Destiny Falls Part 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
So...what do u guys think so far??? If you'd like to give feedback, feel free to do so! I check my inbox daily, so I'm sure to get your message (unless I've spent the day out and about or something. So it might take me until the next day or a little later to reply, but that's not to say it'll definitely take that long^^) I know it's been taking me a while to write, but I've got the whole thing somewhat planned out from here on, so I think I'll be able to start speeding things up:)

Part 1 finishes here!

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



~Link's POV~ \"Wow, this sword is really powerful!\" I exclaim as I slash through a shining spirit, my sword sending out a flash of yellow light each time it goes through one. Ghirahim and I barely took a step forward when we encountered our fist bunch of Rhi's minions a minute ago. It's become obvious to both of us by now that I could do with being a little more on my guard, but I'm actually pretty good with a sword. As for Ghirahim, well...he's really good. Better than me, as much as I hate to say it.

I whirl around and stab another spirit right in the nose as she lunges for me from behind.\"Not too bad,\" Ghirahim says, eyeballing me. \"But if that sword wasn't blessed by Mina to work perfectly with you, you wouldn't be half as good.\"

\"That hurts!\" I exclaim. \"Don't be so cruel to your ally!\" Ghirahim responds with a thrust past my right side that narrowly misses my arm, killing a spirit that was just about to run her sword through me.

\"It was your idea to be allies in the first place,\" he replies, sounding irritated. \"And this is temporary. It's not like I'm going to babysit you forever. You'd do well to remember that you wouldn't survive one second without my help.\" I sigh. It's true that without him, I would be completely at the mercy of these spirits. Even so, it's not like I'm his friend, and I don't think I will be anytime soon.

\"Let's go,\" he continues. I glance around at all the dead spirits, their bodies shimmering and disappearing. Ghirahim impatiently grabs my arm and drags me along.

\"Hey, I was just-\"

\"We've got to get to Emily!\" he insists, cutting me off.

\"Oh, right!\" I exclaim. We tear through the hallways, and I can't believe how many different paths there are in this tower, and how they wind and curve and split off in strange, complicated patterns. As Ghirahim and I run, we kill spirit after spirit, sometimes stopping to deal with a group that's surrounded us.

\"Something's wrong!\" Ghirahim shouts suddenly. He screechs to a halt and I run into him.

\"Why did you stop?\" I demand.

\"We should be getting somewhere by now,\" he replies. \"Do you get the feeling we're going around in circles?\"

~Selena's POV~

I curse, pounding on the inside of my green crystal prison. Damn that Rhi! Why did she have to turn Mina into one of those almost-lifless robots, just like Fi? I glance over at her crystal, but she's stil unconscious. Athena's awake, but we can't hear each other, so we gave up trying to communicate a while ago. Suddenly, in a flash of blue light, my crystal shatters, and I find myself lying on the ground. Sitting up slowly, I realize I'm back in the Sacred Tower, but in one of the random halls.

\"Selena! Mina! Athena!\" I gasp at Fi's voice.

\"What...?\" Athena murmers.

\"Thank the goddess!\" Fi exclaims. I glance up to see her hovering over me.

\"Fi?\" I ask, not believing this.

\"Yes, it's me,\" she replies.

\",\" I can't find the words. Fi doesn't have emotions. She should be thinking that she lives only to serve Rhi. So why, and how, did she save us?

\"Listen, the reason I was able to save you is that I have a personality now,\" she explains. \"In reality, Rhi never removed it from me. I never had one to begin with. I know she made all you think that she took it from me before we could remember, but that's not true. Since Rhi is the most dominant of the five sword spirits, she can remove the personality of any of us and transfer it to another. That's what happened when she removed Mina's, and why she couldn't do the same to you, Selena. Only one of us can be without feelings, and there will never be a time when all of us have them.\" Athena and I stare in amazement, while Mina lies on the ground, not yet having become conscious.

\"This is a lot to take in,\" Athena says, breathing heavily. \"I can't believe we never knew this.\"

\"Rhi is deceitful,\" I point out. \"She's all about destiny. Whatever that is, she won't rest until it has been achieved.\"

\"So what should we do?\" Athena demands.

\"The only thing we can do,\" Fi replies. \"You know the ritual, correct?\" Athena and I nod.

\"If Hylia is the sacrifice, then the demon king won't be able to absorb her soul completely for a while, which means she would live if Link could kill him. However, no one knows why, but Luna would not make it past the revival. Demise would need no extra time to absorb her sould if she were the sacrifice, and she would die.\"

\"That's right,\" Athena confirms. \"And that would mean Link would have no chance of defeating the demon king.\"

\"Girls, we have to figure out a way to get Rhi to resurrect Demise using Zelda as the sacrifice,\" Fi explains. \"If we don't resurrect him at all, he will just keep escaping from the pit in the Sealed Grounds, and soon enough, Link won't be there to stop him and he'll devour the land as he is now. The only way we can stop him is by bringing him back, then sealing him away for good.\"

\"I get the feeling Rhi's thought of that,\" I point out.

\"The thing with Rhi...she thinks she can plan out the future and it will happen,\" Fi reasons. \"She thinks SHE has the powers of a goddess.\"

\"It's not just about destiny now,\" I shiver. \"Rhi wants Emily dead so she can become the goddess Luna!\"

~Ghirahim's POV~

\"Are you sure?\" Link asks.

\"Yes!\" I reply impatiently. \"I recognize this exact tunnel.\"

\"How is that possible?!\" he demands. \"There are so manny corridors! It's not possible to end up in the exact same place as we were before!\"

\"Unless the tower is enchanted,\" I reply.

\"I'm impressed.\" The silvery, seductive voice make us jump. From up ahead, a herd of shining spirits approach us. And at the head is - who else? - Annabelle herself.

\"It's you!\" Link exclaims. \"Annabelle!\"

\"Ha, you again?\" I demand. \"If you intend to provoke me, you must be itching for your own bloodshed.\" Her upper lip curls up unappily.

\"Have you forgotten how hopelessly outnumbered you are?\" she asks.

\"I don't need to worry about that,\" I reply, smirking. \"I can cut through a million of your little minions in five seconds.\" She grimaces.

\"How long do you intend to take care of this boy, Ghirahim?\" she asks me. \"It seems like your patience would be reaching it's peak right about now.\"

\"I need his sword, and I can't very well let him fall into your hands while he has it. You have Emily and Zelda, after all, so you could easily force him to give you the sword.\" Annabelle nods. Suddenly, shevanishes. I grin, sensing her presence. She's trying to sneak up behind us and take us prisoners. Right as I sense her, I move with behind her with lightning-quick speed, so fast I'm a blur. I grab her and hold her in place with one arm and hold my sword to her neck with the other.

\"What was that?\" I ask, gloating over how foolish she is. \"If you've got something to say, don't try to creep up on me. You know it won't work.\" She clenches her teeth. I can feel her silvery body tense.

\"Go ahead,\" she responds. \"Kill me. I won't stay dead for long. Mistress Rhi will revive me, like she does to all of us spirits. For each one of us you kill, you'll meet two more later.\" I narrow my eyes. We HAVE been meeting more and more spirits as we've been traveling through the tower.

Annabelle throws back her head and laughs. \"Go on! Run your sword through me! I'll return. And either way, you can't escape your fate. Rhi has already planned it out. So...what will you do now?\" I glare at her, and she smiles coldly. Suddenly, I see a shimmer up ahead of us where the hallway rounds a corner - excuse me,usedto round acorner. The corner has just disappeared, replaced by a wall with a big blue double door, like the kind on medieval castles.

\"What?!\" Annabelle growls. \"Mistress Rhi, why are you opening up the door to your chamber?\"

\"That's where Rhi is?!\" I exclaim, and Annabelle curses. In my moment of shock, she wriggles out of my grip and dashes behind Link. In a flash, she and three other spirits seize him, holding his arm out so his sword can't touch them.

\"Let me go!\" Link cries.

\"What are you going to do, Ghirahim?\" Annabelle taunts. \"The gate will only be open for about seven more seconds. Will you save Link from me, and loose your chance at saving Emily - probably your only chance - or will you go on without him?\" I grit my teeth.

\"Five,\" Annabelle snickers. What do I do? I need the kid's sword, but I guess he can keep it away from the spirits with Mina's blessing. And besides, Emily's more important. The sword is easy to get my hands on, as long as a wimp like Link has it.

\"Four.\" In a split second, I've decided. My girlfriend isn't someone I can take for granted. I will NOT loose her again.


\"I'm sorry, kid!\" I declare, turning towards the door.

\"Two.\" I run at the door.

\"One.\" I reach it, and yank it open.

\"Zero.\" I step through the door, and the hallway vanishes. All that was left was pitch blackness, and the door. I turn to look in front of me, on the other side, but all I see is darkness. I slowly walk forward, and I begin to make out a shape. A round shape. A shining, white ball sitting on a small, brown table. I approach it cautiously, and suddenly a glowing figure materializes between me and the ball. After Rhi takes a moment to examine me, she holds up her hand and snaps her fingers.

The door behind us closes, and the room lights up. A mansion-like bedchamber with a king-sized bed against the far wall (and yet the room is so big the bed is only about one fifteenth of the whole area). Rhi and I are standing right smack in the middle, with the crystal ball sitting just behind her. To my right, the blonde goddess herself lies on a smaller bed, maybe a full size. She lifts her head up to look at me, but she's apparently unable to sit up due to some invisible force. To my the girl I've come for.

\"Ghirahim!\" Emily cries. She's bound to a bed similar to Zelda's, but while Zelda's bed is yellow, Emily's is pink and white, although both are the same size. Emily is clearly being held down in the same way as Zelda, because she can move only her head, while the rest of her body lies still. She looks at me with such delight that I can't help but lick my lips in greeting, which makes her smile more.

\"Well, well, well,\" Rhi says slowly, stepping towards me. I respond by taking a step back. \"Poor, naive little Emily falls victim to a demon's trap. I have to say, that makes for a very good story title.\"

~Emily's POV~

Ghirahim came for me! I knew he would get here! But my smile fades once Rhi starts talking. How dare she be so cruel?!

\"Don't you even start!\" Ghirahim growls at her. \"She hasn't fallen into any kind of trap. We're in love!\"

\"Exactly my point!\" Rhi snaps. \"You're Demise's most trusted servant. I've always despised you, but at least you've done what you were told, like a good little pawn...up until now. Demons and goddesses don't fall in love. That's just how it works.\"

\"Talking like that isn't going to change my mind,\" he retorts. \"And I still am Demise's trusted servant. I'm planning on resurrecting him, that hasn't changed. And once I do, he will destroy you, the Sky Children, and all the other servants of the goddesses. But I'll convince him to let Emily stay with me. After the world is ruled by darkness, I'll take Emily back to my manor, and it will be just the two of us. Together for all time.\" Rhi gives him a crooked smile.

\"Oh come now, why would you ever think that something so perfect can become reality?\" she asks. \"A dream can only be achieved if you sweat and bleed for it, as much as it takes. And people's lives must be sacrificed.\"

\"They will,\" he replies. \"Yours, and all the other goddess-serving dogs'! You remember what happened to Impa, correct? I'll do the same to you!\"

\"Impa...she was a failure,\" Rhi grimaces. \"She never thinks things through. Let me tell you something about that foolish woman, Ghirahim. She didn't like what I was dong - what I'm planning to do, and will do. She doesn't believe that the poor, innocent Sky Children need to die in order to fulfill their destinies. So, in reality, Impa was taking Zelda on a search for Emily so she could take the two back to Skyloft and somehow close up the column of light so they'd be stuck there and unable to be threatened by destiny ever again.\"

\"Really?\" Ghirahim asks. \"What a stupid plan. Even if she could get them back to Skyloft and close the column of light, you or I could always use a tornado.\"

\"Like I said,\" Rhi replies. \"Impa doesn't think things through.\"

\"She was my protector!\" Zelda snaps. \"She looked after me! And you killed her, Ghirahim! You're awful! Emily could never love someone like you!\"

\"That's not true, Zelda!\" I exclaim. Immediately, she widens her eyes at me, and I wonder if that was the best thing to say. Zelda's definitely not going to trust me after this, and she's been my best friend for...I don't know how long. But I can't have Ghirhaim thinking I've betrayed him. No, I love him too much to loose him now.

\"Look, I'm not expecting you to understand, but-\"

\"Good!\" Zelda interrupts me. \"Because I don't! Emily, I don't believe you! I don't know how to accept the fact that you're in love with Ghirahim, the demon who killed Impa! How dare you?!\"

\"I've never even seen this Impa!\" I scream. \"She doesn't have anything to do with me! So what do you want from me? Why are you so against Ghirahim and I? Can't you just leave us alone?!\"

\"You're insane!\" Zelda yells.

\"SHUT...UP!\" Rhi screeches, louder than both of us. The room immediately goes silent. \"I completely agree with you, Zelda. Emily can't be allowed to love Ghirahim. So...I suppose she'll have to be punished.\"

\"As much as I hate to say it, you're right,\" Zelda agrees. She looks at me like I'm a disgrace, like I'm such a letdown that she can't even believe she's looking at me since I don't deserve her attention.

\"If I know you, Rhi, you're up to something,\" Ghirahim says, narrowing his eyes at the sword spirit.

\"What are you getting at?\" she demands.

\"Just making a point,\" he replies. \"But you're not hurting Emily!\"

\"Oh, and are you going to stop me?\"

\"What if I am?\"

\"Then I challenge you to a duel!\" Rhi declares. \"A the death.\"

\"Mm...I'd delight in being rid of you,\" Ghirahim replies eagerly.

\"No!\" I yell. \"What if you can't beat her, Ghirahim? Don't risk it!\"

\"There's no way I'll loose,\" he replies, turning to me. \"Not while you're watching. The last thing I'd do is loose a battle in front of my girlfriend.\" I laugh, which earns me a glare from Zelda and Rhi.

\"Enough talk,\" Rhi says finally. \"Let's get to it.\" She snaps her fingers, and the room disappears, replaced by a circular arena. The area around the arena is pitch black, as if we're on a platform floating in nothingness.

\"This,\" Rhi says cheerfully. \"Is where we'll be having our duel.\"

\"Hm,\" Ghirahim mutters, taking it in. \"It'll work.\"

\"Now for the terms,\" she continues.

\"First of all, if I win, I get Emily back,\" Ghirahim demands. \"And the blonde goddess and the three Triforce spirits' swords for the ritual. Your little minions don't try to stop me, and I get to kill the whole lot of them.\"

\"Ooh, that's a lot to demand,\" Rhi says playfully. \"Well, if I win, I'll kill all of Demise's minions so he'll have no one else to resurrect him. You won't be around to create more of those lame bokoblins, anyway. Then I'll perform the ritual myself, using Emily as a sacrifice, then forcing the young hero to face off against Demise, and make sure they kill each other! Then, with only Mistress Hylia left, I'll become the goddess Luna!\" She sneers up at me, and I glare back. This is exactly what she told me before, except for the part about becoming a goddess.

\"Is that the only thing you really want?\" I demand. \"The power of a goddess? You think that if you're powerful enough to control destiny, you deserve to be Luna? Is that the real reason you're doing all this?\"

\"You don't know anything!\" she shoots back. \"My power is greater than yours, even if you were to return to your divine form. I should've been the goddess! Not a pathetic girl like you, who would abandon everything for something as ridiculous as a demon lord!\"

\"Exactly!\" Zelda exclaims. \"Why should Emily get to be Luna? She's in love with the man who murdered Impa!\"

\"You're blinded by your love for Link, Zelda!\" I cry.

\"Enough, all of you!\" Ghirahim yells, then turns back to Rhi. \"So, let me get this straight. If I win, all of your minions die, I get the goddesses and the swords, and I resurrect Demise with Zelda. If you win, my minions die, you get the goddesses and the swords, and you resurrect Demise with Emily?\"

\"I guesss that's fair,\" Rhi agrees. \"We want the same things, after all, we just have very different ideas about what to do with them.\" Ghirahim nods.

\"So,\" he says finally. \"Are we going to start already?\"

\"We're starting now,\" Rhi replies. \"Emily, Zelda...stay out of the way.\" Zelda nods, but I don't react. Rhi holds her hand up, and produces a beautiful, deadly-looking sword which glows with a purple light. Ghirahim summons his own sword, and Rhi snaps her fingers to indicate the start of the duel. But something's not right. As she snaps her fingers, Zelda's eyes widen suddenly, as if something's happened to her. I look at her, wondering what's wrong, but her expression is now completely blank. She turns to face me, and I stutter,

\"Uh...Zelda...?\" She stares at me blankly for a minute, and then - quietly enough so Rhi and Ghirahim can't hear - gives me a whispery, almost ghostlike chuckle.

~Ghirahim's POV~

For a moment, Rhi and I stand facing each other. Finally, she snickers and steps forward, advancing on me. I wait for her to make the first move. After a moment, she swings her sword up over her head and down on mine with amazing force, but I slither out of the way, spinning a little while holding my sword out, and almost slicing through her abdomen, but she gracefully swirls to the side to evade it.

After about ten minutes we're still going at it, more heatedly now. My movements have become faster and more powerful, and I think Rhi's having a hard time keeping up. She's acting shocked that I've improved so much since we last saw each other, and to be honest, I'm surprised at how much better she's gotten too. As we battle, I start to have a little bit of a hard time finding openings, but just as Rhi's starting to get the upper hand, I look over at Emily watching us, her eyes wide with fear that something will happen to me. I've got to win this so I can get her back!

Now more motivated than I've ever been in my life, I increase my speed too fast for Rhi, and after only a few more minutes, I've completely worn her down. With one last forceful swing, I slam my sword into hers, and it goes flying into the blackness. I then take a swing at her, and she stumbles backwards onto the ground. Before she can move, I thrust my sword towards her neck, stopping just before I would've killed her so that the tip of my sword is barely touching her throat. For a moment, all is silent. Finally, Rhi chokes out,

\"Incredible. I never would win so easily.\"

\"You really think I would loose with Emily watching?\" I reply smugly. This makes Emily's face turn hot pink, however not with embarrassment, but happiness. Zelda takes a moment to glare at Emily, then turns back to watch the scene unfold between Rhi and I.

\"You think you've won?\" Rhi manages to say, but though weak, her voice is still firm, like she's trying desperately to preserve her dignity.

\"I know I've won!\" I yell. I pull my sword back behind me, savoring the moment before the final blow, and thrust. But it's not Rhi who I stab. It's Zelda.


So...what do u guys think so far??? If you'd like to give feedback, feel free to do so! I check my inbox daily, so I'm sure to get your message (unless I've spent the day out and about or something. So it might take me until the next day or a little later to reply, but that's not to say it'll definitely take that long^^) I know it's been taking me a while to write, but I've got the whole thing somewhat planned out from here on, so I think I'll be able to start speeding things up:)

© Copyright 2020 Khumalo333Ghirahim4ever. All rights reserved.

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