How Can I Get Over You ?????

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about how he broke my heart and i wanna find away to fix it ..!

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



it so not fair.we broke up and you moved right on..but im still stuck on you.!! today you ask me for my number i hesitated.I was like 'WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS' . i was confused.Why were you my (ex) messaging me..? I questioned back and fourth why would you try to break my heart by letting me know you still exist. i was wondering did somethig go wrong with me and i imagined you messaging me.Then i took a chance and replied.Instantly you answered back and told me you wanted to call.My fingers typed back fast.Seconds later my phone rung.Hesitating, i answered hello. I was nervous as hell.i kept guessing what could he posibly want after like 7 months tops. You told me you finnaly had gotten my message about me telling three people something i never want to tell them again or wish i could take back and that i wrote i love you.I started to hang up.I was humiliated.Den you asked me was it true.I finnally got back up my nerve to be me and flirt and make you guess.I told you maybe it could go either way.

We went over all these old memories and old times when we said i love you to each other.Then we got to the bad parts about how we argued over and over constantly.I was so surprised you remembered.I kept talking smilng.Then we hung up.Thats went i started to cry.I cried harder aand harder till i got the nerve to write this.Im still crying.Im soooo screwed.I did it again.I let you rip me apart again.I figured something was wrong with your girl.That is why you came to me but im dumb.You dont want me.Im just there for you to laugh at and constantly tell me over and over again how im sprung.Not once that you missed me.Just asking me qeustions about my butt and notes and old things i said.Im soo different and you are to but i think i wanna give my heart back to you but my hearts screaming i cant take it please dont you give in to.

I was so happy you texted but now im wondering 'whats going on?' And im so confused.Like what am i trying to do, kill myself.But i wrote this and as i read it.I KNOW i cant go back to you cuz you will only break my heart again and that i cant take.Even with all the good times we had the fact that you broke my heart out ways everything else . I dont even know why i wrote this like you asked me out.You didnt you just called to bring up old stuff and break open wounds that  were on the way to closing.Im so sorry i put myself threw this but im not doing it again.. You hurt me really bad.Im not gonna even explain and whats so bad is that you call me by middle name which is the same as you girlfriends name.Alexis is me but Alexus is hers. You see the difference well i do the ''IS'' in mine represent was and the ''US'' in her name shows there will always be and you and her :((( .. I love you but i love myself to im not gonna break my own heart by giving it back to you.Though you havent completely given it back to me but Hey..I will get over you soon enough ..!



Things you said :

Your in a relationship,, but you feel like you are singlee

Do you still love me

Kiss me next year and im not playin

JCM cheerleader so i can see you shake that


--FxckeddUp How you did me ..! Kiaaxxxx


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