a strong appetite for bloodshed.\"

\"Where are you?!\" the boy exclaims. I materialize behind him and slowly walk up to him. He doesn't see me until I bend my head down to his shoulder, my mouth millimeters from his neck. He yelps, but keeps perfectly still.

\" hardly seems fair,\" I whisper. \"Being of my position, to take all my anger out on you.\" He's shivering so bad I wonder if he'll fall apart. I decide that I really do need to relieve my anger, so I lick my lips before continuing,

\"No...I'll just beat you to within an inch of your life!\"

Submitted: July 03, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Khumalo333Ghirahim4ever. All rights reserved.

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